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Can you work within the system while seeking to abolish it?

As an activist who has attempted to indict two presidents, who has fought the courts for my right to travel, who was successful in getting a corrupt county clerk fired (John Arriola), who has resisted the IRS, and was even labeled as a “domestic terrorist” by the TSA, (until I sued them in court and was eventually removed from the list as a settlement offer) , It is safe to say that I have certainly paid my dues as a freedom fighter and human rights advocate. My journey has caused me and my family untold amounts of stress and physical/financial hardship.

Due to increased family responsibilities, I have decided to join the ranks of the legal profession and become “certified” as a legal assistant. As an assistant, I would not be required to take an oath, I would be able to earn money for my family, and would have a chance to learn the inner workings of the legal system, in which such information could be relayed back to my readers! To me, it is a win-win! I have decided to learn the “inside game”, for the benefit of my readers, my financial livelehood, and for my family.

Unfortunately, many of my fans do not see it this way.

Lately, I have gotten a surge of e-mails from fans calling me every name in the book such as “traitor”, “insider”, “double-agent”, ect….

However, I would like to address these sentiments. Especially since most of these people have probably never put themselves at risk or have even been in a court room themselves. It is easy to criticize, yet difficult to take action yourself.


Most libertarians come from two schools of thought.

1. Work outside of the the system, refusing to participate in it a least as possible, while seeking alternatives in order to create state obsoletion. 

2. Work inside of the current paradigm by infiltrating the system while trying to curb it’s destructive nature. 

The first category will often criticize the second and says,

” You cannot expect to infiltrate the mafia and convince them to stop terrorizing neighborhoods.”

While the second category will often criticize the first and says,

” You have to be practical. We can’t just have a utopia overnight. We have to work with the parameters that are available to us today!”

What if I were to tell you that both groups were right! The first group makes a good point. We cannot seek a cure from the same system that gave us the disease! However, the second group also makes a good point. We cannot hope to conquer a disease without first exposing ourselves to the disease itself through direct contact and participation with it.  And when this disease has been present for a long time, the body (society), make undergo shock and panic if it is abruptly removed.

Many anarchists/anarcho-capitalists point to the words and actions of famous Indian activist Mohandas Ghandi. Ghandi was a lawyer during the British occupation of India. For years, Ghandi worked tirelessly as a lawyer to argue and fight the unjust laws that the British had forced upon his people. Ghandi came to know the system that enslaved him very well.

Eventually, Ghandi made the choice to quit his job, leave behind his prestige, and became a Hindu monk/priest.  He came to the conclusion that he could better combat the system through the outside, whereas he would no longer be bound to the rules of his oath to which he had taken as a lawyer. You see, when you are licensed by any government agency, you are intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally) swearing allegiance to said government. Thus, you are bound by it’s rules, codes, statutes, ect…

This is not to say that if you were to get rid of all of your licenses that the legal system would leave you alone, however, it would make your argument and demeanor more consistent and easier to be invoked, as there would be no evidence of consent.

But, do we truly consent? And did Ghandi’s time as a lawyer make him a better or worse activist in the long run? I would say that most of us carry some type of government license………whether it be a gun permit, drivers permit, fishing license, ect… And most of us pay some form of tax.  Some of us proudly pay such things, others pay it under duress, (meaning to not do so would cause them to be jailed, so they comply under threat), ….and some…….a small few……are brave enough to completely refuse such controls, and are willing to face whatever consequences that may come their way.

Eventually, Ghandi was able to reach this level of bravery and fought the system on his own terms. But how so?  Let us look deeply into histories bravest resistors.

Ghandi. Malcom X. Martin Luther King Jr. JFK. Ron Paul. Lysander Spooner., Edward Snowden, Mulan of China…

All of these men and women have two things in common. They all openly resisted the system, and they all worked for the system at one point or another.

“Know thy enemy. Know thyself.”

This is a common strategy that is uttered throughout battlefields across the globe.  It is difficult to fight an enemy, especially one who has public support (whether it be through voluntarily or involuntary compliance.)

Think of this from the opposite perspective.  During the Occupy Wallstreet protests, many undercover police officers were commanded to join the protesters. To protest side by side with them. To act as one of them. Soon, these officers acted as spies, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs.

The enemy (The state) , has used the same tactics as the heroes listed above.

Some will say,

“Power corrupts. You cannot infiltrate the system without being corrupted yourself.”

This is an obvious concern, and has happened. If you look into the lives of Martin Luther King Jr, Ron Paul, and Malcom X, you will find some disturbing things in their bid for power. But, as in all things, we must see the greater good in their sacrifice and realize their shortcoming as human beings.

This article is not meant to encourage any type of tactic or behavior. I am not telling my readers to “run for office and infiltrate the system.”  Personally, I think the best way to defeat the system is to make it irrelevant. Stop voting, stop using their currencies, start building alternatives to their monopolized services, and just stop talking about them period.

Alas, the only way to achieve that by itself would be if we were able to convince 50% of the population to take action and put themselves in harms way.

But, the sad reality is that most of us have children, responsibilities, or other people who rely on us which make it very detrimental to our survival and to the survival of our family to openly resist the system.  For those who are brave enough and have the ability/resources/lack of family commitments to openly resist the system, …….then we should give these people our utmost support in any way we can. We should not be envious of them, nor should they scold those who choose to comply.  Since not to comply would mean certain death for many of us and our children (if you are a parent.)

If you are not in a position to openly resist, and cannot see yourself being put in a position to be able to, then that’s where infiltration and passive resistance becomes an option.

Was it a good or bad thing that a congressman such as Ron Paul vehemently argued for libertarian principles? Was it a good or bad thing that as an anarchist and as a Lawyer, Lysander Spooner helped draft dodgers to resist by representing them in court, stating that “treason was not possible since none of us signed the constitution.” Was it a good or a bad thing that Mulan joined the Chinese army disguised as a male?  While she did participate in another meaningless war, she also inspired women across the globe to empower their bodies and minds.

I say that in order for Voluntaryism to succeed, we need three groups of people to fight against a common enemy. That enemy being those that firmly believe that statism is “good” or “moral”.

1. Those who actively resist the system, regardless of consequence. Hardcore rebels.  Tax resistors. Draft Dodgers. Those who travel without a licensure, those who challenge the BAR assocation in the middle of court proceedings, and other acts of civil disobedience.

2. Passive resistors. Those who fight traffic tickets. Protest. Government employees who become whistleblowers. Politicians, such as Ron Paul who openly call for the abolition of the CIA, those who speak out and seek to politely educate others.

Regardless of your approach, whether it be one or the other, or a combination of both…………..simply getting a statist tp understand and admit that “statism is not consistent”, is a HUGE victory.

We must remember the words of Malcom X.

“Be patient with others. For there was a time when you did not know what you know today.”

Do not be “preachy”. Do not be obsessed with the negative and the “gloom and doom”. We must show our detractors that there is a more peaceful and inviting alternative to the monopolized systems that we have in place today. Once we can educate others on how to empower themselves and take control of the world around them, suddenly they become more receptive.

Sharing articles of Iraqi Children with their heads blown off, is not the best way to convince someone to be anti-war. Nor is saying, “Taxation is theft”, the best way to convince someone to become an anarcho-capitalist.  Showing statistics, facts,and positive alternatives, (such as bit-coin, private defense agencies, local currencies, and new technologies) is a far more adult and less confrontational way to talk to a statist.

Some say that I am advocating a “cult-like agenda”. No no no! I do not advocate that you go door-to-door like some jehovas witness.  Nor am I advocating for a revolution or a destruction of the state.

All I ask is that state give us the option to “opt-out” and create our own alternative means. We want choice! And we want it now! No more state sanctioned power grids. No more monopolized currencies or monopolized highways. No more unaccountable monopolized policing forces. We want across the board privatization.

Now , does privatization have its issues and concerns? Of course. But, atleast we have choices on whether or not we want to support and fund private companies. Public services do not give us such a choice, thus, they have no accountability. No competitors= No worries for them.

So in conclusion,

No matter which avenue you take to defend or expand liberty. Just be sure that you have a well thought out plan that will fulfill your personal goals and priorities.  And do not be so quick to shame the “infiltrator”, and the infiltrators should not be so quick to say that those who fight outside the system are being “unrealistic” or “utopian.”

Remember, it is the inventors who will give us alternatives to government control, not the politicians.

However, those who infiltrate the system and do their best to curb government control will give the inventor more comfort and space in order to make the obsoletion of government more possible and on a much faster timeline.

Unless we can convince 3 billion people overnight that statism is morally inconsistent, and we can come up with the technology that will allow us to thrive as a civilized species without government control……………then we must realize that “Rome was not built in a day”

So stop the in-fighting, stop the shaming, and start working together!

Just “knowing” and openly “admitting” that the state in inherently a monopolized and morally inconsistent entity is a huge personal victory. And in my opinion, that is the first step in defeating statism.

If people cannot understand why statism is bad, then why would they be interested in resisting it? And furthermore, convincing people that statism is bad is not enough, we must also have alternatives in place. Without viable alternatives then we will be forever labeled as “utopian dreamers”.

Many Voluntaryists spend so much time “hating the state”, and read so many book on why the state is evil, they forget that researching methods on how to make the state obsolete is just as or even more so important.

Knowing why Cancer is evil and destructive is important for any medical researcher. Yet, it is the cure that is more sought after. If you are always searching for reasons why something is bad, you will forever be tangled in it.

This is the essence of politics and medicine.  Doctors and politicians are paid to “treat the symptom”,…….because if they found a cure, then they’d be out of a job.  Most doctors, lawyers, and politicians are evil parasitic scum who know this. But a few of them, are working on the inside for us freedom fighters on the outside! A few brave insiders are acting as whistleblowers and are acting to push-back destructive laws in order to give the inventors/rebels enough time to muster up the resources needed to bring in obsoseletion of Big government, Big Pharma, and other forms of sanctioned criminal organizations.

Not all insiders are parasitic. And not all outsiders are 40 year olds living in their basements posting, “F*** the police” on their facebook all day.

Some insiders are acting as whistleblowers. Some outsiders are inventing new technologies that can put government and big corporations out of business and give control back to the individual.

In either case, we must organize for peace as well as those who organize for war.

P.S.- And if you are going to criticize me for working inside the system, then you could at least be consistent, as I hope you are practicing what you preach and resisting yourself! Don’t criticize my efforts when many of you have not even done anything to fight for freedom besides complaining on facebook. And to everyone else……….Thank you for the continued support!  I look forward to consulting and helping thousands of others in 2015!


Arminius “Ulric” Roukan





Life Science: How to bear and avoid a “Scarlet Letter”

Although this website primarily deals with sovereignty in relation to “the law”, I also like to delve into mental, emotional, and spiritual sovereignty as well. Read on…..

In 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the fiction novel,

“The Scarlet Letter” 

It is a story about a young woman in a very conservative Quaker village who ends up cheating on her husband with a priest.  Eventually the townspeople discover her infidelity and she is forced to wear the letter “A” on her dress. The “A” is bright red, (scarlet). The “A” stands for “Adultress”.

The woman is scorned by society and made into a social outcast.  Her apologies, her sorrow, her pleas for forgiveness……….all meaningless to the townspeople. In their eyes, she is a moldy piece of bread, never again to be seen as wholesome or clean. Her reputation had been ruined, therefore, she could never be trusted again. (Or so the story says).

I really enjoy the premise of this book, however, I find it so disdainfully dark and true.  Why does society do this to other human beings? How can a thousand good deeds be overshadowed by one misdeed? What makes the human mind work this way?

It is simple……….pain is more memorable than joy. When the woman/man that you love gives you a kiss, or holds your hand, it can leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside for minutes, hours, or even days.

Yet, when someone we care about lies, misleads, or hurts our feelings it can last for months, years, or even a lifetime. Perhaps it is a survival mechanism. Since pain is so unpleasant, we naturally want to avoid it at all cost or seek to destroy whatever it is that is causing us such pain.

This is why “forgiveness” is a very courageous act. To give someone a second chance is a great honor. However, forgiveness is much like “gold”. It is a rare commodity and should only be invested in those who understand their misdeed.

Currently, we are living in the “cut off” culture. The divorce rate is something like 80% in America, people switch jobs and switch partners like they are changing outfits. Someone does one bad thing, one wrong word and…….BAM! Suddenly, all contact is cut off and you are left standing in the dark wondering what the hell just happened. No explanation, no chance to make amends……..zilch!

Such people who adopt this process of cutting people off cold turkey are often praised for their “courage”.  I, on the other hand, see it differently.  When someone hurts you, you owe it to the rest of society to tell that person “why” you are letting them go, so they can understand their mistake, it’s ramifications, and hopefully never do it again..

If the bank-robber is punished, is it not good? Yes………but only if the the captors explain to him WHY he is being punished. In this way, he can reflect on his mistake while locked away in his solitude, and perhaps when his incarceration is completed, he can re-enter the world with a new sense of perspective.

If the bank-robber is arrested and not told “why”. He will sit in his jail cell racking his brain………….”Is it because I did this?,  “Is it because I did that?” …….”Why am I here?”.

Obviously, no one is truly obligated to give an explanation as to “why” they are cutting someone off. But, from a karmic perspective, I see it as a great service to humanity.

Furthermore, I am not a fan of apologies. “I’m sorry”. “Forgive me”. Rather, I prefer “corrective actions”. When someone apologizes and then immediately follows up with “solutions” and “corrective actions”, then you should oblige such a person. Especially if it is his first offense or a rare occurrence.

When I make a mistake, and I truly feel the regret of my actions, I own up to it, apologize, then seek a remedy through action. If there is no corrective action, then perhaps the misdeed is just to great to be corrected, or the bond between you and the victim is just too far removed. Regardless, an effort to make amends is always a good sign that the abuser is atleast regretful of his misdeed.

If a boy carelessly threw a baseball across the street, breaking your window, would you not be angry? Of course you would! If the boy apologized, would it do some good in soothing your anger? Perhaps slightly. What if the boy apologized, and then rode his bike to the store and showed up at your house with a new window and offered to install it for you?  Obviously the second action shows that the boy has truly learned the weight of his actions and is seeking a remedy.

A mere “apology” only sets the tone.

This brings me back to the “Scarlet Letter”.  Many of us carry such letters. Scars from our past that continue to haunt us, that can potentially ruin our future relationships.  Take Mike Tyson for example.  At the age of 44, Mr. Tyson is a completely new man. He is now married, a devout Muslim, publically speaks about his troubled past, and reaches out to his children and the rest of his community.

Mr. Tyson was newly married just a few years back. Upon marrying this woman, he had to reluctantly tell her of his past misdeeds. The lying, the violence, the abuse, prison sentences, drug addictions, his past relationships……………a man with a troubled past is always finding himself in confession when meeting new people.

In spite of this known fact, if two newly connected spirits meet, and the meeting is wholesome, the other partner will not scorn the other’s “baggage”, but will instead help them “unpack” it.  However, understandably…….this requires much effort on behalf of the other partner with little to no baggage.

It’s truly a sad curse. This is why young people should quickly realize that many of their actions can be attached to them for a lifetime.  Fatherly and motherly involvement is paramount. Forget about providing financially for a moment……sure financial support is important, but giving children the life skills that they need to become emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally independent/stable is far more important. One bad choice can alter the course of someone’s life forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take a magic eraser and wash away the past? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wipe our memories clean of such misdeeds so that we wouldn’t have to tell others and we wouldn’t be lying at the same time?

Some do enter into new relationships without mentioning their past. However, even if the person is successful in hiding their past sins, the knowledge of it will always rest with them and their god. There is no escape…….

So what is the remedy to the “Scarlet Letter”.  Well, that’s a long story that requires a total revamping of your reputation that can take years to rebuild. Like the old saying goes,

“A building can take years to build, but only seconds to tear down.”

The other solution is “prevention”. Prevention is a million times more cost-effective than a cure.  You see ladies and gentlemen………life is experimental. Especially the first three decades of our lives. This is when humans experiment more than any other time in their lives. However, around the age of 30, most of us have enough experience in life to avoid the common pitfalls that plague most relationships. Whether or not we listen to this intuition is another topic.

Relationships are no different than a science experiment. And they are no different than taking care of a shared possession. Like a family car…….everyone uses it, therefore all must maintain it.

Life is a science. A science that only be mastered through great initial failure.  Often times we hurt others because of our fears that they will hurt us first, if we don’t first hurt them.  These people are called, “Self-Saboteurs”. I have been guilty of it myself.  We have been mistreated and stabbed on so many occasions, that good things, and good people actually scare us!  It’s really quite silly, when you consider that the Earth consists of billions of people. And I truly believe that most people are well intended…….and I know this from my own experimentation with friendships.

Being “outgoing” is a social experiment that teaches you about yourself and other human beings. A relationship that is born out of such experiments graduates to “Phase II” trials. If Phase II trials prove to be successful, then we enter into “Marriage”, i.e. “Successful Discovery”. And “Divorce” becomes the prognosis of the newly found discovery when/if the specimens (lovers) are left in unsanitary conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Remember, daily Hygiene is important in both our personal health and our relationships. Maintenance on a car is no different than maintaining anything else. Negligence is the root of all unhappiness. Never be careless with the hearts of others. The damage you leave on others is a reflection of the condition of your own heart.

I myself have my own set of “Scarlet Letters”, from many different letters of the alphabet..  As I am sure that many of my readers also have. Very few of us are without controversy. And those who are without such controversy have most likely experienced very little in life or have an incredible innate maturity that is rare indeed, and should thus be very thankful.

For those who are suffering with regret, despair, and long for the relationships that have crumbled at their feet, I heed these words to you….

“Seek this person out. Avoid lengthy words. Take action to make amends. If you are not successful, atone for your sins by replacing your misdeed with two good deeds towards your fellow man, and be sure that such deeds are equal in weight to the misdeed that you committed. “

“Redemption” is not “granted”, it is earned……through a lengthy process.

At the age of 27, I have burned many bridges, often prematurely and without second thought.  Alas, I am reaching a new state of realization. A state of realization that has told me that “Time is a commodity”. I no longer wish to waste time. Hurting others with my negligence, with my nonchalant attitude, nor hurting myself with potential regret.

Relationships are a huge responsibility that require much practice. Think of holding someone’s heart like holding a gun. In the hands of a trained expert, it can be used to protect many lives. In the hands of a negligent nincompoop, lives can be forever lost and/or altered.

So in the meantime, if you are not well-trained, practice by serving, traveling, communicating, and most importantly ….LISTENING.

Narcissism, egotism, and negligence are the tallest fences that separate you from peace and happiness. Time can reveal and heal all things. It only takes a little effort…..

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan 





gun control

Best Argument For Gun Control you Ever heard.

As a Libertarian, as an Anarcho-Capitalist, I would like to believe that the free-market can provide anything that we need. Especially with the current growth in technology, public service sectors are seeming more and more archaic/outdated. Hell,… even private services like Google and Youtube is looking far more compelling as an educational tool than what the government schools can achieve , and at a fraction of the cost! If you want to learn a new language or how to play a guitar you can learn to do so with the click of mouse without ever stepping foot in a government school.

Yet, certain social issues keep coming up, such as , “How can we stop wars without government?”,  and  “Don’t you think gun control is good? Don’t you think it’s good to keep weapons out of the hands of psychopaths?”

I couldn’t help but to agree……….. under the current disease of statism, I think I support gun control and I am a Libertarian!  OMG!! Alas, my version of gun control seems to differ from what most Liberals and Conservatives (Both statists) believe in.  My version of gun control is from the perspective of a free, private, sovereign individual who does not believe in a monopolized corporation using racketeering methods calling itself “Government”.

I believe that government itself, especially the federal government, which is far too large and remains as the worlds most monopolized and powerful corporation in the world…….should be barred from the use of weapons. They have created far too much “Blowback” with their treacherous use of force here at home and around the world.

The government, (both state and federal),  consists of about 2-4.5 million employees whom carry guns or use some type of weapons.  These employees who use weapons are known as Police Officers and Military Soldiers.  Yet, their weapons are much different than what you and I probably have in our closets at home.   A typical person might have an AK-47,  a thousand rounds of ammo, A 9mm glock, a shotgun, a Bowie Knife, and maybe a few homeade pipe-bombs if they are really into the whole, “prepping” or militia movement thing.

However, a typical police officer (Or DHS Agent)  has access to an arsenal/storage supply of weapons. A typical police/DHS arsenal, (which is basically a huge warehouse),  contains hundreds of thousands of round of ammunition, riot gear, attack dogs, mace, tear gas, shelves full of semi-automatic pistols, shelves of fully automatic rifles,  S.W.A.T vans, detention centers, shotguns, Flash Grenades, C4 explosives and yes……… even Tanks! There are many police precincts using Tanks now! And the worst part is, society believes that these millions of police officers/soldiers that exist have the right to beat, kidnap, and kill anyone who doesn’t obey their orders given to them by a monopolized system that is afraid of compete with the free market.



But wait! This is just the beginning.

We all know that Law enforcement Agents can be pretty intimidating and often suffer from “little man syndrome”. They were picked on as kids so they want to act out their power trips as police officers.  Just last year alone, more US citizens have died at the hands of police than US servicemen in the wars overseas.  However, many police officers are not strangers to overseas war.  We often forget that most police officers come from an even more insidious background………the military.

Military personnel of all branches including reserve units are around two million.   People who are enlisted in the military have access to weapons that far exceed the firepower of what any law enforcement agency could muster.  Compared to the US military, a Police SWAT unit looks like childs-play.  The US military and it’s employees wield weapons that are capable of bringing mass genocide in just a blink of an eye. Such weapons include.

Portable RPG rocket launchers capable of being carried by hand.

Apache Helicopters attached with gun turrets using .50 cal rounds capable of putting  baseball sized holes into a 300 pound man.

Fully automatic M-16′s that are on “belt feeders”, capable of shooting thousands of rounds without a break.

Stealth Jet Fighters equipped with Laser guided missiles and carpet bombs capable of turning entire cities into a battered mess within seconds.

Chemical and Biological weapons capable of destroying generations due to its effects on reproduction and mutagen effects on the human body.

Rations and Food supply to keep their units feed and nourished for years on end

Nuclear Warheads capable of killing millions of people in the blink of an eye.

Public support/use of Taxation to continuously fund themselves


And these are just the PHYSICAL weapons. Lets not forget the mental/social weapons that the military has.  Since most people believe that government authority exists and is legitimate, the government has the public’s support to place embargoes and trade sanctions on other nations that often result in hundreds of thousands of innocent people starving to death. (Must like what happened when Bush, Clinton, and Bush Jr put trade sanctions on Iraq that caused mass deaths to innocent children. 600 thousand to be exact.).

Aside from the military, we must also consider “Para-military” forces like the CIA.  Whom are trained to infiltrate groups, sabotage economies, and assassinate individuals without leaving a trace of evidence.

When we consider that the United States Government has 900 bases in 130 countries, and since WW2 the United States government has bombed, assassinated, propped up dictators, interfered in foreign economies using sanctions, and/or has invaded more than 90 countries…………it’s safe to say the US government has pissed off alot of people around the world.

This information is just scraping the surface…..

Yet even with this basic explanation showing just how powerful the government is, and the atrocities that the US government (and pretty much ALL governments) around the world have committed, I can only come to one conclusion.

We must ban all weapons from being used by government employees (of all nations).  This is the only gun control that will save the most lives.  Governments are just far too organized in their killing efforts.

When you calculate just how many people have been killed due to police interactions or by military interactions performed by the US government, the death count would rank in the millions……….and that’s just if we went back 20 years. Just imagine how much higher that number would be if we went back further, or included ALL governments of the world!  All of the school shootings in human history don’t come close to the death governments around the world have left behind.

As much as I like to criticize the US government and other western governments, because of their influence of power,  we cannot ignore the fact that ALL governments are inherently evil and corrupt and have blood on their hands.

Many in America and throughout the world claim to be of the christian faith. Yet they forget that Lucifer once offered Jesus power over all of the governments of the world in return for his allegiance. Jesus refused.  This got me thinking…………. One can only give away what rightfully belongs to him.  Since the devil had the power to hand over all of the governments of the world to Jesus, then by default, government itself must be of Satanic forces.  And surely it is of not moral forces.

For Thomas Jefferson once said,

“If men are not capable of governing themselves, then how can they be trusted with governing others?”

Government (statism), whether it be of the Democratic flavor of genocide or of the Republican form of genocide, they are both inherently immoral and wrong.  They thrive on the idea of racketeering and monopolization of their services which are paid for through extortive means. (i.e. taxation). They both claim that you are not righteous enough to choose your own merits in life or how to spend 100% of your money. Both sides want a percentage…

If we are to have a serious conversation about gun control, we must address the true killers, psychopaths, and the blind nationalists who take their patriotism to a religious level, and believe that they have authority over other human beings whether or not they consent. These psychopaths believe that by following orders and killing people across the ocean that they have never met, means that they are fighting for freedom and surely they will be loved and adored and not create any hostility for killings the wives, husbands, and children of other tribesmen. This is wishful thinking….

These psychopaths I describe usually wear a badge or a BDU with sand stripe camo. Calling themselves “Officer” and “Soldier”.

And the psychopaths who give them orders usually wear suits and ties calling themselves “legislators”.

And the people who turn a blind eye and/or vote to give them such monopolized authority call themselves “voters” or believers in the religion of statism.  And some of them even wear yellow ribbons to celebrate the murderers.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a big difference between DEFENDING one’s home, or stopping an individual from committing a real crime that involves theft or bodily harm.

Yet its safe to say that killing and kidnapping people for victimless crimes is not the proud duty of a police officer.

And it is safe to say that bombing and killing foreigners just because someone wearing more metals than you on his jacket orders you to do so,  is not the proud duty of a soldier.

The best police officers, and the best soldiers are the one’s who refuse to use force when the rest of the world wants them to, even if it means losing their own jobs or being imprisoned (see Bradley Manning).  And to these men and women who fall into this category, I only pray that one day your honor and bravery can be better used in an open sourced free-market where your desire to protect others can be done in a less monopolized fashion.

So until guns are banned from the hands of police and military forces…….don’t expect me to give up mine.  Who protects us from the so called “protectors” when they get out of line? Think about it…. there are alot more of us than soldiers or police officers. Have we learned nothing from the Vietcong?  Numbers matter.

With groups like “Cop-Block” and other private accountability organizations on the rise, the brutality perpetuated by the system is getting harder and and harder to ignore.  Just do a google or youtube search on “Police brutality”  or  “Blowback CIA” just to see some example of government doing what it does best.  Instill fear into the masses.  A false fear that we cannot live without their so called “protection”.

Arminius Ulric Roukan


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4th of July is for Sissies….

Today is July 4th 2014, Independence Day.   A day which is supposed to commemorate the story of how the colonists, which were essentially a bunch of rag-tag farmers wielding guns, defeated the world’s largest empire……….Great Britain. The colonists were motivated by the lack of liberty that King George III offered them.  No search warrants, no trials, high taxes ect.  These native american killers, aristocratic, slave owning founding fathers are now treated as heroes for fighting against a tyrannical king who suspended habeus corpus, but how does this tradition really compare to the political situation today. Is the fight over?

Today taxes are much higher than any percentage that the colonists could have dreamed up. Licenses are required for just about everything. The government has suspended the rights to a trial, and the requirement to have proper search warrants , thanks to the NDAA and Patriot Act laws. This government has grown a standing army and has colonized over 130 countries, essentially growing itself into an empire. The debt has grown to levels that would make Andrew Jackson cry,  record numbers of people are dying at the hands of police officers, in fact, more people died at the hands of cops than we had American soldiers die overseas within the last 10 years. That says alot.

Despite this, most Americans still proudly wave their little plastic American flags, and eating hot dogs while watching the symbolic fireworks on the fourth of July.  Not realizing that those “booms” and “bangs” really represent a time when men where prepared to blow shit up just to preserve a single freedom, while today in America, the people are practically allowing the government to get away with murder, and not say a damned thing, because it would inconvenience their comforting illusion that these lands are free.

Currently the US government is raping, pillaging, plundering, sending guns to arm foreign militia groups, sabotaging foreign economies, drone striking little kids, devaluing your savings, and finding more ways to lock you in jail through the creation of excess law…yet hardly a few of us will say much less do anything about it. And those who do are labeled as “Ungrateful”, or a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Yet it’s the so called “Conspiracy Theorist” realizes that it’s quite funny that people allow the government to tax them in order to put on a 4th of July “Independence Day fire-work Show”.  Lets face it, taxation is essentially theft, And the government is literally stealing in order to pay for that firery show of “freedom” with their display.  It’s ironic that we celebrate freedom by now violating it. How is that man can live in such a society whereas a commoner will be scrutinized to the harshest degree, while agents of the state are merely “tolerated” because men fear them?

This isn’t freedom. This is Tyranny. High Taxes. No fair trials, No Liberty.

If the founding fathers were alive today, they be ordering us to shoot. That’s for damned sure.  Those who fight for freedom sacrifice their own so that those whom are not brave enough to fight for it, can enjoy it and say,  “There is no need to fight”.   However if those who decided there was no need to fight, and realized that we must indeed fight for the cause of liberty, then prehaps we could live in a voluntary, completely free society, on both an economic and personal level.

However, only because we have a few people whom truly understand liberty, we are only left with the idea of a miniarchist partially free society. Yet we are plagued by a majority of socialized comformists whom allow a Totalitarian society citing how its ok to sacrifice individual freedom for the benefit of the 99%.   We are so utterly plugged into the welfare benefits of government, and to the mindless drivel found within the entertainment industry, most of us are just too damn dependent on idea that America is god’s green pasture. Real freedom begins with seeing things for what they are, without labels, and just seeing “what is”.

And just because one government is less oppressive than another does not excuse the that all governments are corrupt and no evil should be marginalized because of a greater evil. The man who rapes one woman, is he just as not as sick as the man who rapes two women?  Evil is evil. No matter little or how much it is present. All bad deeds deserve equal recognition and scrutiny.

So while you drink that beer and watch the fireworks this 4th of July, just remember that those bombs bursting in the air are recreating the sounds of those who were brave enough to fight oppression, even if it was over governments unjust power to extort, tax tea and manipulate businesses.  Now we face so much more than they did, yet most of us continue to do nothing. Let that humble you, and reflect upon how you will expand freedom in your lifetime for the sake of future generations.


In the words of Zach De La Rocha…

“Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy”.

Think for yourself. Question Authority.


Arminius Ulric Roukan





Why Politicians Deserve to be Outcasts

In order to become an elected official, you do not need to have any college degree, no formal education, no credentials, nada….you simply need the votes (And not many;considering that most people don’t vote.) . If you receive enough votes you will be guaranteed a six figure income (funded by extorted taxes), you will get free-healthcare (funded by extortion), you will only have to be in your office 130 days out of the year part-time, free traveling expenses (paid for by tax cows), get to be a regular on TV, get to hear yourself talk alot, and you get to make up rules for society to live by, even if no one agrees with it.

And if you are really heartless, you even get to send other people to war to in order enforce your legislation upon unwitting “clients”. Meanwhile, those who sign up to execute the dirty deeds of politicians (military/police), get paid 30 thousand a year to have their limbs blown off by strangers, whom are often simply trying to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks/invasions/sanctions. (They must be bad guys right? Just following orders!)

Then we have those who sign up on welfare whom are looked at as the bane of society who get maybe get 10K a year and aren’t allowed to make any extra money without reporting it to the government while those who try to start a new business from scratch so that they can be self-sufficient are expected to pay for licenses, insurance and satisfy expensive regulations that only already well-established CEO’s and politicians could afford to begin with.  And those who work hard and provide for themselves are expected to pay for all of this non-sense. And those who try to exit the system and live off the grid or refuse to pay taxes are called “terrorists”, “cheaters”,  or “Hippies”, and are usually jailed for their perceived treachery.

Moral of the story, those who attain leadership roles in the government profit more than those who become servants to the government. Serve yourself, your family, and humanity. Do not become a servant to government, and do not sell your soul to become one of it’s leaders!

I have a dream, that one day through logic, philosophy, free-market awareness, and technological advances will soon render monopolized coercive government services obsolete! It’s no secret that Youtube and Google offer far more in terms of free (or low cost) education as opposed to public indoctrinated education.

Why spend 13 years in public school, when you could just google “How to play a guitar” or “How to speak spanish”. You are better off teaching your child how to read and write, and then put them in some keyboarding classes, and by age 8, they could potential use technology to self-educate!

This is the wave of the future, and the government knows that their bid for power is now up for grabs and they are desperate to keep their relevance!

- Arminius Ulric Roukan



Man loses his Job for calling Obama a Criminal

The image above is quite controversial. Jesus, a terrorist? Say it isn’t so!?

If Jesus were alive today, he would of most likely been considered a terrorist. Think about it. He taught us that we should only serve one master, he was against the money changers, lived off the land, and did not carry money or pay taxes, all while preaching a message of equality, peace, and self-reliance.  The Buddha also preached such a message of self-reliance and of a class-less society without hierarchy.

I was informed by my employer a few days ago that I would be laid off due to “lack of work”. However, upon further research I found that my not being able to obtain a “SIDA/BNA”, airport security badge had alot to do with it as well.  8 months ago I began working for a company, whom’s name I shall keep private.  After being hired, I was required to submit finger prints and a under go a 10 year federal background check.

After three months, I still had no word on the status of the application. Nick Beres, a reporter of News channel 5, actually did some investigation and discovered that I was on a Domestic Terrorist watch list.  Fast forward to six months later, I am now being fired due to this reason. The TSA has still not approved nor denied my application for a BNA badge, they simply kept me under pending status until my employer was forced to fire.

It seems to me, during the course of these eight months, the federal government would have been able to investigate and come up with a determination as to whether or not I was indeed a terrorist. And mind you that I have never been arrested nor made any threats to any person/property. I am simply a political activist who has written many letters to the US attorney general, asking why President Obama, George Bush jr. /Sr, Ben Bernanke, and many other government goons haven’t been arrested for war-crimes, conspiracy, and other devious plots.

My message is simple. I do not advocate overthrowing the government (state or federal), nor do I advocate attacking government employees. Violence begets violence and it does nothing towards advancing the message of voluntaryism.  My message is simple,

“Let the general public opt out of any government service and have the ability to compete with it on the free-market, and do not punish anyone for an alleged crime that cannot show a victim. And do not force me to pay into a service that I do not wish to use, and do not force me fund the murders of innocent people’s abroad through military attacks and/or economic sanctions. I do not wished to be government without consent, nor do I agree to be held liable to any law that cannot show a victim or is based on coercive contracts.”

That’s it! Does that sound dangerous or bad? Furthermore, I am not a “Sovereign Citizen”.  That’s like saying “free-slave”. I am not apart of any movement or group. I am a lone-philosopher.  I use the word “sovereign” as a way of describing a lifestyle, of self-reliance from a spiritual perspective. The last thing I want to do is use violence and get myself killed and jeopardize my family whom depends on my love and support. I simply want to challenge and move society towards a more voluntary society that bases it’s transaction on free-market principles that do not include coercion.

Due to the TSA’s tactics to hinder my ability to remain employed at my chosen company, my primary source of income has been cut off. Rent, food, electricity, car notes……..the bills are not stopping. And the TSA does not care. They have declared me a terrorist,yet they aren’t confident enough to deny me, since they have absolutely no evidence that I am terrorist. It’s a classic example of political targeting.

If I were indeed truly a terrorist, don’t you think I’d be locked up or sitting in Guantanamo bay? These labels are offensive and insulting to me.  Today I called the TSA, and they said, “We cannot deny nor confirm if you are any watchlists.” Then I said, “Nick Beres of Channel 5 already investigated, and I have seen the print outs. I am indeed on the Domestic Terror watch list, and if I am not removed from this list, and if my badge is not approved, I will sue for defamation of Character.”

The teller on the phone changed his tone very quickly and said, he would forward my comments to the lead supervisor immediately.  I then said, “I expect a response within 72 hours or else I will proceed with a class action lawsuit.”  He then went on to say, “This is the first time we have had someone under pending status for 8 months, and I will do what I can to make sure this is resolved.”


I then asked for his supervisors names, and he then said, “We cannot disclose that, as it is a matter of national security.”

So, now the TSA is considered a classified organization like the CIA?

Big Brother is real, and we are all monitored. Facebook, your cell phone, your e-mails, all of it is being data-mined, and profiles are being built upon all of our names. Since I am promoting the idea of personal liberty, and I have inspired thousands to stand up and defend themselves in court against victimless crime accusations, the government is now angry because I am threatening their ability to extort the american public.

I am not a dangerous man. I donate my time by teaching children boxing/martial arts, I go to a temple and pray twice a week, and enjoy biking and fishing.  I am a simple man, with a very complex philosophy.  Yet, this does not make me a danger to society.   I have absolutely no desire to cause chaos. Only to inform the general public.  Persecution, ridicule, and embarrassment are things that both Jesus and the Buddha were familiar with.  And so was Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X,  William Lloyd garrison, and other freedom fighters. I guess now it is my turn to experience those things.

Perhaps in 50 years, the philosophies of Libertarianism and Voluntaryism will no longer be considered dangerous ideologies but rather innovative and revolutionary philosophies that can push mankind into a new phase of higher thinking.

To be honest, I have grown tired and weary of my political efforts. I simply desire to live for myself. I do not want to spend the rest of my life fighting and arguing with a monolithic government. I want to spend the rest of my days in my garden, teaching children boxing, and spending time with my family.

However, this is now impossible since I have been branded and marked as a criminal for the potential duration of my life. This is unfounded, unfair, and a black-eye on the so called “balance justice system” . The fact remains, that the constitution, which is essentially a piece of paper cannot protect our rights. It’s up to our own actions as individuals and as a collective to recognize abuse of rights, and to hold one another accountable.

I can only hope and pray that like minded fellows will rally around my message and aid me in this troubling time.

I wish my enemies nothing but love and understanding, and I pray that all men and women of the world will realize that their are peaceful non-coercive ways to do business. I have done many bad things in my life, but I have never threatened to take a life. I hope to atone for my sins and live out the rest of my days in peace, surrounded by love ones.

Farewell, and better days.

- Arminius Ulric Roukan


Why Overpopulation is a Myth

Government” (a small group of humans herding other humans with or without their consent, free of competition)  spawns from the idea that human beings can only operate individually within a confined space. Individuals cannot be trusted with the governance of themselves, therefore they need a group of other imperfect humans to regulate their personal and economic livelehoods. Certain controls must be set by a centralized authority, otherwise, progress will come to a halt and the world will spin into choas. Inventors will stop inventing. Roads will cease it’s construction, and clean air will become a thing of the past. Without government, this planet, the only place we have to live will be at the mercy of private profiteering agents whom will destroy this planet, and leave it unhabitibal.

Without Government, everyone will suddeny become possessed by a sudden urge to rape, kill, steal, and inject euphoric poisons in their veins. Only the government can provide us with defense. Infrastructure, and only the government can be trusted with the protection of our natural resources. Because, if this planet fails to hold life, the human race will die out as we know it right?

(wrong. This is the theory that the pro-government statists would like for you to adhere to.)

If you have been following “Sovereign Tactics.Org” or my anarchists antics through youtube over the years, it is no secret to you that I am a former constitutional Libertarian who turned to the morally consistent, wave of the future, ideologically sound philsophy of “Anarcho-Captialism”  (or you can just call me a Voluntaryist) .  I believe that the government itself is no different than the mafia. (organized crime.). The government is a monopolized racketeering syndicate that has been legitimized through pop-culture propaganda, the media, fear-mongering, and through force of habit over the centuries.

However, technology is changing that pace. Just as men once said, “Without slaves, no one would pick the cotton.” ( The cotton gin solved that problem!).  Now we have the arguments which come into play such as, “Without the government, who would settle contract disputes or build the roads?”,  “Without government how could we have a national defense?”  ,  “Without the government, what would we use for money?”  , “How will our children learn to read and learn other skills without public school?”

Arbitration Courts, private contractors working with gasoline companies, community militias, private defense insurance agencies,  bit-coin, Mountain Hours Currency, “google/youtube- replacing formal education… ect…..

These topics have been debated to death!  However, there is still one major issue that has been neglected by many Anarchists/Libertarians/Voluntaryists.

“Without government, who will protect the environment? And what if the population grows out of control and becomes too much for the planet to handle? Their isnt enough to go around. We need war. ”

The government is already trying to solve these percieved problems. Agenda 21 and the “Wild-lands” projects, which seek to ban nutritional supplements and make it illegal to dwell witihn large roped off areas that the government has desginated, “Protected habitats”.    Bill Gates and many of the world’s elite agree with the notion that human beings should be looked at as if they were a cancer or a disease. Since Obama took office and expanded the wars fought under Bush, many liberals make excuses and utter such bone-chilling things as…

” We need war and disease, because the world is overpopulated anyway. Their arent enough resources to go around. We need more people to die. ”

I used to believe in such notions.

The Chinese government has been praised by many for it’s “one child” policy. Since this policy was implemented, the Chinese government has bragged that it’s actions have prevented millions of births from happening, thus resulting in a reduction of carbon emissions and consumption of resources.

Many would like to see such controls begin implementation on a global scale.  Many would like to complain that their tax-dollars go towards the irresponsible welfare participants whom give birth to many children without the means to take care them, yet they fail to realize that paying taxes to a monopolized service calling itself “government’, is irresponsible to begin with, and that solutions of “overpopulation” do exist without needing a centralized authority to regulate the amount of people being born.  All of this could be addressed without their being so called “neccessary” wars, plagues, and famines to “naturally” reduce the population.

( Furthermore, anyone whose salary comes from “tax” dollars is a welfare whore. And any “conservative” who says he hates socialism should instantly adopt voluntaryism, since all services offered by government are socialized – Even the roads they drive on are socialized and monopolized)

I see a much different vision for the human race in the next two to three hundred years.

While it is important and neccessary for organisms to live in healthy environments rich in resources  in order to optimally thrive,  society should not adhere to the idea of “limited resources”. Atleast in the sense of long-term development. I see conservation as a way to make the best of the current paradigm in which we live. I believe that recycling, taking conscious efforts not to pollute, and communities seeking restitutions for their victimization at the hands of governments and private corporations that damage their environments without prior-consultation, are all legitimate causes.

Conservation and living a natural lifestyle should be apart of our daily routines. For, if you do not respect your environment, it will certainly not respect you in return.

However, we should also open our minds to the possibility of seeing past this planet, considering how far we have already come  as a species, philosphically and technologically.  For those who believe that the planet is mankinds first, only, and final resting place for humanity, I would like to offer you an alternative future.

The prophetic comedian, “George Carlin” once said,

“The planet is fine, it’s the people that are fucked. The Earth is a self-healing, self-replecating organism, that can take alot of abuse and would eventually heal itself, even if the human species died out” (paraphrasing)

George Carlin uses some interesting logic to back this belief up.

Consider what the Earth, as well as the human race has endured….

Sunspots, tornadoes, global flooding, global warming, ice-ages, volcantic eruptions which emit billions of pounds worth of toxins in the air, Earthquakes, oil spills,  World-wars, Crusades, Black Plagues of Death, The AIDS virus,  Religious Crusades, Millions of years worth of nomadic living outside in the wilderness, World Wars, blizzards, droughts, famines, meteor crashes…….ect

To be frank, the Earth, as well as the human race has been brought to the brink of destruction and back, god knows how many times. Yet, no matter what type of ailment that the cosmos has bestowed upon human beings and their home planet, both have always managed to survive by adaption.

Take a look at the technological breakthroughs that are happening as of late. Human organs are being replacted through a process of extracting stem cells from one healthy person to another. 3d printers are giving us the ability to create animated and inanimate objects in real time. Now both of these technologies are being applied to food and natural resources.

The controversy behind Genetically modified Foods and the 3d printing of Firearms are in hot debate as of late.  However, the ethical implications and health hazards behind these technologies will soon pass, as all new technology, when initially introduced, usually brings a short period of chaos. Yet, as we learned earlier in this article……..human beings always adapt to change and are subject to frequent paradigm shifts.  However, responsibility must be placed with the consumers of new technology through educating themselves on whether or not they support something without first researching it’s current capabilities.

Yet, even if the general public does not accept a new technology in it’s initial phases, the free-market will either reject it’s continuation, or seek to improve it until a sustainable percentage of people benefit from it without bringing high-risks to themselves. Which is why informing one’s self in so important, since the ability to propagandize the masses has also become easier through technology. ( One of the draw-backs to technology.)

I see a future for human beings that does not exclusively involve the planet Earth.  I see a future in which the Planet Earth that we live on today will become a musem. A place that our great-great-great-great-great-great-great Grandkids will some day take space-shuttle field trips too, while the tour guide will say,

“This is planet Earth. This is where early humans are believed to have originated from. As you can see, vegetation naturally produces and decomposes, while ancient delapidated structures known as “skyscrappers” once housed human ran businesses”.

I see the free-market bringing us technology which will allow us to build multiple space colonies, or even perhaps a way for us to inject barren planets with a substance which will create an “Earth-like” environment through artificial pollination and other biosynthesis methods.

I see these space-colonies being vast in it’s size. Comparable to any of the major planets, complete with ecosystems, cloned grass that never rots, nutrional tables that can replace our need to eat three times a day, telekenetic wrist bands that allow us to bring objects to us that would be impossible for our physical bodies to lift,  the ability to think objects into existence through using a cerebral implanted scanner which could take photos of objects and scan their bio-energies as a way to save this information into a hard-drive that could be cloned for later use.

And the best part is……..whith such technology that brings so much autonomy and individual power, the need for government would dissappear, while the “network” and the moral “reputations” of people would all keep our personal and business actions in check.  Smartphones with the ability to take pictures of businesses and read aloud the reputation and ingredients of their products is already showing us what a preliminary version of this type of world could look like.

This projected image of the future may sound scary, but ask yourself this. Why are you afraid?  Think back to the first time you ever saw a cell-phone, a website, a debit card………. depending on your age, you will remember different technologies coming into existence.  And for most people, we would often catch ourselvs saying such things as….

” I would never use that. “   ,  “Oh god, the end of the world is coming.” ,  “The Bible predicted this. “  , “That’s stupid and weird.”

How many times have we said this when a new technology has come into play, and then 9 times out of 10 we end up using it years later? And I must admit, I’ve always been a bit of a later bloomer when it came to technological trends. I was the last of my friends to get a smart-phone, the last to get an MP3 plays, the last to get a CD player in my car, and so on.

Human beings are in love with familiarity.  While I think it’s perfectly healthy to be skeptical of new technologies, and to pay attention to new technologies and it’s possible negative effects, we should not be afraid to embrace technology, especially after any technology “in question” has been proven to be beneficial to our individual needs.

To be honest, I think the idea of “Bio-static” wrist bands that track your blood sugar, how many meals you have eaten, and how many steps you have taken throughout the day are stupid, and I plan to never get one. However, if the technology and price improved, and it included a feature that was somehow extremely useful to me, I could change my mind. (Perhaps a a feature that could detect the presence of cancer forming?) I am just that type of guy. I do not dislike technology, however, I am never the type to use the first generation product. I like to wait until the technology has been proven in the market place.

Just think back to twenty years ago. If you wanted to learn how to play a guitar, you had to get in your car, save up some money, drive to an instructor, pay him tutition, and so forth. Now if you want to learn a new chord on your guitar, you can simply turn on your smart phone, load up your youtube app, and type in “How to play guitar chords”, and you instantly have a  guitar instructor in the palm of your hand,  free of charge if you are using an open source wi-fi connection.

The statelessnesss that ensued in Somalia for a short while showed us some interesting revelations. Telecommunications continued, private defense agencies were created, the GDP actually rose throughout the region, roads were continuously built, and life continued. While it was no libertarian Utopia, and the UN eventually imposed a new government upon the people, it did show us some interesting things, and proved to be quite an eye opener. Statelessness , and/or regions without a centralized authortity have existed throughout human history. It is not a phantom thought, or an imaginitive idea. Just look at the current “Dual” economy of Greece that includes extensive bartering systems.

Traditionally however, statelessness regions have mainly relied upon off-the-grid living, and voluntary communial living agreements in order to thrive.  As a voluntaryist, I have no problem with capitalism, socialism, or any “ism”, so long as the parties included are operating from a voluntary standpoint, without coercion, and without violent monopolization.

Technology gives us the ability to expand our consciousness and empower ourselves. The late 1990′s and the early 2000′s, housed Internet Anarchy.  During this time, there were almost no regulations on the internet, yet solutions to piracy and other malwares were solved through the supply, demand, and experiences achieved through extended use and newly created software.  During this time, anyone could simply upload a video of themselves and become an instant celebrity.  It was a time of very little competition. To this day, the internet is still very much a very “libertarian” “free-market” friendly space.

The internet gives us so many options, even to the ways in which we would like to pay for goods and services…,  Bit-Coin, Barter, Paypal , …… UPS, FedEx, youtube, Vimo, google, yahoo…… their are so many interfaces to choose from, and the quality continues to climb and climb, while socialized governmental services can barely keep up while larglely lacking in bringing about any innovative discoveries that can be voluntarily purchased on the market without coercion.

So you see my friends.  The human race, as well as the planet, will survive! We may bring ourselves to the brink once more, we may take an extended vacation from eachother in outer-space, we may even fight with eachother from time to time, yet I promise you all that we will survive, we will continue to thrive, and we will never become exinct…….perhaps evolve into super-humans, but never dying out as genetic links to our ancestries. We are here to stay. Both planet and Earth.

Whether or not the Earth will remain inhabitabul forever is questionable, but I do not see it going anywhere, unless it was vaporized by a large meteor or a doomsday device. In that case……..yes we are fucked!

But, even then, I still believe, that if even one male, and one female survived, they would start the process over again, and we would find our ways back to an expanded human race.

If I have learned anything through cramming my nose into the history books for hours on end, is that human beings are very tough and have endured unspeakable horrors, and it injures my logic to even phatom how we as a species have overcame so much. And the same can be said of this conscious organism known as “Earth”. She too has overcame so much, yet has always adapted, healed, and found a way to cope.

Even if the mighty humans, and the beautiful mother Earth have to eventually take a thousand year trial-seperation from one another, you better believe that neither of us are going anywhere. Count on it.

In the meantime, try to respect your fellow man, and mother nature.  Clean up after yourself, indulge in philanthropy and make your contribution towards advancing a free society.

Do not see the glass half empty……….see it half full.

Arminius Ulric Roukan – 2014

Sovereign Tactics.Org


Dumb things that “Americans” say….


Living within the imaginary drawn up lines known as the “United States” offers many attractive allures compared to other cults (also known as countries) . Comparatively to other communities around the world, jobs are more plentiful, economic freedom is usually ranked somewhere in the top 25 countries throughout out the world, and we have not had a civil war in quite some time.  Welfare, subsidies, and other mafia styled social programs also attract disenfranchised Mexican orphans who have no parents thanks to the Obama-Bush backed drugs/gun smuggling fiascos that erupted in civil wars.

While in America, Crony-capitalism , obesity, and consumerism also rank supreme,………. family bonds, community solidarity, empathy, and social connections continue to suffer in our hyper-fast paced lifestyle.

However, there is something else that “Americans” (members of the cult) , are really good.  Saying idiotic statements regarding the “system” in which we live in.  I will divulge a small, yet comprehensive list of things that many ignorant cult members in this corporate fiction known as “America”, love to utter aloud.


1. “You don’t pay income taxes? That’s not smart, because then you won’t get a refund check. Plus, how are we supposed to build roads if free-loaders like you aren’t paying?”

    This is a topic in which I have dissected countless times throughout this website in many articles. I will try to keep this short and sweet. Their are many counters to this ignorant statement in which Americans love to utter on a daily basis.

A.  Why would I need an income tax refund check if I refused to pay into the income tax scam?   Instead of getting a refund, I’ll just keep the money that I peacefully earned from the get-go and sleep well at night knowing that I am not funding any drone strikes on little Pakistani kids.

B.  Years ago, the Grace Commission was created. Congress created an investigative team to track down exactly what happens to the money collected from the income tax. They discovered that not a single penny is invested within the borders of the corporate fiction known as the “United States of America”. It was fully absorbed by the interest owed to the Federal Reserve linked to the national debt. Whatever was left over went towards war efforts or foreign aid.

C.  Roads, infrastructure, courts, ect….. all of these things are paid for through sales taxes and excise taxes. Taxes that are largely unavoidable, unless you are living off the grid. Even so called “Illegal persons” pay these taxes everytime they fill up their tanks full of gas and when they buy a pair of socks at their favorite shopping outlet. However, these services could easily be privatized and over by the free market. (Google Anarcho-Capitalism

D.  Income taxes are immoral. To force someone to pay for a monopolized service through threat of violence is just wrong. Period. Their are better solutions. (See Agorism, voluntaryism, free-market captialism





2. You should pledge allegiance to the Flag and honor the troops. They died for your freedom. You can stand here and bash American all day long, but thanks to the troops, you have the freedom to do so.” 

This is a false-narrative. Anyone who has ever read, “War is a Racket”, by America’s most decorated war hero, “Major General Smedley Butler”, knows that wars are never fought in the name of freedom. Their is also an agenda behind war………always. Why on Earth would any racketeering business known as “Government” spend billions of your dollars to bring young high school kids to a foreign country to spill blood, if not for profit?

When was the last time America was ever invaded? When was America ever invaded? And when has any attack on America ever not been provoked? When you consider that the Military and the CIA have been involved in overthrowing governments, bombings, assassinations, and using starvation sanctions in more than 90 countries since WW2, it’s of no wonder why the US government is hated around the world. Currently their are 900 bases in 130 countries around the world.

Furthermore, since 9-11, (the day when the Muslims attacks us for being jealous of our “freedoms” *sarcasm), we have actually lost more freedom.  The Patriot Act, NDAA, CISPA/SOPA,  HR-347 (Banning certain forms of free-speech), TSA naked body scanners , ect….. are evidence to the contrary.

Currently, the United States prison industrial complex houses more prisoners around the world, even more than Russia and China combined. 70% of the inmates that are sitting in county jails and federal/state prisons are in there for victimless crimes such as drug possession, operating a business without a license, tax evasion, driving without a license, ect…

In fact, their have even been dozens of stories around the nation citing examples of people being arrested for selling lemonade without a license. So much for “freedom.”

The truth is, the military and the CIA are monopolized defense agencies created by the mafia (government) to protect their economic assets that exist around the world. The notion of , “Poor children fighting in rich old men’s wars”, are most certainly true.  National defense could easily be decentralized into state militias or even into community Rhondas.  Thomas Jefferson himself said that standing armies were more dangerous to our liberty than anything else., and that we should trade with all countries yet have permanent alliances with none.

The military Industrial complex is a well-oiled machine designed to keep us in fear of people that we have never met living thousands of miles away, meanwhile, the men wearing suits and ties in their air-conditioned offices get paid by the corporate elite to support their resource stealing operations.

War is a scam. And any soldier who comes home from Iraq or any other country around the world with a missing limb will not win any sympathy from me.   Their paychecks are funded through extortion (taxation), and they blindly follow orders from not only the government, but they allow their opinions to be shaped by the news outlets they convince them that they are fighting to protect the innocent.

It’s this notion of, “If we dont bomb them first, they will bomb us.” The only problem with this is that, when we go around bombing these places, the surviving family members will become outraged and will only fuel more retaliatory attacks against those who were claiming to protect us from such attacks. Just think about the surge of Americans who were charged up to join the military after 9-11. On that day, only 3 thousand Americans were killed, yet prior to 9-11, Clinton and Bush were responsible for arming/funding dictatorships and using starvation sanctions which resulted in hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq. And that’s just the short version of their violent foreign policy actions…

Truth is, if  American soldiers wanted to fight for freedom, they would refuse to board their planes, and would instead march on Washington DC chanting,

“We want our civil liberties back, we will protect these borders and these coastlines, nothing more, nothing less.”

Instead, we are left with a cult worship of “our troops”. Remember, the Nazis of Germany were just following orders. And they too asked their citizens to “Support the Troops”.

Also, Christianity is the most widely practiced religion in America, yet they forget that Jesus said to “Swear no Oath.” ( man cannot serve two masters.), yet these same Christian swear an oath to a racketeering scheme known as government?  Citizenship is slavery folks…





3.  Those damn Illegals took our jobs….

Many Libertarians, most conservatives, and some liberals agree that competition within the free-market is a good thing. When products have the freedom to compete with one another it makes prices competitive and offers more economic freedom. Free-markets are the opposite to state-socialism, in which the government monopolizes and takes over certain sectors of business, such as building the roads for example.

While most people agree that free-markets offer economic freedom and foster innovation in technology, most people have never thought about applying that concept to immigration or social hierarchies.  In business, people will gravitate towards the cheapest and/or most effective product. Human beings are no different. They will flock towards wherever there is food, money, and opportunity.  When you compare the economies of Mexico and the United States, it is no surprise that many seek to cross that invisible line, that we call a “border” , in order to seek better opportunities for their families. Admit it, if you lived in a place, where you hadn’t got to eat for days, and all you had to do was jump a fence in order to eat………..you wouldn’t be concerned with arbitrary immigration laws.

Statistics consistently show that when regulations are reduced on businesses, the price of products go down, competition is fostered, technology improves, and the consumer wins out. This could easily be applied to immigration and seeing the world as a planet open with limitless competition and innovation, as opposed to hundreds of roped off countries.

What about these undocumented laborers stealing our jobs? First off, we need to understand that the cost of labor (and the cost of living) are artificially high and the wages of illegal immigrants are artificially low due in both cases to government policy as well as actions taken by the Federal Reserve and the IMF. Consider that when minimum wage laws raise the bar, many businesses stop hiring, or they raise their requirements, thus locking out new unskilled workers. Ever wondered why so many jobs these days say, “Must have prior experience”.?  . In a truly free market economy it is easy to see that immigrants bring useful skills and productivity to the economy and contribute to the prosperity of a community as a whole. Voluntaryism allows all human beings to coexist peacefully instead closing eachother off with unnecessary walls/fences–both literally and culturally–between ourselves and our fellow man.

In a Voluntaryist society there are no second-class citizens. In fact, there are no citizens at all, only human beings giving the entire human race the consideration, opportunity, and equality that we all deserve. I prefer to call my fellow man, “Earthicans” instead of Americans, Mexicans, Canadians, Chinese, ect…..

Jobs belong to job creators (business owners). And they have the right to hire whomever they want. So, to say they are “stealing” is laughable.  The fact is, I too am “undocumented”. I am a citizen to the world. And no government will ever tell me where I can travel and where I cannot, where I can work, and how I can make a living.

And where do most “illegals”work? You seem them waiting tables, doing construction, cleaning the highways, cutting grass, doing Prize-fights, and other jobs on the market that many wish not to partake in.  Many “illegals” have strong family bonds, hence, they live together 20 in a home, work hard for 10 years, save alot of money, and then open up a business themselves. Then when Americans see them owning businesses, they assume that “The government must have given them a check.”

And if you are angry about “illegals” collecting welfare and “mooching” off the system, instead of attacking immigrants, why not stop paying taxes and take up your fight with the government? Since they are the ones giving away your money to begin with.

Borders are just another government scam…

And lest we forget, between the IMF looting multiple countries, and the western war machine occupying and implementing the WTO/UN scams upon most of the world, it’s no wonder why so many flock here to reap the benefits from the spoils of the American elite.





4. God Bless America….

It is no secret that all governments are owned by satan. Satan himself offered Jesus ownership over all of the kingdoms/governments of the world in exchange for his loyalty. Logically, if someone has the ability to give away something, they must own it right?  Of course, this is from a christian perspective.

Whether we are speaking of Buddhism, Hinduism, Wicca, ect….. it is illogical to think that “God” or “gods”, have chosen an imaginary jurisdiction (lines on a map) and said to himself,

” The people who live within these imaginary borders drawn up by ordinary human beings will be blessed by me.”

Now, the next question is, why not “God bless Canada?” or “God Bless Brazil?”  Why “America”?  Im sure god loves the fact that we have 900 bases in 130 countries and we are spreading “manifest destiny” at ground breaking speeds. Or perhaps he is happy about the MK-ULTRA experiements or the torture sessions at Gitmo.

When I see people carrying flags that say “God bless America” or people who wave a flag of any country, I can’t help but to see them as members of a cult.

I belong to a kingdom not of this world ” – Jesus Christ

” Karma knows no boundaries”- The Buddha

I utterly despise collectivist notions, but if “we” are anything, “we” are a species. Homosapiens. And what we do in our backyards is no more less significant than what someone else does in their backyard. A barbeque is still a barbeque even if it’s three thousand miles away. And war effects the world, no matter who is dropping the missile or on the receiving end.

With the way human beings are living, I don’t see god blessing any large group of people. Perhaps a few special individuals…….but “countries”, not by a long shot!


- Arminius Ulric Roukan


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