Legal Insurance & Sovereignty (Q&A)

Since I have began offering legal insurance on this website, I have gotten a huge outpour of responses, both positive and negative.  On the positive side, people are excited that they now have affordable access to the legal system 24 hours a day, nationwide. They have the ability to call an attorney when they are pulled over or need to have a legal document constructed, such as a living will all for an inclusive single monthly price.

Having an attorney on deck is a great “plan B” to us sovereign warriors who are often fighting legal battles all alone.  Often times, if you are pulled over, simply having access to an attorney will scare the officer away and he will let you go from detainment.  As freedom fighters, we often times get ourselves in too many unneeded battles that use up our resources and leave us in poverty. Many of the battles we are fighting can be easily mitigated with our insurance plan.

The negative side to all of this is obvious. Many of you are saying things like, “If I use a BAR licensed attorney and involve him in my case then aren’t I handing over jurisdiction?” , perhaps temporarily in some fashion, but this fear is unwarranted. In many cases, judges will refuse to answer questions without a BAR attorney being present in your case. Whatever the case may be, you can also reverse your associations with a BAR attorney later on by citing “duress”.

Our goals should be to get cases dismissed, (by any means), even if it calls for referencing statutes and civil procedures.  It is ok to reference the constitution and statutes, as long as you do not “cite” them. By referencing, you are saying, “I am not agreeing to be under these clauses, “BUT” if I were, this is were you are in violation”.  Citing something is stating and agreeing that everyone present is under the jurisdiction of whatever doctrine is stated. The only thing that I will ever “cite” is natural law.


( A Christian walks up to a Hindu and cites Bible verses to him, because the Hindu man was treating him unfairly. The Hindu laughs and said, “That book has no bearing on me.” So the Christian “References”  the Hindu vedas and shows the Hindu were his actions is wrong). By the Christian “referencing” the Hindu veda, he is not claiming its authority (citing), he is simply “referencing” that according to his own belief, he is wrong in his action.  This is how we can reference statutes to government entities without citing it’s authority . It is like saying,  “I don’t stand under your regulation, but even if I did, here is where you are in violation….” ect…

But some of us voluntaryist/natural law advocates are still worries about giving up their purist ways. But I assure you all……..

After a case is dismissed, you can always file a civil suit and cite natural rights and dismiss your associations with an attorney, so long as you are operating under your private name.  Your legal public corporate name is NOT you.  You are coerced into caring for your corporation, thus this is what legal insurance does, it protects your corporation. So long as you do not claim the corporation as your personal identity, then you can continue to operate and/or sue in the capacity of your private and/or common law identification.

We have to learn how to split our minds and beings if we are to operate within society and navigate without our corporate names getting us into trouble.

A wise man once told me, “I don’t mind dancing with demons in order to learn how to defeat their devilish leader”.

Thus, I do not mind associating and spending time with those who work in the government. Oftentimes, consulting with our enemies is the best way to reach and understanding with them. In reality, I have no problem with government existing. In fact, I want to become friends with the government so that we can reach a mutual understanding and I will be left alone. Basically in a nutshell,

“Hey, do your thing, and I’ll do mine….I won’t hurt you, you don’t hurt me. Let’s mind our own business.”

Sun Tzu once said, “If you know yourself and you know your enemy, you will win 100 out 100 battles.”

But let us get something straight. Not all BAR lawyers or government employees are bad people. In fact, I have even met a few that agree with my ideology, they have just chosen to work within the confines of the system for various reasons.  This is good news. Sympathizers , whether it be from the left side or the right side, is always a step in the right direction.

I do not seek the destruction of government, I only seek exemption from it and/or a choice in which services I choose to receive from it and/or have the ability to compete with its services on the free-market. That’s it!

Is that such a controversial statement? Is it violent? Is it a cause for concern? No!

So, in closing, if you choose to get legal insurance from my website, rest assured that you are not swearing over jurisdiction.

You are simply employing the assistance of an attorney under duress from the government SEPARATELY from your private name.

A fellow musician once told me,

“There are no rules to this game, you are either winning or losing.”

In my ripen age, I cannot agree more.

How many sovereign freemen do we see who are sick and in financial ruin? Too many!

We  need to adopt the tact and emotionless tactics of our opponents. They are willing to use whatever justification needed to win a case or to squeeze money out of their clients or to the judges who make back room deals.

We need to employ our enemies , consult with them daily, and perhaps even befriend them, so that an EVOLUTION can take place and not a revolution.

Whatever you have to do to get a case dismissed,

reference a statute, code, supreme court case, civil procedure, ect….


So long as you aren’t “citing” anything, who cares….

Get your case dismissed, and then sue for wrongful imprisonment, pain/suffering, time lost, ect….

Last but not least, do not be confused dear friends.

Having legal insurance is a wonderful back-up tool that reduces alot of stress, but the goal is still to be self-educated. I still promote the spreading of natural law ideology and for my supporters to learn how to write their own motions, default clauses, and other legal documents.  Legal insurance is a great defense, but we still need to offensively spread the doctrines and agenda of natural law/sovereignty.

It is a one-two combination that will result in a winning recipe.

Education without legal insurance will lead to too much stress.

Legal insurance without sovereign education will make it easier and more affordable to have access to the legal system, but natural law ideologies will not grow, thus the main goal of our operation will become a moot point.

The two go hand in hand.

So I am asking my readers to put away their purist attitudes, and adopt a realistic military strategy in their efforts and learn to balance their own safety/success with the continuation of natural law advocacy.

Every corporation in america has an attorney in their back pocket.

Why shouldn’t your corporate name have it’s own attorney in it’s back pocket?

This is the goal of the “affidavit of truth”. To draw the line in the sand between your corporate name and your private name.

Once we distinguish the two, then the controversy goes away.

If you have any questions about legal insurance, feel free to email me and contact me anytime.

God speed.

Arminius Roukan


Court Tactics- Continuance

Asking for and getting a motion of continuance granted is one of the easiest and most profound tactics that one can use in court, especially for minor charges.  Asking for a continuance can be done verbally in front of a judge or by written motion (which I prefer).  Speaking orally gets us in to trouble, because our thoughts interfere with our goals. When we write something on paper, it becomes clear, concise, and reduces the risk of unclear implications.  Communicating in writing is always a safer bet as it allows you to think about what you want to be communicated, whereas spoken words are more easily miscommunication.

When a continuance is granted, the prosecutions case load piles up even further and the chances of him/her dismissing the case actually increase, since most sheeple are only interested in paying their fines and being done with their cases.  When continuances are granted, prosecutors have to make a “cost-benefit-analysis”.  Is it worth it to pursue a guy who is going to drag this out, or can we just let him go so that we can cash out on the three defendants behind him that are willing to pay their fines now!

When writing a continuance, the best argument to use for your reasons behind needing a continuance are simple. Make sure that you express any hardships that you are facing. Financial, lack of substantial legal representation, the uncovering of new evidence (needing more time to prepare a defense based on new information), family situations at home that prevent you from going to court…….ect.

When cases are drug out, the chances of getting it dismissed or the prosecution offering a noteworthy plea bargain increase.  However, be advised that abusing continuances can anger the courts if you do not have an adequate defense prepared just in case the prosecutors decide not to dismiss or reduce charges against you.  If you continuance letter is granted, be sure to use the extra time to actually prepare your defense, any benefits that come with the continuance being granted are only secondary benefits.

Remember,  fighting wars in court aren’t just about memorizing statutes and finding inconsistencies with their racketeering logic, it is also about effecting cost-benefit-analysis, psychological  warfare, and planning.  Underneath all of that paperwork, you are being symbolically and literally threatened with a threat of being kidnapped AKA (going to prison) Take the case seriously!  Present yourself in a professional demeanor and make your case for natural law digestible for the jury.

P.S.- And don’t forget to remind them of their rights regarding “Jury Nullification”,  (If you aren’t familiar with Jury Nullification, google and research this term)

Arminius Roukan


Detached culture washing away the Institution of Marriage?

Is the institution of marriage dying? Current trends tell us to “never settle”. Are we mistaking independence with fear of commitment and narcissism, or is it just classic laziness? People say they want a girlfriend or a boyfriend, but do they really? It’s like people who say they want a puppy. They imagine the cute face, the puppy dog breath, and hours of playing frisbee, but they do not account for the accidents that they have to clean up, the trips to the vet, the nighttime barking, and other inconveniences involved. Relationships are not a quick fix to your loneliness yet we should not isolate ourselves or delude ourselves into thinking that isolation is the answer.

If you run away from every relationship at the first sign of trouble, then you will always be left feeling as if love is impossible, because humans will never be absolute in their morality! Everyone will fail you at some point.

Even those who are single often fail to themselves! The truth is, love is ALOT of work. When you make someone your partner, you are actually attempting to fuse your soul with another. Both strengths and weaknesses. Love is the fusion of two lifestyles, two realities, two minds, and two bodies. This is no easy task! As if managing your own reality wasn’t hard enough! Yet, if both members are willing to coordinate their efforts and work together as a team, value eachother’s basic expectations, and overlook minor quirks from their partner, great things can be achieved! Validation can be found. Burdens can be lifted. Businesses can be built. Close-knit families can be created. But none of this is possible without the Law of Equivalent exchange. For every drop of love that is consumed, a drop of your own must be given. And last but not least………never awaken the fires of love in someone’s heart if you aren’t willing to take responsibility for such a fire. For a fire that is left uncontrolled can cause many deaths. – 


Arminius Roukan


Do you notice these things about life?


1. Being Quiet:  Quiet people actually have quite the party going on in their heads. Quiet people spend more time thinking than speaking.  They appear boring on the outside but are usually some of the most interesting people you’ll ever meet if you happen to break through their force-field. They can literally be watching movies in their mind, having conversations with themselves, having arguments with themselves, analyzing their surroundings, political debates, thinking of how to grow their business, what they will eat for dinner that night, ect… think of quiet people like trying to dig for water in a dessert. It appears barren and empty, yet if you dig deep enough, you will find an ocean of interesting things.  Quiet people are usually very intelligent because they analyze things so much and are very objective. The only thing is trying to get the party in their head to come out of their mouths and join the verbal party. Since quiet people are so used to conversing with themselves, when they actually do speak, it can sometimes come out slurred, with bad timing, resulting in a poor rapport with their friends. If you are patient, nice, and show warmth towards the quiet, then you will be handsomely rewarded. Quiet people are often very loyal.

1. People are  like Wine:  Everyone is intoxicated with emotions. Happiness, sadness, anger, love….all are triggered by chemical responses in the brain.  Love has often been equated with being a “Drug”. In fact, science has shown that someone who is in love and gets dumped shows the same signs of withdrawals that a junkie would have.  When we are angry, stress hormones flood our systems, testosterone raises, and our muscles expand, (like a steroid shot). The fact is that everyone is being shaped by their experiences. These experiences leave a unique “flavor” behind. Some people will meet you and think that your nice guestures are the sweetest thing ever, while other people may interpret them as “shady” or “repulsive”. This is because everyone compares new experiences with past experiences.  Everyone interprets the actions of others differently. We are all like wine, and everyone has a palette. Some will love the way you taste, others will find you flavorless and dull, while others will think you are bitter, but once they get to know you, they later aquire a taste for your qualities and learn to appreciate you over time. There is no “good” or “bad” person……..everything is based on interpretations.  The flower you give one woman may be interpreted as thoughtful and romantic. Another, who has more feminist leanings  may find it “chauvinistic”  . Thus the man who gives flowers to the feminist may feel hurt that his sincere offering was interpreted as offensive.  In Asian cultures, it is only interpreted as disrespectful to touch a woman unless you are married to her. Whereas in western cultures, it is common for male and female acquaintances to hug eachother as a greeting.  There is no “right” or “wrong”, everything is subjective to people’s taste. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. This can make things very confusing for the person who is naive and views the world through a conservative traditional lens.

3. Letting go is bitter yet sweet:   The man who feels that he owns nothing can never feel robbed………..when you finally realize that you belong to noone, and no one belongs to you, and that possession of all physical items are just temporary……….attachment fades.  This is a buddhist principle. Buddhist believe that pain is caused by attachment. This is ultimately a true reality. If we free ourselves from attachment, nothing can ever emotionally harm us. It is a very beautiful feeling to feel unhindered by attachments to things like our careers, romantic partners, our physical appearance, ect….. when we detach ourselves from desire and attachment, pain becomes impossible. But there is a drawback.  By rejecting attachment and desire, one can become lethargic, narcissistic, emotionally withdrawn,numb, cold, and unable to feel passion.  It was the character from South Park, “Butters” who once said while crying after being dumped by his girlfriend, “Yeah, I am sad, and it hurts really bad. But, I am grateful that I got to experience something so wonderful that it could also make me feel this bad. That is what life is about. Taking the good with the bad. It is a beautiful type of sadness.”  Many devout Buddhist would not agree with his sentiment. They see intense feelings of desire being comparable to a night of partying. Drinking alcohol gives pleasure but often leads to a hangover. This is why the importance of adopting the “Middle path” in Buddhism is important.  Being able to feel moderate forms of desire and attachment are positive things that actually increase our state of well-being and willingness to care for ourselves and others. But, in an extreme state of desire, we become obsessed and lose sense of self.

4. Everyone is wounded:  Everyone is traumatized. Bullied in school? Daddy issues? Witnessed a murder? Caught a friend lying to you? Had your beliefs debunked? Got dumped by the love of your life? Got embarrassed in public? Experienced extreme sadness? Everything we experience in life changes our perceptions and traumatizes us. The coping mechanisms that you have developed, the way you “weed out” people, the things you believe in, the things that you are against, the fears that you have………all come from your experiences with trauma. After experiencing pain, our minds come up with theories and strategies in order to prevent that painful event from taking place again. The only problem is, the circumstances around pain are often complex. We oftentimes pre-judge and pre-package people in our minds and misread them based on past experiences that have nothing to do with that person.  In some cultures, it is customary to remove your shoes before entering someone’s home. To not do so is like inviting evil spirits into a guests home and is considered hateful. Whereas in many western cultures, no one cares as long as you don’t track mud.  We are all being programmed by our experiences and the media we consume. When you watch a movie, read a book, or have a conversation, or hang around a certain crowd………you are actually being subtly influenced without even realizing it. Babies and small animals are adored by humans because of their pureness. They have no mental barriers, they trust everyone, they love everyone, they have no pre-conceived notions, they are complete oblivious to emotional scarring. However, eventually those babies will be hurt, lied to, and tormented by a loss at some point in their lives and thats when they develop mental barriers and defense mechanisms when socializing with certain people…….or atleast that is what we like to call them, “Defense mechanisms”, “Barriers”, “Filters”, ……what they actually are is evidence of trauma.   Those who are pure can only see the pleasure and holiness of life……..this feeling becomes tainted when a child undergoes their first trauma.

5. Physically attractive people with a history of intense pain are tortured souls:   When a person who is very mediocre in their appearance gets dumped or endures a trauma, no one really cares, life goes on, and the person must pick himself by their own strength.  When a man or woman who is considered physically attractive by most of their peers gets dumped or undergoes trauma, they are not afforded the same luxury of “retreat”.  People will constantly ask “You are so handsome, why are you single?” ,  people will constantly try to hit on you and you will constantly wonder if it’s your looks they look or do they really think youre an interesting person? Thus your level of paranoia and mistrust of other people grows even more. The plain-jane or mediocre person is used to being ignored and labeled as “boring”, so they retreat within themselves, read books, study books, play in a non-team-based sport like boxing, ect…. The attractive person who is single has a hard time deciphering their pain because there is a line of people feeding them pick-up lines and nice gestures. The hot single person will feel confused and will wonder if such gestures are genuine or not.  It will usually be the nice guy who gets rejected because his heart is actually pure but his delivery of gestures will be nervously done, whereas the “player” only wants to have sex but is so charming, he will come off as “genuine” when in fact he is not.  The games people play………no wonder ever is on guard.

6. Nice people aren’t trusted by hurt people  

Some people are just really phoney. Some people are just “too nice”, where you know they are just out to trick you. Or is it just your defense mechanism kicking in? Whereas I do believe that people use nice gestures to win favor in order to achieve a hidden goal, I do also believe that there are some people who wear their hearts on their sleeves, know exactly what they want, and don’t waste time trying to figure people out. They see a quality in something or someone and they make a choice to love them, They choose to give that person their all. Their mind is made up that they are going to be loyal, never cheat, and always be there for him/her. The only problem is, the person you are pursuing, unless they are psychic, does not know this.  Since so many people use kindness as a way to earn trust and then latter hurt that person………….acts of kindness are actually scary to most people.  After doing something nice, romantic, or charitable for someone, most people will think, “What’s the catch?”.  And then immediate label that person as being “cheesy” or “up to something”.  Whereas the naive person who just committed his act of kindness may be dumbfounded and made to feel like a jerk. This is why people who are able to retain their childlike trust and love towards other people are often taken advantage of or even made fun of and called names like , “Being whipped”, “Sprung”,  “Needy” , “Cheesy”………these are real terms that do apply to to certain people, but I feel like many people are often miscategorized into these terms. Maybe the person who is “sprung” just knows exactly what he/she wants and doesn’t need to “figure things out”, it is the other person who is unsure and projects that insecurity on you, and thats when they say, “I need space.”  We are born as lambs into a world of wolves. Those who remain as lambs must isolate themselves and adopt the lifestyle of a priest, farmer, poet and refuse any lifestyle that involves massive amounts of popular culture. The lamb can serve the wolfs, be nice to the wolves, even associate with the wolves, but he must never sleep with them, lest he become their lunch.

7. Everyone is trying to die comfortably. 

This life is just a preparatory phase , prepping us for the next dimension of existence, (whatever that may be).  We are born to die. If we adopt healthy habits, we can live to be around 100 years old.  But, we will still die, no matter how many carrots we eat.  Knowing this in the back of our minds, we do everything possible to alleviate that uncomfortable feelings. Love, relationships, going to college, trying to get a good job and save for retirements, smoking weed everyday, drinking, partying, sex, going to church………….everything we do is literally either a distraction to our pain or a survival action that enables us to stay alive.  Almost no one enjoys having a job to clock into , yet everyone does it because it is the easiest way to obtain money that allows us to buy shelter, clothes, air conditioning, cars, food, go to the movies, and do other things to alleviate our thoughts about death.  We are obsessed with death whether we are conscious of this fact or not. Those who speak of going to heaven or not being attached to this life are actually full of shit.  If Christian really believed in heaven, the idea of death would be absent from their minds, they would even welcome death, since heaven is a supposed paradise. And the ones who put on brave faces saying, “Death doesnt scare me, I am not attached to this existence”, ………..are lying,……….notice how they are still alive while they are telling you this.  Since life itself is suffering and requires much effort, and everything we do is a distraction to death itself, wouldn’t death be the ultimate escape?  The fact is, we love being alive, we love dreaming of tomorrow, we are attached to this existence, even if we all know that it will someday end.  A college degree, a new wife, an air conditioned home………..anything that gives us pleasure numbs us to the fact that we are actually dying a slow death.

8. Everyone can only be in love a certain amount of times: 

The more ex’s you have, the more times you have sex with different people, the more magic tricks that are exposed, the less magical magic becomes. When a human begins to associate a positive feeling like “love” with “pain”, the idea of love itself becomes painful. This is why many traumatized spouses lash out at their partners when they receive kind gestures, they associate love with pain, whereas the partner who gives out such kind gestures is then traumatized and begins to believe that being nice to people is bad.   As mentioned earlier, the more trauma we feel, the more barriers that are created. It is how our brain protects us from future incident…or so we think. When it reality, these barriers just limit our experiences , make us withdrawn, or we become manipulative and controlling, lashing out at others so that we become the abusers instead of the victims.  This is why it is important, that after a breakup or trauma happens, it is important to spend as much time and get as much help possible in order to heal before we open our hearts back up, otherwise we may be poisoning others with our blackened blood that inadvertently spills upon those around us that seek to love us.

9.  Living life to the fullest requires one to believe that he is dying:

Women that I have dated have often labeled me as dramatic, over-the-top, romantic, sexy, corny, cute, and disingenuous. Notice how some of the words are positive and some are negative. Because I live my life, with the notion that I could die at any second, I am a bit of a frantic person. When I love something, I throw myself into the flames 100% without fear of being burned. I wear my heart on my sleeve and have a terrible poker face. I am a bad liar and give away body language. When I love something I seek to make the woman feel as if she has completed me. I never say no to an opportunity to love or to achieve my goals in life.  Even in boxing, I give it my all, even if I know that my opponent is way more skilled, who cares…I am going to die someday anyway right?  Some people find these qualities endearing.  While others find it “suspicious”. Why would a man be so passionate towards me?  …is what some women would ask. But the man who knows that everything is temporary and everyone will someday die, knows that everyone changes. The couple who has been together for six months is just as likely to break up as the couple that has been married for 40 years. People can change at any given notice.  So why waste time trying to “wait”. If you like someone and admire their spirit, show full appreciation for them. what are you waiting for? There are no bank accounts in the after-life. There is nothing to hold back or save…..give away everything that you have, and you will never fear the thief who stalks you at night. Share your gifts so that they can live on after you die. Hold onto nothing, because the grave will ultimately take it, it is better to give away your gifts to needy souls rather than to stash them away for a day that may never come. -……….just remember to live for the moment and have zero expectations.  Remember, all relationships end in either break-up or through death. There is no “forever” relationship. So take pleasure as it comes and do not seek pleasure in a way that harms your vessel.

10.  Men are discriminated against as much as women.

It is no secret that many double standards are unfairly placed on women, so say otherwise would be a bold faced lie. Women are victim to many societal pressures, but the same can be said of men too.

Men play with action figures who have perfect bodies that effect our own body images. Men who are 30 years old, unmarried, don’t own a home, earn less than 20K a year, don’t have a car, or have been divorced are called “scrubs” by most people.  Whereas a poor woman who is physically attracted will still be pursued, whereas an attractive man who is poor is not offered the same praise without judgement. Men are still expected to become big-earners. A “kept” woman is more socially acceptable than a “kept” man. (Sugardaddies are more acceptable than sugarmommas in society.)  Almost all restraining orders are filed against men, 90% are granted by judges without evidence, the men are required to pay for the court costs of a restraining order, restraining orders stay on your record for 10 years. Poor men who cannot provide for their children are called “dead beats”. Poor mothers who cannot provide for their children are called “Struggling mothers”. Women can cry rape. Men cannot.  Men ho are not physically strong are called “pussys”. Women who are not physically strong are called  a “delicate flower”.  Women who kill their husbands or molest children are always excused and forgiven on some level by society.  Whereas men who do the same actions are treated as demons.  Men are often falsely accused of jealously.  Women are often able to categorize their feelings and hold plutonic feelings towards men, whereas men are never interested in being “just friends” with a woman. Any man who actively pursues to spend time with a woman for non-business related issues has some sort of attraction towards that woman and will act on it if given the chance. This is not a generalization, it is a fact, testosterone and the “hunter-gene” that exists in males proves this. Every guy knows this. So when a boyfriend get’s “jealous” of another guy who is inviting you to spend one on one time with him on a frequent basis, it isn’t because he is jealous,…..well, ok he is jealous….but only because he knows how men are…..and if a man finds you in a vulnerable moment, and he has attraction towards you, he will almost never deny sex. The fact is, men never spend excessive amounts of time with a woman unless he is looking for A. a committed relationship,  B. Casual sex ,  C. work related.   Argue all you want, but these are the facts……….if a guy is attempting to hang out with you privately on a very frequent basis, like bi-weekly, or even weekly, odds are he has an attraction towards you.

11.  No one is coming to save you, invest now, cash out later….

Many of us in 20’s use drugs and idleness to escape our pain. We party, get drunk, have sex with everyone, get into debt, and tell ourselves we are “living life to the fullest”. Only to reach the age of 30 where nobody thinks youre “cute” anymore, …you are on your own and people expect you to have your own self-sustainability going. Or atleast this is the culture in the USA, whereas in other cultures, families are close knit, put their resources together and create businesses and large homes , living and staying together forever.  While it is important to live and experience/experiment with things in your 20’s, we cannot get lost in this experimentation.  Usually after a period of experimentation, we become tired and begin to settle down and find contention. However, some people never seem to know when the party stops and when to start thinking about their soul evolution and what kind of legacy they will leave behind for other humans who come into the world.  This is why it is imperative for young people to prepare for their middle age. After your youth is gone, family will be less forgiving and expect more of you.  Society as a whole expects more. No one wants to clean up your shit, because they have their own to clean up, or their children’s to clean up.  This is why we must never compare our journey with others. To call someone else’s life “boring” may be what is just right for their evolution, while calling someone else’s life, “reckless” or “wild” is none of your business, because we all go through “periods” and “stages” of development, it is only when we get stuck in a stage that is harmful to us or those who love and support us.  In our youth, our hearts are wide open to the world………but eventually we reach a point to where we have had our fill and seek the seclusion of solitude so that we can ponder what ultimate reality really is, without the deceptions of pleasure and untrusting partners.

12. Serving others frees your heart.

Those who receive are at the mercy of what they seek. Those who give already have what they need and are not in search. Their only search is in who needs their gifts. When you become a giver, no one can steal or take anything away from you, because you are already content within your own body. Your goal is to give, so the thief is of no threat to you, because you are in control and decide who gets what. You do not hold onto your gifts, you share them and seek to give them away. You validate your importance by being of service to others. As long as others need your help, you have a reason to exist.  Yet, those who are in constant need of help are at the mercy of others greed. Never appeal to someone’s heart, always appeal to their need and they will never say no.  When you make your existence about serving humanity, your pain becomes your strength. When you hurt, you instantly think, “I don’t want others to feel this.”, So you instantly make yourself into a protector…and protectors are not weak people.  For the one who is charged with the protection of another cannot afford to lose, for it is not his life on the line. Become the savior to others in order to save yourself from despair.

In closing, we are all insecure………….all of us. Every single of us. Calling someone “insecure’ is a cop out, because so are you! Perhaps your insecurities are better controlled, but they are there nonetheless.  So what is the answer?  Adopt existentialism. Be loyal to natural law (do unto others), pay attention, surround yourself with people who adore and admire you, but still be objective to listen to criticism so that you can sharpen your rough edges, but never take it fully to heart…..your ugliness may be another’s passion. If your actions are pure, and you know this in your heart, then never let someone challenge your authenticity, it is not your responsibility to entertain people. They like or they do not…..regardless of whether or not you have things in common, everyone deserves respect, yet we are all selfish. How does that work?

Time to go sit under a tree and meditate. I don’t have all of the answers, these are just the things I have noticed……I’m still learning and trying to figure out this surreal experience known as human existence. It sure does baffle me, but I’m stuck in it, so I might as well try to make sense of it. Don’t be fooled, everyone is scared shitless underneath their masks, muscles, fancy clothes, tattoos, and harsh tongue. Everyone is unsure of what life is. Everyone is going completely insane and is trying to retain some form of control either through goals, love, drugs, entertainment, religion, education, you name it….everyone is just trying to stay distracted.  But from what?  Give me your answer at

Arminius Roukan


Restraining Orders; Tools of the Elite: George Orwell was right!

According to the pundits in DC, the US constitution is the supreme law of the land.  Although, Lysander Spooner would disagree. It wouldn’t come as a surprise if you read his thesis, “The constitution of no Authority”.  Whereas he stated that it was impossible to commit treason to the government, since the constitution itself is an invalid contract that was made in private bearing the signature of men now deceased.

All forms of symbolic allegiance (drivers licenses, Birth Certificates, Passports) are all issued under threat. To not have such things would mean that those calling themselves “government” would impede on your freedom. That is why I refer to licenses as “permission slips”.

We all know by now that all government services are monopolized and funded through extortion. Such services could feasibly be replaced by free-market solutions and decentralization/privatization.

Alas, the system is here, and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere, thus people play the system to their benefit.  The poor abuse the welfare system living off section 8 and foodstamps, the rich abuse the system by receiving corporate welfare (bailouts) and are often immune from the law, the military uses propaganda to justify their imperialism through the auspices of “fighting for our freedom” , whereas the feminists use family courts and restraining orders to “put men in their places.”

The restraining order is quite a silly phenomenon.  It is already supposedly against the law to rape, kill, murder, or injure someone without cause.  So what does a restraining order do?  It allows the petitioner (the one who files the order) to control the life of the defendant.  To place a restraining order on someone is quite easy, especially if you are a woman.

Lets say you are a woman, and you just broke up with your boyfriend because he cheated on you, or maybe he broke up with you and refuses to take you back.  Do you want revenge? Simple. Go file a restraining order on him!  Just go to your local police precinct, smear your makeup like you have been crying, and tell the police that your boyfriend keeps following you and is threatening your life.  Don’t worry, you won’t need any evidence, they will just take your word for it. After all, it will only cost you about 20$ to file the order, and once the order is served on the defendant, a court date will be set to determine the length of the restraining order if the order is granted (which it will be 99.9% especially for women petitioners).

Once the order is granted, the defendant will be ordered to pay 200$ to the courts and will be banned from possessing any firearms, even in his own home (Instant dissolvement of the 2nd amendment). Furthermore, this will show up on the defendant’s record for up to 10 years and could impede his ability to secure employment. Additionally, the petitioner can exercise control over the defendant by calling the police at any moment and claim that her boyfriend just drove past her home. Thus the police will immediately go track down the boyfriend based on the woman’s words and arrest him.  Often times, women will place restraining orders on boyfriends and then end up contacting the defendant to “meet up” and “get back together”.  So the boyfriend meets up with his beloved and all is right in the universe again….until three days later, they get into an argument and then she waives the restraining order over the boyfriend and says,…

“Ah ah ah. You better not get out of line because all I have to say is that you are stalking me and you will be in violation of the order.”

The amount of power that women hold in terms of custody courts, Restraining order dockets, and claims of abuse is extraordinary.  I suspect that a great number of rape accusations from women are actually women who were just ashamed of having a casual sexual encounter that went public,  or they get dumped by their boyfriend, so they later make claims of “rape” to save their reputations. Meanwhile, the men are left in handcuffs wondering what happened.  I mean if society is telling us that having sex with a drunken women is “rape”, then what if a sober woman has sex with a man who is intoxicated? Or what if they are both intoxicated? Who is really liable?

People are far too quick to pick up the phone and call the police instead of just taking responsibility for the situations they put themselves in. It angers me so much. I especially feel bad for those women who are legitimately raped and have to be compared to such vile women who abuse the system.  Most women do not want that kind of attention, so instead of falsely accusing rape to get revenge on a boyfriend, they will use the restraining order instead to cost them money, employment, their reputation, and their 2nd amendment.

Children are now being encouraged to act in the same way through using the CPS to punish their parents for not buying them a toy. They can lie and say, “Daddy hits me”,  or “Mommy touched me.”  And off to jail the parents go….it really reminds me of George Orwell’s novel, “1984” , where children were encouraged to tattle on their parents if they said bad things about the government in which was an arrestable offense.  (Mind you, under the NDAA and Patriot Act Laws, you can be arrested without a trial and declared a terrorist if you criticize the government publically).  These are scary times we live in!

In my work in the legal field, I have attended order of protection hearings as a student-observer and as a witness for the defendant.  In one particular docket, there were over 40 cases.  In each case, it was a woman filing against her boyfriend or husband. The woman won every case. In fact, in one case, a woman told the judge, “I change my mind, I want to drop my claim, this isn’t right.”  The judge then ordered the woman to be ushered into a small room to speak with a female counselor.  After 30 minutes, the woman came out of the room and said, “I changed my mind, I will to continue my claim.”

Think about who really benefits from restraining orders. The court system and angry feminists. The courts get 20$ out of the females who files, then they get another 200$ out of the husbands, then they get another 1,000$ in bail money if the husband is arrested based on claims that he violated the order, and then another 5-10K dollars for the eventual divorce court that will come out of such predicaments.  If children are involved , then the courts smile at all of the money they will make in custody court. They are literally profiting from failed romantic relationships.

In fact, I believe that Restraining Order dockets are designed to encourage divorces, because it makes the system more money.  When couples attend a Restraining Order hearing, both parties are encourage to ridicule the other to make the other look worse. And whoever the judge “feels” like is telling the truth, he can use his own discretion to rule to the favor of whoever he wants. And 99% of the time, the judge will rule in favor of the woman, hoping that more controversy will arise so that more money can be brought into the court system.

Judges and prosecutors are praised for their convictions, not for their number of dismissals. Police are praised for their number of arrests and citations written, not for the number of lives that they save.  The courts are a “for profit” business that is protected through monopolization and racketeering. (like all government services).

Here’s the truth.  If you are a woman and feel like your boyfriend/husband is a dangerous person and you need protection, you are better off buying a gun, a knife, or using your $20 to get into the next town over.  If a man is truly deranged enough to want to kill you, a little piece of paper saying ” You must stay away” isn’t going to to squat!  Police are minutes away when seconds count! A restraining order doesn’t mean that the police are watching over you 24/7, it simply means that you can have a particular person arrested at anytime based on your claims of being approached.  When you call the police, you are calling men with guns to come to your aid…why not just have your own gun and rescue yourself immediately? It makes no sense…

However, if a killer is after you and approaches you, even though you have filed a restraining order against him, then what? Are you going to call the police? It will be too late, because you will already be dead. The Restraining Order only works against ex-boyfriends/husbands who still love their wives and want to get back together with them. The women know this and use the Order to punish the boyfriend.

On the other hand, I do not want to take away from the real issue of domestic violence.  Everyday, women are abused by alcohol husbands, and their are even husbands who are victims of drug addict/cheating wives who are willing to kill their husbands for their Life-insurance policy.   These are real issues that we need to address. I advocate for all people to be trained in self-defense and to keep close connections with trusted friends/family members during such times.

However, if you find yourself on the receiving end of a bogus restraining order claim, there are some things that you need to do.

1. Avoid contact – This is a given. At this stage in the game, whoever filed such a claim on you obviously does not care about you. They don’t care if the police shoot you by accident, they don’t care how your job will be effected, they just want you to suffer. So, why would you attempt communication with such a person? If you receive a text message or other correspondence from the petitioner, you can hang onto for future evidence (save it), or if you want to play dirty, you can call the police yourself and show them the evidence that they have violated their own order.  However, as an anarchist, I don’t like to get the government involved in my affairs. Anytime you involve government, things always get convoluted. It will be up to you. But at the least, I would save such messages and do not respond back. (easier said than done if you actually love the person, but be strong.)

2. File a motion of discovery and Dismissal based on lack of evidence and jurisdiction:   Firstly, 99.9% of Restraining order claims are based on “hearsay”.  So, instead of the playing the game of “Which spouse is worse”, do not get on the stand and bad-mouth the petitioner or try to defend the allegations.  Ignore the entire claim and just repeatedly ask , “Please present evidence of injury, loss, or harm. If such things cannot be presented with tangible evidence beyond hearsay, then I move to dismiss.” This is especially powerful if you know that the petitioner has no evidence and is just an angry ex.  Remember, no victim, no crime.

3. File a lawsuit for slander/libel:  If the kangaroo courts have ruled against you in a bogus restraining order case, you can file a lawsuit for libel and/or slander against the petitioner and the courts that ruled in their favor. Especially if no solid evidence was brought against you that you injured or intended to injure someone.  Again, as an Anarchist who doesnt like to involve government in my life, this is tricky, because taking this method will cost you money, time, and potentially open you up for a counter-claim filed against you for “false-accusation of libel/slander” if you cannot present an articulate case or if the government just simply decides to make up charges against you….and who is going to stop them? They have more money, more guns, public support, and the man power to do pretty much whatever they want anyway. Sometimes we just gotta meet things half way. It is your call.

4. Settle out of court:  This is a risky move, but if you could somehow convince the petitioner to drop their claims against you before the initial hearing,  then all would be well.  You do occasionally see a woman who goes into a restraining order case and will be adamant about dropping the case, despite the counselor’s pressures to get them to continue on so that they can profit. Often times, when couples get into arguments, they make irrational choices based on emotions and listen to the bad advice of friends and family to involve the police.  For those people who file restraining orders based off a martial spat, who then later drop the claim at the actual court hearing, I have to give them some credit, but if your spouse makes a habit of it, I would strongly recommend cutting ties.  Getting back on track…..convincing a petitioner to drop the case is technically breaking the order since you cannot contact them. When an order of protection is initially  filed , a “temporary” order goes immediately into effect and is mailed to the defendant until the court date where a potential more long-term order is discussed or is possibly dropped all together (which is almost never, since they won’t make any money).  So whatever creative methods you can think of to peacefully convince the petitioner to drop the case will have to be done so at your own risk .

The government has us pointing guns at eachother. How many times a day do we hear, “I’ll call the cops”, “I’ll sue you”,  “I’ll tell the police you did this and that.” …………such cowardly statements.  Have we turned into a tattle-tell culture that runs to “daddy” (government) to make them feel better when their feelings get hurt?

We no longer live in a society of self-reliance, critical thinking, and problem solving ability. We live in a “let someone else do it for us” society.  Go to college, get a degree, get hired by someone else….instead of, learn from an expert, open a business, make your own job.  We are taught that marriage is lame, out-dated, and monogomy is “boring”.  We are taught that war is peace, and that our soldiers are always the good guys.  We are taught that we belong to a nation, instead of to our gods. We worship flags but deny the existence of a creator. We sing national anthems, yet we refuse to to sing a hymn praising Allah, Buddha, Zeus, Krishna, Yeshua/Jesus, or whatever divine energy we call “god”.  The news stations constantly tell us that we are under attack from “terrorists”. Yet, they do not tell us that the Taliban, ISIS, IL, Al-Qaeda, where all once trained and funded by the US government who now claim that they are “terrorists”, when in fact they are just proxy weapons that the US can no longer control because of their hypocrisy in killing innocents who now seek revenge against us.

We live in a time of “double-speak”. Where slavery is freedom.  Reading is for dumb-people. And fear runs the game.

Wake up and smell the coffee. Look in the mirror….for he is the only one who can save you.

I feel sorry for this new generation where monogomy, love, and relationships in general will be viewed as legally/emotionally dangerous, whereas casual hookups (with signed sexual consent forms) will be the new weekend hobby for the masses.  We have reached a point to where love itself has been regulated and dehumanized to nothing more than picking up a six-pack from the grocery store. Disposable, cheap, and dangerous for your health.

Not to say that monogamy and committed relationships are perfect or not without their struggled…..people often get lazy when they get married and stop trying.  we are taught to change our oil every 3,000 miles but not how to keep a marriage alive.  So sad.  Fail once. Shame on me.  Fail twice, then I deserve it! Learn from your mistakes.


Ariminus Roukan





Is the Existence of Government illegal?

Warning: After reading this article, the court system will lose all power in your mind.

Since the United States of America has set records for “most persons incarcerated” , whereas 70% of those incarcerated are for victimless crimes, we have to stop and start asking some tough questions….

Where do these governments get their authority from and if such an authority is legitimate then why is there not equal consideration?

According to the federal code,  18 U.S. CODE SUB SECTION 1961- DEFINITION OF RACKETEERING .  Racketeering is defined as any act that involves extortion, bribery, murder,kidnapping, and general coercion.

This got me thinking. How is it that a government can be “lawfully” formed to begin with? A small group of men write down on a piece of paper, naming it a “constitution” which states that whoever they vote for become the rulers of the land.  How does the signatures of 200 men on a piece of paper constitute legitimacy?  Under their own contract laws, the constitution is an invalid contract that was created by men no longer living. (Read the constitution of no authority: By lysander Spooner)

Furthermore, from a criminal defense perspective, how can any court hold a man for contempt whereas there is no victim?

When the mafia demands protection money from business owners under threat, the government calls it racketeering. When the government demands that we pay for a license to sell lemonade and to pay them taxes, they call it a “regulation”.  But the result is the same. If you don’t pay the mafia their protection money, they will burn down your business. If you don’t pay the government for their license and tax demands, then they will send armed men of their own to come and seize your property, and if you resist you will be killed or kidnapped away into a prison cell. They bring us to court to answer for their racketeering and then try to make us pay for their court fees! They rob us only to rob us again under the veil of “justice”.

The news media, public schools, and society as a whole will make excuses and say, “Well, it’s the government.”, “It’s different for them”.  “They can do that”.   “Without government we would have chaos”.

Before I address that. Let’s get back to racketeering.

The United States Government collects taxes under the threat of violence. They claim to use these funds gathered through violence to pay for roads and military defense. And often times, the money used for military endeavors involves killing many people. Currently, the US government has 900 bases in 130 countries. During the Clinton, Bush Sr, Bush Jr, and Obama administrations alone, over 5 million muslims have been slaughtered either through direct military action or through starvation sanctions.

Through these military ventures, the US government will forcefully install dictators into foreign lands that will implement American banking systems through terrorist organizations like the IMF and the UN.  And when these people of these lands resist such racketeering tactics, these same criminals, who are breaking their own supposed laws will accuse these people of terrorism.

Let me ask you.  How many foreign military bases are in the USA? zero How many American military bases can be found outside of the USA?  over 900. …the truth is clear.

How is it that government can bring us to their courts to answer for crimes where there is no victim, such as smoking marijuana, owning a business without a license, tax evasion…… yet they can practice racketeering, monopolize services, obliterate entire races of people, and extort us with the threat of kidnapping and give it a fancy title like “taxation” or “detainment” ?  And the worst part is, is that we all bend over and accept it, and actually praise such efforts as being for our own good.

Or even worse , people will say, “It has always been this way!”

That’s dangerous talk!  Without government, who would build the roads? Who would investigate murders? Who would secure neighborhoods? Who would build interstates and who would keep businesses from selling dangerous products?

These are questions that cannot be answered in the scope of a written article or light discussion. But I say this to you…….supply and demand! BP, Shell, and Texaco could build our road systems. Private security agencies could offer their services for protection. Arbitrators could settle contract disputes. Everything can be privatized. Through technology we are able to use social media and review sites to hold businesses accountable. We can boycott businesses and without a government to offer them a bailout at the taxpayers expense, these corrupt companies wouldnt stand a chance in a truly free-market.

Here is the secret.  There is more of us than there are of them . We hold the power. If we ever figure out, as a human race, that we don’t need a small group of people calling themselves “government” to provide services to us, then they are out of a job! They use fear tactics and the news to scare us into thinking that without their “leadership” we would not have any type of order.  This is false.

The Council on Foreign Relations wrote an article called ” Somalia under Anarchy”. This report showed that under statelessness, the area actually improved in terms of commerce, road construction, and claims the lowest telecommunication rates in the world. Although the area is no paradise, and has years of recovery from it’s previous dictatorship, things were seemingly getting better until the UN violently forced a centralized government upon them.

Eventually, technology, science, and spiritual awakenings will allow all of us to become gods in our own rights. Soon we will all how the power to hold eachother accountable without a monopoly on force calling the shots that is immune from their own rule.

Those who write rules but are also immune to them are called “Kings”.  Yet, the elite changed the word “King” and adopted terms like, Senator, congressman, councilmen, president, Chairman, and so forth…. They use etymology to their benefit.  The word “spell” is no accident. When you spell or speak, you are literally casting a spell out into the universe with your energy.

Our greatest fear is not in how weak we are, but it is trying to fathom just how powerful we are as individuals! We have the power to SELF-GOVERN.  Throw away your citizenship (slave cards), stop worshiping false-idols like the American flag, stop singing your slave national anthems. Be like the birds and make the sky and the ground your home, wherever your feet may land!  Just as Jesus refused citizenship of Rome when he said, “My kingdom is not of this world.”

Free yourself from such labels and reclaim your self-ownernship. Ignore your birth certificate and give yourself a name of your choosing.  Do not harm lest ye be harmed! This is the only law there is, it is natural law we live by. The laws that the congressmen write are enforced by armed men wearing metal badges on their T-shirts who claim to be Gods over your life.  If you are not harming anyone or damaging their property, then no one has a right to impede upon you, and you have every right to defend yourself, no matter who the perpetrator may be.

No human can claim a higher dominion than another human.  Just as no Tiger can claim to be more of a tiger than another, a tiger is simply a tiger, just as a human is a human. There is no classification of importance. In fact this is true for all in the animal kingdom, except for the humans.  We place ourselves in categories while wishing that no such category existed to begin with. Yet we continue on saying to ourselves, “Oh well, it has always been this way.”

So I say to you all. The next time you find yourself in court, on trial for a victimless crime, stop answering their questions and start asking questions. Expose their racketeering, and expose their phantom plaintiffs. Who is “The state of…”  How can he/she/it be a plaintiff if it doesn’t even exist? Can the State of Kentucky speak for itself in court? Who does it represent? Who are their clients? Are they here today? What are their names? Can I call them to the bench?

We have to cease this intellectual laziness and begin to seek an alternative to the organized violence that is “government”. And it isnt just the state and federal government of the United States. It is government itself as a philosophy. China, Japan, Canada, Mexico….these aren’t places, these are names of governments. There are no citizens. There are no borders. There is no flag. These are all just made up concepts that hold no real weight.

Countries are like religions. They all believe to be special, chosen, and divine, yet none can prove their existence.

I am no atheist, yet I am also not brash enough to say that I can claim one god over another, especially when I have never met one.

And I cannot say that one government is better than another, because I have never met USA, Canada, Mexico, or any other government, even though they claim to be “plaintiffs” in court cases. Haven’t you ever seen a case that read,  “United States V John Smith”

I know that John smith is 6 feet tall and works as a cashier, but who is “The United States”? How tall is he? Where is he from? OH YEAH! He doesn’t exist! He is just a name on a piece of paper! It’s a DBA!

We are the divine creators, yet we relegate such responsibilities to a group of men and women who use violence to enforce their will upon us. When your neighbor plays his music too loud, and you call the police, you are literally calling a group of armed men, funded through racketeering, to go threaten your neighbor with violence.  We are not being taught to handle things directly or even collectively as a neighborhood.  I am no god, I don’t have all of the answers, but this idea of statism is severely flawed.

Through logic, technology, philosophy, and free education via google,youtube, and or media outlets, we are reaching a point of autonomy that will make governments as we know it a technological dinosaur that will be rendered obsolete!

Arminius Ulric Roukan

Sovereign Tactics 2015

Is legalized Same-Sex Marriage good or bad?

Since I work in the legal field, people keep asking me my opinion on gay marriage. :::::: I am going to pull no punches and get straight to the point.


On a personal level, I could care less what people do in their bedrooms, to each their own….. and furthermore,….I do not support government regulated marriages (Gay or straight) because I do not support polygamy and I follow “natural law”, not human law. When you and your spouse (straight or gay) decide to enter into a spiritual contract, and then allow the government to be a third party licensor to your contract, then you are now both married to the state! You are practicing polygamy! You have a third entity controlling the terms of your relationship!

Marriage is between two human beings who make a solemn oath to one another under a full conscious mind. By paying the government 100$ for a permission slip (license) you are telling me that you do not believe that you have the god given freedom to make your own oaths/contracts. If your loyalty is to government then get your license. If your loyalty is to your god and to your lover, then make your own contract! Eddie Murphy figured this out long time ago when he married his new wife on an island and created his own written and spoken contract to her, without a government license.

Many will argue back and say, “Does that mean that you also support children getting married and people marrying animals since you think that the government should get out of the business of certifying marriages?”

My philosophy is simple. So long as all parties are of sound mind and can think/act independently , then I am not opposed. Children and animals do not have such cognitive abilities, thus this act would be coercive and wrong.  Furthermore, genetically speaking, marriage to other species has no biological benefit and can be detrimental to your health. Those who pursue the marriage of children and animals are criminals because they are attempting to impose their will upon beings who have no cognitive abilities. It is a moot point that people like to use…its basically a straw-man argument that pro-government people like to use to argue against “Marriage Privatization” advocates.

It just doesn’t make sense to me that asking a government (essentially a group of people who make money from racketeering) for permission to love someone, and then paying them money for a permission slip (license)…… a reason to celebrate.

This isn’t really about freedom. It is about homosexual partners wanting the same tax breaks and insurance perks that heterosexual partners get. (Which is understandable)  Since involuntary taxation and imposed citizenship are coercive in the first place, and few of us have the man-power and/or bravery to operate against the IRS, … I could see why homosexual partners would celebrate.

However, as someone who has witnessed divorce court and have consulted clients on such matters, I can say that having the state as a third party is not a good thing. Anytime you hire the government to act a third party mediator, you are giving them jurisdiction  over the way you handle your divorce and the raising of your children. And since governments consists of imperfect humans, the system is always partial and chooses to see what they want to see.

Government operates from “Implicit” energy. Meaning, they “assume” your rights. Whereas in private marriages, where churches or individuals make their own contracts and oaths, people can enjoy “explicit” terms and conditions whereas no assumptions can be made. Everything is stated and expressed without question how the relationship will be handled in the event of any future proceedings.

From a spiritual perspective, I see the marriage license as a sign of laziness and cowardice.  Instead of handling your own affairs, you are cowering to the government and begging them to recognize your union and are even willing to give them your hard earned money for their permission slip.  And for any reason, they can make up some silly rule and say “you don’t qualify, sorry”. Or they can say ,” We don’t like the way you are acting, thus you are now divorced! ”

Power of Attorney forms, making money under the table, and drawing up pre-nuptial agreements are far better alternatives. And if you do wish to be “publically” recognized, you can simply create your own affidavit with terms/conditions and have it filed into the public record at your local recorders office for 20$.  (You are not asking for permission, you are simply creating a public record)

And this is just one alternative!  I have consulted many patrons on alternatives to government marriages.  If I were to ask anyone for permission to marry someone, it would be my lover’s family and perhaps my God………not the government  (who thinks it is god)

So let’s be honest.  Marriage is no longer a spiritual ceremony anymore, it is a legal benefit.

However, I am here to say that you can have your legal exemption, your spiritual ceremony, and your own personal intimate oath, without paying the government a dime!

If you are interested, check out the services offered page on this website and/or look into “marriage privatization”

On a side note, anyone who criticizes homosexuals for wanting to enter into a private contract with each-other have no right to do so. As long as all parties involved are acting within their voluntary capacity, then keep your personal opinions to yourself! Just my two cents.  I send all of my love and best wishes to everyone…..Gay, straight, white, black, asian, latino, or otherwise!

Arminius Roukan





501(C) churches are Evil: Bible Prophecy- Mass Slavery

“Why most Churches are actually working for the Government”
by Arminius Roukan 2014

(If you hate reading, I have included a video link at the end of this article to watch instead, although this article is more detailed)

In some of my earlier writings, I made it aware that the mark of the beast, “666” was find in the United States Federal Code book, “Title 42 section 666″. Hinting that no one could buy, sell, or work in America with a social security number, and that we, the people, are children of the government. The Hindu faith and other cultures also make references to the “six shapes”, or “six points”.  However, I will focus on Biblical insight, since it is more relevant in American culture.

When we look at “Genesis chapter 47″ , some compelling insights into the strategies of the elite are made aware and why most priests and Churches are actually working for the government!

Firstly, I must note, that I do not identify as a Christian (Even though I have great respect for many of it’s tenants) .  Therefore my research is non-bias. I see the Christian religion just as any other religion.  They all contain “fragmented” truths, coupled with cultural practices, future predictions, and allegorical stories designed to teach lessons to it’s readers. Beyond this explanation, regarding religious philosophy, it is all based on personal preference and opinion…..

Regardless of your views on the Bible, if you live in America, or any other place where Christianity is the dominant religion, then you had better study the Bible! Whether you consider the Christian faith to be thine enemy or thine friend, remember the old adage,

“Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”

The court system and the elite have used and will continue to use the Bible and it’s wide-spread support in a perverted way. This is the basis of most religions anyway. Entice its users with a dose of wisdom, while promoting an agenda. It is no secret that modern law, in western countries are closely linked to the Christian Bible. To this day, the Vatican and the “City” (The economic district in the UK) still call the shots from behind the scenes. A little research will show that treaties and history points towards the income tax and totalitarian control being implemented by both, through it’s vessel, the United States of America.

Let us take a look at “Genesis chapter 47″, lets see if you guys can see the references to taxation, socialism, elitism, inflation, ect….


13 And there was no bread in all the land; for the famine was very sore, so that the land of Egypt and all the land of Canaan fainted by reason of the famine.

14 And Joseph gathered up all the money that was found in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, for the corn which they bought: and Joseph brought the money into Pharaoh’s house.

15 And when money failed in the land of Egypt, and in the land of Canaan, all the Egyptians came unto Joseph, and said, Give us bread: for why should we die in thy presence? for the money faileth.

16 And Joseph said, Give your cattle; and I will give you for your cattle, if money fail.

17 And they brought their cattle unto Joseph: and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of the herds, and for the asses: and he fed them with bread for all their cattle for that year.

18 When that year was ended, they came unto him the second year, and said unto him, We will not hide it from my lord, how that our money is spent; my lord also hath our herds of cattle; there is not ought left in the sight of my lord, but our bodies, and our lands:

19 Wherefore shall we die before thine eyes, both we and our land? buy us and our land for bread, and we and our land will be servants unto Pharaoh: and give us seed, that we may live, and not die, that the land be not desolate.

20 And Joseph bought all the land of Egypt for Pharaoh; for the Egyptians sold every man his field, because the famine prevailed over them: so the land became Pharaoh’s.

21 And as for the people, he removed them to cities from one end of the borders of Egypt even to the other end thereof.

22 Only the land of the priests bought he not; for the priests had a portion assigned them of Pharaoh, and did eat their portion which Pharaoh gave them: wherefore they sold not their lands.

23 Then Joseph said unto the people, Behold, I have bought you this day and your land for Pharaoh: lo, here is seed for you, and ye shall sow the land.

24 And it shall come to pass in the increase, that ye shall give the fifth part unto Pharaoh, and four parts shall be your own, for seed of the field, and for your food, and for them of your households, and for food for your little ones.

25 And they said, Thou hast saved our lives: let us find grace in the sight of my lord, and we will be Pharaoh’s servants.

26 And Joseph made it a law over the land of Egypt unto this day, that Pharaoh should have the fifth part, except the land of the priests only, which became not Pharaoh’s.

In this story, there is many overlapping scenarios that we can relate to today. In this story, monopolized currencies (money), has “failed” and has become useless and worthless. Bartering has become the preferred choice of trade. A famine strikes the farmers. The Pharaoh is displeased. The farmers are instructed that they can be saved from famine if they sell their land and their cattle if they agree to trade them for bread in order to get them through the drought.

The farmers comply and ultimately agree to give up their property in exchange for a little food. In essence, give up their freedom to produce for themselves in exchange for a short-term immediate relief. After the famine dissipates, the farmers are told that the Pharaoh will provide them with seeds to plow on the lands, in exchange for them agreeing to become “citizens” (slaves), and they must also agree to hand over 1/5 of their harvest to the Pharaoh whenever he demands it.

If you notice in this story, the Priests are exempt from selling their land or paying the 1/5 harvest requirement.  In these days, the priests were a part of the master-class as they are today! Doctors, lawyers, priests, ….they are not subject to the same abuse.  Remember, most churches today are under the “501 (C) “ agreement. The government will not collect taxes from them, but in return they cannot speak illy of the government.

This is why you do not see many pastors or priests talking about the NDAA, patriot act, federal reserve, ect………because they have accepted the ” 501 (C) “ agreement. Think of mega-million preachers like ‘Joel Osteen”. He makes millions to give motivational speeches, yet he hardly even mentions the Bible and will never give an opinion on the government; because he is not allowed! He takes orders from government, not his chosen god.

However, a few brave clergymen do exist in the underground who refuse to accept the “501(c)”, and who speak bravely as I am speaking now.  Yet, if they are caught, they will be severely punished.  (Now lets go back to Genesis 47)  —-(Don’t hate the player, hate the game)


The farmers cheered for joy, thinking that they are saved from the famine…..

” Horah! The Pharaoh has saved us from starvation!”

Or has he?

This reminds me of the current welfare system in the united states.  Let’s say, you get paid 10$ per hour. Not bad huh? But then you have to pay an income tax, then an SSN tax, a medicare tax, a gasoline tax, a sales tax, property tax, renew your license, renew your tags and stickers, pay your electric bill to the government plus taxes, pay your water bill to the government plus taxes, obtain a fishing license, obtain a marriage license, a gun license,  pay for your state mandated car insurance, your cell phone bill, your federal student loans……….ect

Soon, you realize that you are actually making about 2.50$ per hour.  On top of that, let’s say that you lose your job. You decide to sign up for unemployment benefits and food stamps.  However, if you do so, then you agree to let the government monitor your bank account. If they see that you are making any extra money outside of your “benefits” you could possibly be arrested for “fraud”. Therefore, many people choose to stay on welfare, because working a minimum wage job will actually earn them less! They are encouraged to stay in a slave mentality.

And let’s look at the income tax.  The average american earns about 1,000,000 dollars in his or her lifetime. Let’s say that 50% of that is removed due to income taxes (excluding all other taxes).  That’s 500K ! That money could have went towards college, your kids, food, ect…..

I know what you are thinking, “But income taxes pay for roads, courts, highways, and other services we use everyday.”

According to the congressional “Grace Commission”, less than 1% of income taxes goes towards infrastructure or anything that we can actually see. Most of it goes to pay off interest to the federal reserve and whatever is left over is allocated to “Nation Defense”. (AKA- THE WAR MACHINE).  That’s why the income tax is often called, “The war tax”.

This is why I label myself as an anarcho-capitalist. I believe that no good or service should be monopolized. Currencies, roads, defense, policing agencies, ………all of them should be open to competition.  Without competing services, then there will be no accountability. (Google anarcho-capitalism or Voluntaryism or study my page “Why Voluntaryism” 

All in all, it’s indentured servitude. Even those who get on welfare are still making the system money. The Birth Certificate and the SSN are actually “bank accounts”. Collateral, if you will….for the elite. Each SSN and each Birth Certificate contain “cussip numbers” at the bottom. Each certificate represents “human energy” that can be used to secure loans from the IMF (International monetary Fund).

(If you are interested in this topic, see my page “Human Farming”)

In the story from Genesis 47, the money has become useless…..this signifies a “crash”, which is likely to happen to the US dollar since it is monopolized and is no longer backed by anything. It is also printed in unlimited quantities through a process called “Quantitative Easing.”, which severely devalues its purchasing power.

The bible, in the old testament, seems to aggressively support slavery.  However, the new testament makes references as well.

Slaves, obey your earthly masters with deep respect and fear.  Serve them sincerely as you would serve Christ.  (Ephesians 6:5 NLT)

When a man strikes his male or female slave with a rod so hard that the slave dies under his hand, he shall be punished.  If, however, the slave survives for a day or two, he is not to be punished, since the slave is his own property.  (Exodus 21:20-21 NAB)

Yet, as the New testament came to be, a Character by the name of “Yeshua” or “Jesus”, comes into the picture who exhibits a very “anarchist” or “anti-authority” persona by refusing to carry government money, refusing to enter a plea in the court of Rome, refusing citizenship, and even going so far as to say,..

” Do not put your trust in Kings or Princes”. –  Yeshua

These sentiments are agreed with by earlier religious figures such as the “Buddha” or “Lao Tzu” who made similar standings. Some say that during Jesus’s (Yeshua)  “lost years” in the Bible, that he was actually studying ancient Egyptian religions and/or Buddhism. (Since Buddha was born 500 years prior). Alas, this is a huge debate for another time…..

(If you want to read more about anarchists in religion , click the links below)

(Buddha, Jesus, and Lao Tzu were Anarchists?) click

(Was Jesus “anti-authority” rebel?) click here 

So please, keep an open mind……… study the great religions of the past. Try to discern from the elements of control that are scattered throughout religion and try to see the gems of beauty that can be found within them all.  Even though Islam has been shunned heavily in American media, the Quran still contains much wisdom once you get past the violent passages…….the same goes for the Bible.

I have read the Koran, The Tao Te Ching, The Talmud, the Bible, the Tibetan Book of the dead, …… certain passages from all of these books have warmed my heart, while other passages made me cringe.

Anything written by human hands will forever contain flaws. (Have you noticed the grammar errors in this article yet? 😉

In conclusion,

Listen to your elders. Study the words of past mystics. Do not be so quick to condemn the words of the old. Even you find yourself in disagreement, or perhaps some of their claims have been disproven…..some truths are everlasting! Such as

“Do unto other as you would have them do unto yourself.”

These words were both uttered by both Yeshua and the Buddha!

There is more that unites us than divides us. Our desire to be free from arbitrary control should be one of those qualities that unites us! We don’t need a revolution! We need an evolution…….not to tear down, but to build anew. To make a new way…..a better way, while never forgetting the time honored lessons from our common human ancestors.  Or as my grandma would say,

“Been there done that! I tried to tell ya!”


Arminius Roukan


Snowden was Right!: Facebook & Youtube are Spy Programs

( Iam writing this article in one setting with little to no editing, so I apologize in advance. A FOIA request shows that a facebook post from 2012 that I made in an online debate angered the welfare whores who live off taxation, at the FBI. I consider it a badge of honor. The elite and their imperialism make my skin crawl, and it gives me great pleasure to know that they are reading, and hopefully learning….perhaps my words will reverse their wicked tendencies. )

Yesterday, I received a package from the FBI. A little over a year ago, I sent in a FOIA request to the FBI and CIA. The CIA quickly sent me a rejection letter stating that they could not “confirm or deny” that they had any records to show me under the FOIA act requirements, I never did hear back from the FBI, until now….

Why would I ask for such a request? Let me get you up to speed if you aren’t familiar with my work.

For the last three years I have been very politically active. I joined the right to travel movement, campaigned for Ron Paul, transitioned into the Voluntaryism school of thought, and even attempted to prosecute Ben Bernanke, Both Bushes, Obama, Clinton, and Eric Holder for racketeering and other crimes against humanity. I also sent a letter to “John Walker Lindh”, (an American who was accused of treason and was held at gitmo) . In this letter, I simply stated that I did not think he was a terrorist and I thought it was ironic that he was being tortured and held for supporting the Taliban when the United States government has frequently armed militants, drug cartels, and other forms of terrorism themselves.  I do not necessarily support Lindh’s plight, but considering that he never fired a bullet, and never harmed anyone, he was simply cooking meals for the taliban and offering support did not justify his torture and indefinite detainment, especially when you consider the hypocritical support of terrorism by way of the US government.

Nothing controversial. Nothing violent.  I never called for the assassination of any person or persons.

On top of all of this , I have started this website, which promotes educational tools which allow the layman to stand a fighting chance against the conflicting interests of the court system.

Amongst all of this chaos, I was also involved in an armed march on the Tennessee State Captiol where me and a ragtag group of activist called for the disassemble of the federal government and for the repealment of the patriot act, NDAA, and for all Tennessee based military personnel to be returned home.  Sometime after, I landed a job at an airplane repair/maintenance corporation. During my tenor working at Embraer, I was constantly ridiculed.

Since most of the employees there were former military personal, they labeled me as a “muslim lover”, a “tax cheat”, and would say things like, “If you don’t like our country then leave!”.  Even though I never discussed politics at work, some nosy co-worker found me on the internet and began to spread the word that I was , “Not a real American.”  I was eventually unlawfully fired and let go under false pretenses due to my political activities.

( That protest on the capital can be seen here)

(They lied and said I was being laid off due to lack of work, even though my performance records showed that I was a great employee and whereas after my departure from the company, overtime was frequently given out. It was a conspiracy)

You can read more about that incident here

For two years, harassment from local law enforcement and FBI agents where frequent. Visits to my home, my places of employment, being followed on the streets, being surrounded by a group of officers for simple traffic stops. It was becoming too much. That’s when Nick Beres from News Channel 5 came to my home and showed me the documents, which stated that I was on a terror watch list! And that’s the real reason why I lost my job! No trial. No explanations. Nothing! I was a marked man! Anytime I tried to apply for a new job, my background failed. I couldnt understand it. I had no warrants, no arrests, nothing. Now it was all making sense.

Unfortunately, the interview with Nick Beres, although filmed, was never broadcasted. Nick called me and told me that the network didn’t like the story. However, I secretly recorded our conversation and leaked the interview on youtube.

(In the interview, Nick Beres kept trying to label a sovereign citizen. Which I resent. It’s an oxymoron statement, and I don’t associate with any organization. He also discussed the letter that I sent to Eric Holder in my attempt to criminally prosecute corrupt government officials. That letter can be found in my book, “The Red Pill”, the letter to Mr. Lindh can also be found there. I have nothing to hide.)

So I pursued a lawsuit against the TSA (whom worked in tandem with my former employer to have me fired) for slander and libel. Being put on such a list ruined my reputation and made life very difficult for my family, as they too were harassed by law enforcement. (guilty by association right?)

During these lawsuit proceedings, I had a friend who worked in an HR department run a federal background check on me.  The background took a little longer than normal, but it came back clean! A few weeks I applied for a job as a pharmacy technician, and sure enough, I passed their background check too! The TSA had taken me off the Terror Watchlist in order to avoid my lawsuit, which contained some very hard hitting language, which would have blew things wide open in the media!

After discovering that my background was now clean, and after going through some personal struggles in my life, I decided to take a break from activism and focus on my family, friends, and spiritual endeavors.

But then I get this package from the FBI. The report makes reference to my youtube videos where I ask the FBI to apologize to me and they even directly quote one of my facebook posts. The report was based around a comment I made two years ago on facebook.

” Iam an american. But, I hate imperialism. I want all imperialists to die. I just wish all nations would leave eachother alone in peace. I am ashamed of my country.”

Apparently this post pissed off the elite and they came after me hard. In the report, they made a reference to the letter I sent to John Walker Lindh, or maybe it was the letter I sent to Eric Holder, the Former US attorney general at the time. I was seeking his aide to prosecute Obama, clinton, the Bush family, Ben Bernanke, and a few others.  I’m not sure because the documents “blank” the reference out.  The report states, “(he) asked the FBI if the investigations where in reference to the letter he sent to————–“. Then it’s blank. Since my telephone conversation with the Memphis FBI took place over two years ago, I can’t quite recall the entire conversation.

I called them after agents showed up at my work. I NEVER asked them to come to my work as they claim in the report. That’s a complete lie. In the report, they claim that they never ID’s themselves, and I am here to tell you that that too is a lie! Specifically, Joe Craig, who is assumed to be in charge of my FBI, since during all of my altercations with the FBI, he was the only one who would ID himself, although the partners he brought with him never would. After his visit to my former job at Under-Armour, my other co-workers told me in confidence that the agents had alot more to say than what is told in this report. They asked questions like, “Who does he associate with?”, “Has he ever made reference to bombs?”, “Does he do any charity work?” .  After that incident, my fellow co-workers became frightened of me and thought I was involved with Al-Qaeda or some other quasi-muslim associated media propagated terror group.

(Which is interesting because I am a self-described agnostic Taoist and have no interest in Islam. I guess living in the south and having the word “sovereignty” written in arabic as a tattoo, while being outspoken against the wars automatically makes you a fundamentalist muslim sympathizer huh? lol….silly brainwashed tools!)

This report also claims that they only visited me once, and the investigation ended shortly after they came to my work for the first time. This was in 2012.  However, the report stated, “Several blank pages are included in this package to signify entire pages of deleted classified information.”

Which sounds about right, because the abuse did not stop in 2012. In 2013 and in the early months of 2014, more harassment from the FBI and the local police continued.  It is only after I initiated a lawsuit that I have been left alone . (Pictures of the documents will be included at the end of this article. Some sections will be blanked out in blue to protect my address).

Sometimes I feel like becoming a recluse and calling it quits in regards to my activism. Just find myself a beautiful wife, get a regular job, and just live a private life. Anytime my name is “googled” many people become afraid and misunderstand my plight. I should not be feared. My only goal has been explicit………I simply want to live in a world that is operated under self-governance. I do not want to be mugged under the guise of “taxation” in order to pay for the government’s wars, monopolized services and their targeted killings.

So remember kids, whatever you say or do on the internet………Big Brother is watching. But do not be afraid, atleast we know that they are reading our statements. Perhaps they will be educated. I am delighted to know that some snot-nosed pimply faced FBI agent is being forced to read all of my posts about Anarcho-Capitalism, Free-markets, Voluntaryism, and self-ownership. Maybe he will wake up and quit his job and join the ranks of us fellow liberty lovers.

As for me……..I sure could a vacation from all of this. Anyone have a plane ticket to Bangkok or Bora Bora?








I proudly live life with my guard down. I’d gladly take a thousands arrows to the heart for just one honest moment of serenity. Sorrow signifies defeat. Defeat signifies effort. Effort pushes you towards a goal. Being afraid to lose means you’re not brave enough to win! So go ahead….Bring it on “life”. I’m giving myself a 900th chance. I’ll never give up in my struggle for personal liberty.

Arminius Roukan

Don’t Fight the Elite. For they are becoming Obsolete.


( Me giving a speech at legislative plaza about the Federal Reserve system, the IMF, and demonopolization of services; circa 2011)


” It’s not about changing the world. It’s about doing our best to leave the world the way it is. It’s about respecting the will of others while believing in your own.” –  Naked Snake


This is going to be a very intimate post, so be prepared.

For over a decade now, I have been fighting a fruitless war against what I had perceived to be “winnable”.  I had made myself into a self-chosen martyr.  Since the age of 14 I have carried this world upon my shoulders without anyone really noticing it.  Around the age of 14, I began to get heavily involved in the martial arts in order to protect my mother and my sister. Protect them from what? Well, being a white kid in East Nashville 15 years ago was a little different than it is today.  And having a father who would get into physical confrontations with my mother didn’t help either.

At the age of 14 I embarked on the path of a self-chosen protector for humanity. At first I primarily relied on my martial arts to serve humanity. I fought in the ring against feared opponents, I defended my school mates from bullies, defended my mother, and even had a brief stint trying to work with the police to clean up the streets of Nashville by linking up with various Para-Police/Para-military groups. Imagine that! Arminius Roukan working with the authorities!

After sustaining many injuries from years of training and fighting, I began to take the cerebral approach. Using my mind to fight the evils of the world. I took on the establishment. And I did it primarily alone. I had a few allies along the way. Nathan, Joey, Rosselleni, and a few others; yet their commitment waned in due time.  Yet, I was always there, looking for the next corrupt asshole to take down.

First it was John Arriola, then it Officer Ruiz, then it was Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bernanke.  I tried to sue and prosecute them all. At one point, I even tried to contact the awlaki family to find out the truth behind the assassinations of both the US citizens; father-son pair; who were coldly droned by the Obama administration without even so much as a trial to determine whether or not they were actually terrorists.

I was in deep waters…….eventually I had reached a point that every man in the fight against light vs darkness reaches.  …..I knew too much.

Kidnappings from the FBI, harassment from co-workers, being put on watchlists, being betrayed by the love of your life,  Being unlawfully discharged from your job, being called “crazy”……….. was it all worth it?  Was it really? Did I deserve to be put on such a witch hunt?  (Let us remember that MLK was also put on various watchlists)

I was bitter.  Here I was, a young man, who had literally given everything for humanity.  I had sacrificed my relationships, my family, my job, everything.  Was I really that bad of a person? I mean, even in my free-time I volunteered to teach at-risk children the art of Boxing.   Did the government really have a right to declare me a terrorist just for asking for tough questions?  It seemed like the Egyptians loved me more, as I often wrote newsletters in Arabic, discussing how the Obama and Bush administrations had pretty much made Egypt into a proxy-controlled, puppet government for so many years. (A psychic recently told me that I was a well respected Egpytian Priest for the sun god RA in a past life. Who knows?)

I often got emails from Egyptians and other Americans who were aware of my work in other states across the country. E-mails that would say things like, “We need more people like you” , “You are my hero”.   Although reading these messages brought me great joy, as I looked around in my physical world, the support was much smaller.  Perhaps living in a conservative state made things worse. When people learned the truth about me, I was told , “If you don’t love America, then get the hell out.” 

On July 4th of 2013, everything came to a head.  I lead a small group to march on the offices of Bill Haslam at the state capital.  I stood in solidarity with Adam Kokesh, as he organized the “March on every capital day, armed march”.   Me and small rag-tag group showed up on the capital steps, some armed, some not.  The armed march wasn’t meant to be violent, just a show of our 2nd amendment support, to keep the powers at be in check. As we approached the stairs, there was a SWAT team waiting on us.  On the way to the event, we were pulled over by a traffic cop, he tried to question us without cause, yet I used “legalese” to get the officer to let us go (see youtube- july 4th no license). After the march, me and my friend Nathan were followed all around Nashville in an unmarked car.

Fast forward a year later….

Since then, I have undergone kidnapping, harassment, and threats from both the US government and hyper-patriotic American citizens.

I still couldn’t understand why I was so hated.  US imperialism; 900 bases in 130 countries. The Patriot Act, the NDAA, HR 347, endless global wars, inside jobs……………I was fighting against all of this. Not for my own pleasure, but because it was the right thing to do! My conscience left me no choice but to experiment on this path.

Here I am now, November 6th, 2014…… I look down at my hands, as I type this article. What have I been left with? I wrote a few books, had some interesting experiences, many of which were caught on tape…….. yet all in all, I had lost so much. ….now I have my final battle, a lawsuit with the TSA. I don’t want their dirty blood money. I just want a public apology for their slanderous label of “terrorist”, for which they eventually removed, yet the damage has already been done.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through. I made the cardinal sin that Martin Luther King Jr warned us all of when it comes to political activism….

” We must organize for peace, as well as those who organize for war.”

or let us look at the example of Ghandi, who was once a lawyer, and decided that fighting inside the system was pointless and rigged. He left his job and became a monk, to fight this spiritual war on HIS TERMS! Yet, he remained organized. The system can only be defeated once we stop giving our energies and attention to it.

I had always been a “lone-wolf”, taking on the world by myself, and I paid the ultimate price. My delivery for the message of liberty was brought about all wrong. I was misunderstood , yet my heart and my intentions were always pure.

Through these stresses and tribulations, I eventually reached a boiling point. Before I had taken on this path of “martyrdom”, what was I doing?  I was meditating, getting to know my spirit through Qigong, astrological studies, and intense physical training. I was happier then. I had gotten way off track…..

Then I met an “Earth Dragon” who was going through her own inner battles, yet she was sympathetic to my cause.  This Earth-Dragon was also at a cross-roads in her life. Where she was stuck between her old life and a new one that she so craved.  I too was at that same point. And here I am, deciding on where to go. Somehow, seeing another person go through an extraordinary battle has a way of putting things into perspective. It brings a sense of comradery.

So many of you guys who are loyal to my efforts, and follow this website have brought me great joy. So many people have used my example to fight corruption in their own hometowns. I get e-mails everyday from people who thank me for educating them on Sui Juris , sovereign law tactics.  Everyday they tell me of both their victories and their losses………….. sometimes there is glory in fighting, but more often than not, it’s painful and messy, as I have also gotten my share of hate mail from neo-conservatives and radical liberals.

Me, my brother, Nathan, Joey, Bunmi,Gulliver, ………. we all fought a long bloody battle to free ourselves from nations, system, borders, and monopolized ideologies.  Liberty. That’s all we wanted. Yet, no matter how much we believed, no matter how much we sacrificed, the only liberty we found, was on the inside. Trapped within those limits. The wins in court, the successful protests, they are all meaningless if the culture as a whole cannot wake up to the realities of this world.

I do not know where I will go from here.  But I do know this, at some point, I do crave a sense of “normalcy”.  I have been on this journey for ten years.  And in some capacity, I will also be a defender of freedom and liberty. Yet, I can feel my spirit telling me that a new journey is ahead of me. One that does not involve external forces, but rather one that explores the last frontier………..the unlimited depths of my own spiritual essence.

I would like to share that journey with a kindred spirit/soul mate, call it what you will. But I suppose I having expectations can be dangerous for the mind, so I stay humble, living for each moment, being thankful for every smiling face that comes across my path.

Where I go from here is still in question.  But, I can sense that my maturity levels have greatly increased.  It’s not about fighting “hard”, it’s about living consciously and being strategic with each breath that we take.  The only true liberty that exists is within our own perspectives and the joy that we can bring to others.  Be charitable. Be philanthropic.  Do these things and life will become very meaningful for you.

Perhaps this world isn’t quite ready for the message of Voluntaryism.  You can’t force it.  You can’t fight the “times” that we live in. You cannot fight the culture that dominates. You have to be patient.  But thanks to advancements in logic, philosophy, and technology, these monopolized powers will soon find themselves on the run, obsolete. I will have the last laugh. My work, largely is done…. now society must catch up and continue on it’s own course. The elite are like a bad cold, they must run their course before we are cured of them.

I want a new lease on life.  I don’t want to spend what little youth I have left fighting and giving my energy to a monolithic empire. They can’t have my time anymore! I know one day they will become obsolete. They shall destroy themselves through the knowledge that has been presented. I have done my part.  We all must do our part.  But do not count me out, Arminius Roukan is like a shadow, even when you think he has been beaten, even when you think he is gone, he is still there, watching, waiting, and protecting the defenseless.

I cannot play the role of “victim” anymore.  No one forced me on this path, I chose it, and it’s my burden to bear.  I was naive and didn’t plan well. It’s actually funny now looking back on my idealism….

I have to take a detour and rediscover myself.  But do not fear, all of you will see me again. I guarantee this. All of you are my friends. Whether it be in this life or the next, I am not going anywhere. Don’t believe the hype, they haven’t destroyed me. I am not sad anymore, for anger is more productive than sorrow. Although anger is leaving me too. I accept the beauty alongside the ugliness.  I am motivated to live peacefully and live out my days with my unfound partner in life…….. a new future is coming for all of us, a new world for all of us to live in.  Your body, and your soul are your own, to do with as you believe. I am not leaving. If you guys find yourself in harm’s way, I am always available for consultation. This isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

You are not a citizen, you are not anyone’s property.  Someday, me and my kindred will be able to tell you all of this personally.

Until then…..

See you on the dark side of the moon.



Making Public Monopolization Obsolete through logic, philosophy, and technology