How to save a marriage/relationship

If you have read my previous posts, you guys know by now that I am going through a rough separation. I still love my spouse, but she is angry with my neglect and may never give me another chance. I made many mistakes and I cannot force anyone to take me back or to forget the pains of yesterday. Yet, if I could go back and do 10 things different, here is what I would have done…..

1. Do not Compare -  Do not compare your spouse to other men/women.  See them for who they are and what makes them special. If you feel like they should improve on certain areas, do not belittle them, but instead encourage them and take the journey with them, not against them!

2. Hold hands often-  Public displays of affection are a good thing! It reinforces to your partner that you are proud of them and are willing to show them off to the world. Holding hands wherever you both shall go is a great connection booster.

3. Go on special dates:  Bowling, dancing, shopping, cultural festivals….mix it up! Make an effort to make every weekend unique and special.  Make time for eachother.

4. Take interests in her/his hobby:  Ok, so maybe you aren’t into your spouses hobbies, but im sure with some effort you can grow to like some of the things your spouse does. This will create a  bond and show that you are making effort in the relationship.

5. Never look at other women/men with a lustful eye: Sure, their are many physically attractive men and women in the world, but so is your spouse! If they werent physically attractive, then you would have never got with them to begin with! See the beauty in them and focus on it whole heartedly. The other men and women are just nobodies . Dont let them steal the thunder from your relationship.

6. Imagine your spouse dying:  I know this sounds weird, but it puts things into perspective. When you break up, it is much like going through a death.  So, before you do something to screw up your relationship, imagine how you would feel if your spouse suddenly died. If it doesn’t make you sick to your stomach, then you probably dont really love them.

7. Surprise eachother:  Leave notes, text eachother pictures of something special you bought.  Keep her/him guessing as to what you will do next.

8. Eye-contact :  Look at your partner in the eyes intently and tell them, “I love you”. This is far more tantalizing and meaningful than just walking by and saying it.

9.  Exhaust all measures: Before breaking up, cheating, or finding someone else, exhaust all efforts to save the relationship. Love should not be thrown away like an old pair of shoes. If you throw away your love based on some cheap thrill you may regret it the rest of your life.

10. It sounds cheesy, but holding hands and watching a good tear jerker romance movie is a sure fire way to build a connection. Such films as the “notebook” may just make you and your spouse realize just how lucky you are to have eachother. 


Life is a journey that isn’t mean to be explored alone. Men and women were meant to join together in union. A marriage on paper means nothing without love.  If you are in a relationship, savor it, be willing to forgive, and be willing to give yourself FULLY  and do not let the world deceive you as to what love really is… is acceptance and reciprocation of that acceptance.

Good luck, and don’t make the same mistakes as I did,

- R. Stroud


Broken Bloody Heart- A poem of regret

Recently I just went though a bad breakup. I am not attempting to cast out dirty laundry. But, lets just say it was mostly my fault. I was in lust with the world, and forgot to admire the beauty that was already standing before me. I let the world take my attention away from what was real… I wish I could get another chance.

” Broken Bloody Hearts”

I gave you all I had in the beginning

Got caught up in this glamorous world

You carried me even when I thought I was swimming

You gave me all that you had, even in the ending

I thought I had life in the palm of my hand

The emotional high is gone

Now I can see remnants of a broken bloody heart on my night stand.

I gave you all I had in the beginning

Took you for granted

Now I realized that I wasn’t even swimming

You were always right next to me even when I was spinning…

Ever since the beginning

Now I love you that it’s ending

I don’t want it to be too late for us..

There has got to be something beyond this filthy rust..

It wasn’t always this bad

I should have given you all that I had

Instead I just made ya mad.

If I was ready to end things, then why does it hurt so bad?

I should have given you all that I had…

Now I have left is this bloody ass broken heart glued to my nightstand.

This is what I get for giving you the hand

I should have given you all that I had

Never in my life have I ever felt so bad.

I should have given you all that I had

Now Im sitting here with my head in my hands

telling myself…

I should have given you all that I had, it would have been so good for you.

I can only dream that one more time, I’ll get to see you.

I should have given you all that I had.

I’m sorry.

I’m gettin’ kind of teary

I know you’re feeling weary

But, if you ever see me again

I’ll give you all that I have….

From the ending to the beginning.

I’ll give you all that I have

dog training and obedience_r

Profiteering or Obedience? Court Corruption

The United States Government, in addition to it’s state subsidiaries, has more people in prison/jail than any other recognized country in the world. With 70% of the offenders, if not more, are being held for victimless crimes such as having no drivers license or possession of marijuana.

Many of us, whom are privy to the corrupt nature of statism and its perpetual cycle of war, debt, and arbitrary arrest, will frequently utter such phrases as, “It’s about the money” or “They are policing for profit.”

And I’d be the first to largely agree with such statements. The black book budgets for prisons, which are funded through state and federal departments, are greatly effected by the size of a prison population. However, if we are to truly understand the legal system, we must first reach to the heart of the motivation behind such corruption and how it is implemented.

While profiteering is one of the goals of any “effective” government, what is more important is maintaining an effective way to easily obtain such profits. How is this done? Simple……through compliance. A population of uncomplient subjects would be antithetical to a functioning profiteering system such as the ones we enjoy today, (aka the justice system present within each state.)

Compliance is more important than profiteering to the state, because without compliance there is no profit. Compliance is the precursor to profit. This is why the state will spend five thousand dollars, complete with paid overtime for police officers, to conduct a simple traffic case.

Since 99% of those who find themselves bound to a court docket will ultimately end up handing over cash to the state, the other 98% will do so as well out of sheer conformity. The other 1% are let go for various reasons.   Sometimes its media pressure. Sometimes its because the state is too lazy to deal with your case. Sometimes it is because they do not want you to give anyone else any ideas by giving you access to a public forum…..but more than likely, its because they have to retain their image of “fairness”.

Out of 100 traffic ticket cases on a single docket, the judge will usually let atleast one defendant go out the “kindness” of his heart, by saying, “Well, just don’t do it again”.  or “Based on your testimony I will let you slide this time”. This gives the illusion that the system is working. If everyone was deemed guilty, then eventually the subjects would grow angry. But, by occasionally letting a fish go, the fisherman gains the trust of the other fish…..metaphorically speaking.

Those who threaten the grip of obedience must either be silenced, imprisoned, or simply ignored so that they cannot have an audience. At best, we can hope for the last option.  During this option, this judge will think to himself, “This guy is trouble, we will discreetly let him go, so that we can have more time to extort our willing victims.”

To the state, its all about efficient theft.  Through the strategies listed on this website, it is my goal to help others discreetly use damage control tactics. So that in this manner, the state can save face, and you can walk away without being robbed……….or atleast not being robbed as extensively as you could have.

So which do you think is more efficient?

Using a gun to rob every man in sight, whom may or may not resist? Or to use any means necessary to effectively condition the masses to pay upon demand?

So the next time you are wondering to yourself, “Why is the state going through so much trouble to get me to pay a 10$ parking ticket?”

Remember, its about them practicing their authority and gaining your obedience…….the money is just an after thought. A prize if you will for their efforts.

We are not at war with government. Because government does not exist. Government is simply an imposed philosophy. But, through logic, debate, and technology………someday peaceful free market solutions will render government obsolete!


- Randy Stroud 2014


Look What I Did

Look What I Did: New Band Challenges the mainstream

Anyone who is a long time fan of this website is probably wondering right about now, “Why is Randy Stroud writing an article about an indie band?” .  Well, for the same reason I have written articles about relationships, marriage, health, and so on…. it’s simple, this website is called “Sovereign Tactics”, while this website is famous for it’s themes of civil disobedience and challenging the court systems, sovereignty embodies much more than political posturing.

Anyone who seeks to apply their talents as a means to provide for themselves is practicing a form of sovereignty, and this must be praised. So without further delay, let’s delve into this….

Look What I did: 

The days of staying up late until 2am watching music videos on MTV has long been gone. You know? Back in the 90′s when the market wasn’t overly saturated with profit driven old-money funded talentless hacks whom over rely on computerized editing combined with one liner choruses stuck on a loop for five minutes.

Well, the rise of the trend setting indie bands has enjoyed a small resurgence. Perhaps the average music consumer has finally gotten tired of mind numbing pre-packaged songs and is now searching for an alternative that will challenge their perceptions and musical ear a bit more.

“Look What I did” consists of  Skeet “Aaron” childress, Chris bradley, Jake omen, Ty coughlin, and Barry Bonegan on vocals.  I first met Barry and Skeet a few years back during an anti-Federal Reserve protest.  During this protest, Skeet Childress had performed a song back by an acoustical guitar. named “Johnny Cash vs The Federal Reserve”. The song had very clever lyrics while Mr.Childress convincingly sang the song with a Cash-esque voice impression.  I later learned that he was in a band with “Barry Donegan”, who had earlier given a speech about how Quantitative Easing issued by the Federal Reserve was essentially debacing the value of the dollar.

So here I was thinking,  “Wow, talented musicians whom possess the ability to form complex conclusions about the current political landscapes?”  …….. I instantly knew these guys were going to be quite interesting.

Going back in time, upon my research,  “Look What I Did”, has actually been around for years and is not really a “new” band. These guys have been hitting the pavement and busting their butts for a long time. When you go back and listen to their early stuff, it sounded like a typical garage band with experimental progressive/punk elements. However, as I made my way through their discographies, I could see an obvious progression. These guys were not looking  to forge a particular “song” or  “gimmick” . No, these guys were true artists with a mindset of , “Let’s use whatever is available and play with it”.

That’s the true sign of a great band or musician.  It’s easy to write a hit song, get comfortable, and then regurgitate that sound over and over, and continue to cash out until the masses get their fill.  Yet, when we think of great rock bands whom have been able to stand the test of time like The Beatles, Tool, Nine Inch Nails, and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers……these were bands that were not afraid to critique themselves and explore new sounds. And as a fan, this makes it very enjoyable, as we never know what to expect from artists with this mindset.

Fast forward to more recent times, “Look What I did” has recently released two singles off of their new soon to be Vinyl record “ Zanzibar III: Analog Prison”,  which has been described as a “Rock Opera”   ,  I was completely blown away upon my first listen. When I asked Barry Donegan, the lead singer, “What is the premise of Sebastians Analog Prison, and of the overall album?”, His response was as follows…

“The rock opera is a cartoon style epic about a struggle between a group of centaurs and a pirate over a local water supply. It will be out pretty soon on vinyl. In the song, Sebastian’s Analog Prison, the protagonist is trapped in jail and pining away for his fiance, while plotting his escape”

The two singles  , “Sebastians Analog Prison” and “Wait don’t Jump” were expertly chosen to represent the rock opera to the general public.  Nashville’s local radio station, “102.9 the Buzz”,  recently featured “Wait Dont Jump”, in a week long line up, playing the song everyday at 2pm sharp with a positive reception.

This album, like many modern rock greats, is a conceptual album, which means it has a general story telling theme, almost as if it could be a musical to be performed by prop actors.  “Sebastians Analog Prison” was the first song I had ever heard off the record. And I must say, it was pure “ear-candy”.  As a man whom has served a few days in county lock up, I think the crew convincingly portrayed the polarizing emotions of hope and despair that goes along with being incarcerated.

The sound, rhythms, and progressions synced perfectly with the overall actions and emotions portrayed in the music video shot by filmographer “Joey Fuller” whom’s directing on the video (especially the directors cut) was reminiscent of an old Alice In Chains style video, that was “grungy” , “dark”, and engrosses the viewer into the experience. The lighting and angles were shot beautifully in HD quality. The devilish face paint used on the main character in the video was also brilliantly done in a way that reminded me of a classic opera styled mask that hides only half of the characters face , to suggest some type of schism that is happening within the characters emotional state.

Then shortly after I had discovered this song, I got the chance to listen to , “Wait, dont jump.”

It’s contains your typical razor sharp power chords found in many modern rock songs with a catchy chorus, however, then something very unexpected happens. The song rapidly shifts into a 1950′s styled “Doo-Wop” metronome.  And I must say, its genuine and authentic! And just as your brain begins to absorb this odd yet beautiful insert, the song jumps right back into the chorus backed by Skeet’s blazing hardcore guitar licks.

I have a strong feeling that the best is yet to come from these guys. I believe that everyone reaches a point in their craft, whether it be music, martial arts, or any form of expression to where they either bottom out and plateau or they continue to search for new challenges.  On a personal and musical level, the guys from “Look what I did”,  based on their histories seem to exhibit the desire to look for new challenges. And as a fan of music in general, I am enjoying the fact that these guys have made that choice to be experimental and if you decide to check out their music, I’m sure you would heartily agree with me. It’s about damn time we start giving accolades to these under looked indie bands whom dare to be themselves in a market that begs for profitability at all costs.

If you are interested in learning more about “Look What I Did” please refer to the following links.

LWID facebook Page

LWID youtube page

- Sovereign Tactics 2014

Written by Randy Stroud



Why Politicians Deserve to be Outcasts

In order to become an elected official, you do not need to have any college degree, no formal education, no credentials, nada….you simply need the votes (And not many;considering that most people don’t vote.) . If you receive enough votes you will be guaranteed a six figure income (funded by extorted taxes), you will get free-healthcare (funded by extortion), you will only have to be in your office 130 days out of the year part-time, free traveling expenses (paid for by tax cows), get to be a regular on TV, get to hear yourself talk alot, and you get to make up rules for society to live by, even if no one agrees with it.

And if you are really heartless, you even get to send other people to war to in order enforce your legislation upon unwitting “clients”. Meanwhile, those who sign up to execute the dirty deeds of politicians (military/police), get paid 30 thousand a year to have their limbs blown off by strangers, whom are often simply trying to protect themselves against unprovoked attacks/invasions/sanctions. (They must be bad guys right? Just following orders!)

Then we have those who sign up on welfare whom are looked at as the bane of society who get maybe get 10K a year and aren’t allowed to make any extra money without reporting it to the government while those who try to start a new business from scratch so that they can be self-sufficient are expected to pay for licenses, insurance and satisfy expensive regulations that only already well-established CEO’s and politicians could afford to begin with.  And those who work hard and provide for themselves are expected to pay for all of this non-sense. And those who try to exit the system and live off the grid or refuse to pay taxes are called “terrorists”, “cheaters”,  or “Hippies”, and are usually jailed for their perceived treachery.

Moral of the story, those who attain leadership roles in the government profit more than those who become servants to the government. Serve yourself, your family, and humanity. Do not become a servant to government, and do not sell your soul to become one of it’s leaders!

I have a dream, that one day through logic, philosophy, free-market awareness, and technological advances will soon render monopolized coercive government services obsolete! It’s no secret that Youtube and Google offer far more in terms of free (or low cost) education as opposed to public indoctrinated education.

Why spend 13 years in public school, when you could just google “How to play a guitar” or “How to speak spanish”. You are better off teaching your child how to read and write, and then put them in some keyboarding classes, and by age 8, they could potential use technology to self-educate!

This is the wave of the future, and the government knows that their bid for power is now up for grabs and they are desperate to keep their relevance!

- Randy Stroud



Policy Enforcer VS Peaceful Traveler

This is a traffic stop based on true events that happened to me about 2 years ago. I tried to keep the script as close as possible from my memory as to what was said. This demonstrates the violence that agents of the state are willing to use in order to enforce their opinions upon the mass. Less than a third of the population even votes, yet these small group of men/women, calling themselves “public servants” believe that they can call us criminals, even if we haven’t harmed anyone or their property.  Furthermore, the services they offer are completely monopolized and propped up by racketeering. Enjoy the following scenario.

Officer: Hi, I need your Drivers License and registration, this is a safety checkpoint.

Me:   I am being stopped without cause? And I am not driving , Im traveling privately and am not conducting commerce. I don’t have licenses, and if I ever have had one it was created under duress. And I am who I am. I am not a name. And if I did have those things, they are private property and you need a warrant for those things.

Officer: What is your social security number sir?

Me: I do not recognize such a number as I do not accept the mark of the beast. I conduct commerce peacefully sir.

Officer: How do you work if you dont have a social security number?

Me: I use my hands to work with sir.

Officer: When is your date of birth?

Me: I do not recall that day, as I had no cognitive abilities. My birthdate is only hearsay. However, I can give you a guess as to when I was conceived.

Officer: What’s your nationality?

Me: Pledging allegiance to a flag or a king, also violates my religious beliefs. As far as I know, I am just a natural inhabitant of North America. I am not familiar with such classifications.

Officer: what is your current address?

Me: Where I lay my head is home sir. I am a nomad.

Officer: Hmmm….are you a liberal or a conservative?

Me: I am male, whom is 5’11 and 165 pounds sir. I am not familiar with such labels.

Officer: Do you know why I stopped you?

Me: I only stopped because you have a gun, and I am very afraid for my life. I haven’t harmed any persons or property. Please don’t kill me.

Officer: Im not going to kill you! I just pulled you over because your headlights were not on and its raining, and the law says you must have them on so Im going to write you a ticket, sign it here please. This is a routine matter. We often set up checkpoints during inclement weather to make sure folks are driving safe.

Me: Do I have to sign it?

Officer: You dont have to. But, if you don’t a warrant will be issued for your arrest.

Me: So If I don’t sign it, you will kidnap me?

Officer: Call it what you want, but I’m not going to arrest you. A warrant will be issued and someone from county will come find you and arrest you later.

Me: So one of your co-workers will kidnap me?

Officer: It’s not kidnapping, you broke the law, and their are consequences for breaking the law.

Me: Who is the “law”, and what harm have I brought to him or his property?

Officer: The law is not a person, its rules that the legislators write up that we as a society have to follow. I don’t have time for this, sign the ticket, or be arrested. It’s your choice!

Me: But, I thought you said I didn’t have to sign it. Now you are saying if I don’t then i’ll be kidnapped by men carrying guns. How is that choice?

Officer: You have five seconds to sign it or else I’m calling you in.

Me: If I don’t sign it, you will issue a warrant for my arrest. And once the officers attempt to kidnap me, what will happen if I defend myself against my kidnappers?

Officer: If you resist arrest you could face additional charges or potentially meet lethal corrective actions taken by the officers.

Me: So you are saying that by not having my headlights on while their is a light drizzle at 3 o clock in the afternoon, that I could be killed by agents of the state for not complying?

Officer: If you continue to resist, then possibly. But, it would only be because you are forcing us to.

Me: With all due respect sir. During this conversation, I’ve already turned on my headlights. Thank you for your concern. You have done a good deed by looking out for my safety, yet how is extorting me of my hard earned money and threatening me with violence going to solve anything?

Officer: That’s great that you turned your lights on, but I can’t just let you go. Because then no one would turn on their headlights. We have to use force in order to gain compliance.

Me: Have you ever heard of positive propaganda and self-responsibility? You can encourage a message and promote a certain behavior without using violence. And my actions have not caused any damage to any property or person, so if I do go to court, who would be the victim?

Officer: I understand where you are coming from, but the law is the law. And in your case, the “State of Tennessee” would be the victim.

Me: Will he be in court that day?

Officer: Who?

Me: The state of Tennessee. You said he was the victim. Or is it a she?

Officer: Sir! The State of Tennessee is not a person. It’s a governing body. For example, I work for the state. The state is just an organization or title. Like “Mcdonalds”.

Me: If this so called “organization” called “The state” is acting as the victim, dont I have the right to face my accusor and cross-examine the victim?

Officer: Well, the state of Tennessee is made up of citizens. And by breaking our laws, you are victimizing the people of Tennessee. And public servants such as myself, represent the people.

Me: Which people? What are their names? Their are millions upon millions of people who live within these lands. And do you have evidence that they have authorized you to represent them? Am I considered a part of “the people”. Have I victimized myself today?

Officer: Alright, I’m going to let you off with a warning. From now on, keep your headlights on when it’s raining. Drive safe.

Me: I’m not driving, I’m traveling. And thank you for your concern. Have a nice day. (In my head: Thanks for not kidnapping me or killing me)

Drives off slowly………. I notice in my rear view mirror that two other cars had been pulled over at the checkpoint. This particular checkpoint was under a bridge.

(This scenario could have easily played out differently. You CAN be killed over not wearing your seat-belt . The “law” is just an opinion with a gun. True law is natural and common sense in nature. No victim, no crime! I have no idea why the officer didn’t proceed, perhaps he thought it wasn’t worth it, or maybe he just thought he could meet his quota faster by pulling over more compliant victims.  I was extremely lucky.

The truth remains. Failing to wear your seat belt can cause you death in two ways. By getting into a wreck , or by refusing to pay a traffic ticket and resisting your kidnappers attempt to lock you into their cages.   The only difference is, being in a wreck is usually an accident. But, being pulled over and threatened with guns is NOT an accident. These officers choose to enforce laws that punish people for victimless actions.

The idea of arresting someone for something that “might” happen is absurd and immoral.

I salute officers who take down rapists, serial killers, robbers, vandals and those who do harm against others and their property. But, I cannot support their actions against the innocent.

It is my belief that through logic, philosophy, technology, and through understanding how a true free-market works, that monopolized government services can be ultimately rendered obsolete and replaced with privatization whereas anyone would be allowed to build roads, offer protection, ect…

It’s not a far-fetched idea. It’s just the facilitation of an age old practice called “Voluntary trade”.


Randy Stroud 2014


jesus che guevara terrorist

Americans being Targeted for Political Dissent

The image above is quite controversial. Jesus, a terrorist? Say it isn’t so!?

If Jesus were alive today, he would of most likely been considered a terrorist. Think about it. He taught us that we should only serve one master, he was against the money changers, lived off the land, and did not carry money or pay taxes, all while preaching a message of equality, peace, and self-reliance.  The Buddha also preached such a message of self-reliance and of a class-less society without hierarchy.

I was informed by my employer a few days ago that I would be laid off due to “lack of work”. However, upon further research I found that my not being able to obtain a “SIDA/BNA”, airport security badge had alot to do with it as well.  8 months ago I began working for a company, whom’s name I shall keep private.  After being hired, I was required to submit finger prints and a under go a 10 year federal background check.

After three months, I still had no word on the status of the application. Nick Beres, a reporter of News channel 5, actually did some investigation and discovered that I was on a Domestic Terrorist watch list.  Fast forward to six months later, I am now being fired due to this reason. The TSA has still not approved nor denied my application for a BNA badge, they simply kept me under pending status until my employer was forced to fire.

It seems to me, during the course of these eight months, the federal government would have been able to investigate and come up with a determination as to whether or not I was indeed a terrorist. And mind you that I have never been arrested nor made any threats to any person/property. I am simply a political activist who has written many letters to the US attorney general, asking why President Obama, George Bush jr. /Sr, Ben Bernanke, and many other government goons haven’t been arrested for war-crimes, conspiracy, and other devious plots.

My message is simple. I do not advocate overthrowing the government (state or federal), nor do I advocate attacking government employees. Violence begets violence and it does nothing towards advancing the message of voluntaryism.  My message is simple,

“Let the general public opt out of any government service and have the ability to compete with it on the free-market, and do not punish anyone for an alleged crime that cannot show a victim. And do not force me to pay into a service that I do not wish to use, and do not force me fund the murders of innocent people’s abroad through military attacks and/or economic sanctions. I do not wished to be government without consent, nor do I agree to be held liable to any law that cannot show a victim or is based on coercive contracts.”

That’s it! Does that sound dangerous or bad? Furthermore, I am not a “Sovereign Citizen”.  That’s like saying “free-slave”. I am not apart of any movement or group. I am a lone-philosopher.  I use the word “sovereign” as a way of describing a lifestyle, of self-reliance from a spiritual perspective. The last thing I want to do is use violence and get myself killed and jeopardize my family whom depends on my love and support. I simply want to challenge and move society towards a more voluntary society that bases it’s transaction on free-market principles that do not include coercion.

Due to the TSA’s tactics to hinder my ability to remain employed at my chosen company, my primary source of income has been cut off. Rent, food, electricity, car notes……..the bills are not stopping. And the TSA does not care. They have declared me a terrorist,yet they aren’t confident enough to deny me, since they have absolutely no evidence that I am terrorist. It’s a classic example of political targeting.

If I were indeed truly a terrorist, don’t you think I’d be locked up or sitting in Guantanamo bay? These labels are offensive and insulting to me.  Today I called the TSA, and they said, “We cannot deny nor confirm if you are any watchlists.” Then I said, “Nick Beres of Channel 5 already investigated, and I have seen the print outs. I am indeed on the Domestic Terror watch list, and if I am not removed from this list, and if my badge is not approved, I will sue for defamation of Character.”

The teller on the phone changed his tone very quickly and said, he would forward my comments to the lead supervisor immediately.  I then said, “I expect a response within 72 hours or else I will proceed with a class action lawsuit.”  He then went on to say, “This is the first time we have had someone under pending status for 8 months, and I will do what I can to make sure this is resolved.”


I then asked for his supervisors names, and he then said, “We cannot disclose that, as it is a matter of national security.”

So, now the TSA is considered a classified organization like the CIA?

Big Brother is real, and we are all monitored. Facebook, your cell phone, your e-mails, all of it is being data-mined, and profiles are being built upon all of our names. Since I am promoting the idea of personal liberty, and I have inspired thousands to stand up and defend themselves in court against victimless crime accusations, the government is now angry because I am threatening their ability to extort the american public.

I am not a dangerous man. I donate my time by teaching children boxing/martial arts, I go to a temple and pray twice a week, and enjoy biking and fishing.  I am a simple man, with a very complex philosophy.  Yet, this does not make me a danger to society.   I have absolutely no desire to cause chaos. Only to inform the general public.  Persecution, ridicule, and embarrassment are things that both Jesus and the Buddha were familiar with.  And so was Martin Luther King Jr, Malcom X,  William Lloyd garrison, and other freedom fighters. I guess now it is my turn to experience those things.

Perhaps in 50 years, the philosophies of Libertarianism and Voluntaryism will no longer be considered dangerous ideologies but rather innovative and revolutionary philosophies that can push mankind into a new phase of higher thinking.

To be honest, I have grown tired and weary of my political efforts. I simply desire to live for myself. I do not want to spend the rest of my life fighting and arguing with a monolithic government. I want to spend the rest of my days in my garden, teaching children boxing, and spending time with my family.

However, this is now impossible since I have been branded and marked as a criminal for the potential duration of my life. This is unfounded, unfair, and a black-eye on the so called “balance justice system” . The fact remains, that the constitution, which is essentially a piece of paper cannot protect our rights. It’s up to our own actions as individuals and as a collective to recognize abuse of rights, and to hold one another accountable.

I can only hope and pray that like minded fellows will rally around my message and aid me in this troubling time.

I wish my enemies nothing but love and understanding, and I pray that all men and women of the world will realize that their are peaceful non-coercive ways to do business. I have done many bad things in my life, but I have never threatened to take a life. I hope to atone for my sins and live out the rest of my days in peace, surrounded by love ones.

Farewell, and better days.

- Randell Daryl Stroud.


The Benefits of a Committed Relationship

In today’s modern culture, the idea of living a hedonistic lifestyle is widely promoted. Having multiple sexual partners simultaneously, getting intoxicated on a daily basis, and indulging in other reckless behaviors is often seen as “cool” or ” fun”.  While these sorts of activities can definitely activate the pleasure centers within our brains, it can have dire consequences. Health problems, unwanted pregnancies, financial ruin, damaged families, and so forth. We must guard our thoughts carefully, and think/speak of pure things. We are what we think of most…..

Those who are young, in their late teens and early twenties often indulge in these types of activities, yet why is it that we do not see very many in their 30′s and 40′s living in such a way? Because, after living such a lifestyle it doesn’t take long to figure out that the “party life” is unsustainable and it corrupts your core.  The time that you spent partying and intoxicating your body, you could have spent building a business, extending your life,  and establishing well defined relationships that can benefit you for a life time.

Many men fantasize about having alot of money, cars, and loose women always at their side, but is this the ultimate reality of what gives us true happiness? Those types of desires are fleeting, and require high amounts of time, energy, and money to maintain. However, when we find someone, whom truly loves us, for who we are, for better or for worse, and has CHOSEN to love us unconditionally each and everyday, it is truly a gift that should not be taken lightly.

The fact is, no one has to love us…… No matter how nice you are to someone, they do not have to return the favor. Love is a CHOICE.  It’s not something that you say or do one time, it’s something that we must choose daily.  A man/woman who chooses to love their spouse daily will comfort them, secure them, console them, assist them in their chores/duties, raise them up, and keep them from falling down.  When we choose to love someone daily, and they choose to love us in return daily, it truly is the most magnificent thing to behold.


To love and be loved in return is something money cannot buy. It truly is priceless. Some of the most wealthiest and famous people on Earth are also some of the loneliest people on Earth. When they are down, their is no one to listen. When they cry, their is no one to pet their head. When they are sick, there is no one to care for them. When they need to feel close to someone, they roll over and no one is there.


Those who live the playboy lifestyle and entertain the idea of having different women sleep in their bed every night may feel somewhat satisfied and it may cure some of their loneliness, but can they truly trust that person?  The person who chooses to sleep next to you, day in, and day out, without recourse, is someone you could trust a hell of alot more than some random person you met at a bar.

They say that two heads are better than one. And this is certainly true. The fact remains, no matter who you are committed to at this moment, there is probably someone who is prettier, more handsome, smarter, richer, and wiser than your current husband/wife, but realize this……….your spouse is unique and cannot be replicated.  So, before you downplay the shortcomings of your spouse, take time each day to meditate on what makes them special and unique, as compared to most people. On second thought, do not even compare them with anyone else. Just focus on what makes them great!

If we focus on what makes our spouses wonderful, and we put a lot of energy into this way of thinking, then it will be much easier to navigate around and strengthen their weaknesses. The worst thing we can do is act as a dictator and bully our spouses into making changes. Change must come softly and gracefully.  We must make changes together.  Love must be reciprocated. Or else it can never work.

Lastly, realizations are what save broken relationships.  If your relationship is broken, the only thing that can save it is consistent realizations.  If your spouse has deeply hurt you, yet you still love them, do not make any demands of them. Simply sit back and tell them , ” You know what must be done.”  If they are truly remorseful for their transgressions, then they will know what you mean by this and they will make the necessary lifestyle changes.  Those who hurt us and those who ask us,  ” How can I make it right?”, are not truly remorseful,  unless they are truly ignorant of how they are hurting you, then you must tell them.

A man/woman who does wrong to another usually knows when they have done wrong, and they must inherently know that the only way to make things right is to first apologize and then make lifestyle changes to make sure the actions never take place again. It takes a lot of courage to want to repair a broken relationship than to simply replace it. If you believe that the person is trying to make lasting changes, then it could be worth riding things out. Time will tell. During this time of “fixing”, it is wise to try new things, look at old photos, spice up the relationship, and attempt to fall in love all over again, …..but this time be sure to keep this feeling of reconciliation PERMANENT, or else you will fall into old patterns.

The benefits of having a committed partner is vast. Studies show that married people have longer lifespans, better financial stability, lower levels of depression, and are able to withstand life changes better than those who are single.  Marriage is like having a side-kick everywhere you go. Someone to watch your back, and you watch theirs. It’s a beautiful thing.

My advice for those of us who are single is to work on developing yourself , so that when you do meet someone who is willing to love you to your core, you will be strong enough to return it back to them.

The greatest gift that we can give someone is our time and our affection. These are two things that cannot be bought in a shopping mall, over the internet, or elsewhere. For the love that a prostitute or person with lose morals can offer us is not real love, but only a replica. It is not the real thing…..

Honor one another, and watch the world light up around the darkness that seeks to envelop you.

- sovereign tactics



Eight steps to Physical health and Sovereignty

Here lately at Sovereigntactics.Org ,  I’ve decided to give less attention to the criminals in suits…… know? The men who work for the mafia. The legislators and their policy enforcers.

Sovereignty is a much wider topic than defending yourself against in racketeering agents of government. Sovereignty, when loved at in the right perspective is a lifestyle. Emotional, financial, physical, and spiritual sovereignty (or lack thereof) are in deed tangible concepts. In this article, we will discuss physical sovereignty.

The human body is made up of trillions of atoms, billions of red blood cells, thousands of hair follicles, organs that control major body functions, and a CPU brain unit that records time, in both the  short term and the long term on a constant basis without delay. (even when you are asleep.)

A machine that monitors so much of your reality requires alot of raw materials to function. Although the spiritual and the mental reality that we bring awareness too are ultimately the most important mechanisms in which we should rely upon when we perceive the universe, we must not ignore the vessel that houses such a spirit. No matter well skilled the driver, if his automobile is not properly looked after, then why should he be surprised when he is not able to reach high speed and is constantly breaking down?

The body-mind relationship should be looked at with the same emphasis and rationale.  The mind, although infinite, is still housed by a physical body, or atleast while we are present upon this Earthly experience. We did not choose to be linked to our vessel, however, the fact remains that it is ours, and we should enjoy its manifestation and it’s sensations that give our spiritual journey a much more visceral feelings. Human bodies are simply outlets for one another to connect their souls. However, no matter how strong the electricity within your spirit flows, the outlet much be healthy so that it can ground itself properly and safely without damage to itself and others.

Here are several tips to keep your mind and body as sharp as a Shogun’s blade. When the mind is strong and clear, it can direct the body to do some amazing things.  And when the body is strong and healthy, the mind can be trained to achieve and grasp your wildest dreams. Their relationship with one another are communal and symbiotic.


1. Sleep:  When the body enters REM (Rapid eye movement) sleep, the brain consolidates. It removes memories that are considered “frivolous” or “non-essential”, damaged tissues are repaired, and toxins that have been absorbed are processed and broken down at a faster rate than when awake. Sleep is your bodies way of “charging” up and de-fragmenting.  Sure, you can drink coffee, exercise, or take a swig of “no doze” pills……..regardless, eventually your body will force you to sleep.  Frequently denying your body of sleep over long periods of time increase your chance for heart-attack and contracting diseases as a result from damaging your DNA through lack of sleep. If you want to feel refreshed and de-stressed, try to get 8-9 hours of sleep per day. Try to sleep before 11, and awake before 7.

2. Water : The body is made up of mostly water. Every cell in your body requires moisture to survive. Water is literally the fluid of life.  Even being slightly dehydrated can lead to temporary memory loss, dry skin, insomnia, and even joint pain. Chronic dehydration can lead to arthritis, increased risk of heart disease, and frequent bouts of brain-fog, (blanking out, lots of daydreaming, not being able to focus).  Upon waking up, drinking a glass of water should be the first thing you do. This clears out your digestive system and gives your body much needed water, considering that it has not had any source of fluid intake since being asleep for several hours.  If you want a strong body, and a clearer mind, drink 8-12 16 fluid ounces of water per day from a clean drinking source, preferably with the fluoride removed, you will experience a noticeable difference in your overall health if this is done consistently for several weeks.  To be sure that you are getting adequate electolytes, be sure to supplement by eating several bananas throughout the day.

3. Eat Bananas:  Bananas contain fiber, potassium, Vitamin C, Phosphorus and several other micro-nutrients.  Bananas have been known to cure constipation, alleviate depression, give mental clarity, reduce blood pressure, and serves as an excellent pick-me up when you feel hunger pains or mental fog coming on. Try to eat three bananas per day to reap the benefits.

4.  Cut out smoking and drinking:  Sure, this is easy for a monk, but it may be difficult for us younger folks who enjoy a night on the town. But, that’s the thing,  a night on the town. An occasional bender, here and there isn’t going to reduce your lifespan, however, if you are hitting the bars every weekend and popping the aspirin every sunday morning, then don’t be surprised when people mistake you for being 40 when your thirty.  Smoking should be cut out completely, or left to a recreational use, especially commercial tobacco. The liver is considered the most important organ in some cultures. For good reason. It is responsible for killing viruses and detoxifying any toxin or foreign particle that enters the body. The liver is the “defender” of the body. Supplementing with “Milk Thistle” herbs, drinking lots of water, and limiting smoking and drinking to recreational use will ensure that your liver will remain healthy and strong.

5. Exercise:   Put your body through periods of aerobic and anaerobic respiration, as well as engaging in weight bearing exercises can do wonders for the body. Everything some oxygenating the body (cancer does not thrive in oxygen rich environments), clear out artery blockages, reduce body fat, strengthen the tendons/ligaments, release feel-good hormones known as endorphins which reduce symptoms of depression, increase self-confidence  , sleep more soundly, and is widely known to raise energy levels. When combined with healthy eating habits, proper water intake, and getting plenty of sleep, exercising can add many years onto your life.  Try to engage in challenging exercise 3-6 days a week for atleast an hour each session.

6. Practice Meditation and Yoga:  Tai Chi, Yoga, and Buddhism. What do they all have in common? They understand the mind-body connection. While purist may prefer sitting meditation, moving meditation found within yoga, qi gong, and Tai Chi can be just as useful. These types of practices help you can gain control over negative thoughts, and help you to put things into perspective. The mind must be trained and harnessed alongside the body. When meditating, try to breathe into your “Dan Tien”, (abdominal breathing), and exhale through the mouth. Ignore external stimulate and just focus on the rising and falling of your belly. This exercise greatly reduces stress and teaches you how to achieve singularity when it comes to focusing on specific tasks.

7.  Stay Busy and Social:  If you live alone and lack yourself off from society, expect to become cold, detached, and increase your susceptibility to experiencing depression. Humans are social creatures. Science experiments have shown that babies that are not held often suffer from being underweight, unhealthy, and in rare cases will spontaneously die. Even if you consider yourself an extroverted person, keep your mind active. Read books, join a gym, attend parties when invited (even if you don’t stay long), try new things, and stay active. Even if you enjoy solo activities, do them within public confines, so that in this matter you can enjoy your solitary ways while still being present and engaged in the world.

When we are given the gift of someone’s time and their willingness to listen, our existence becomes validated. Having friends to vent upon and spend time with alleviates our woes and gives us pillars of strength to lean upon during troubling or confusing times.  It is great to master yourself in times in silence, and you should not rely upon others to grant you peace/happiness, however, one should not shun the chance to connect with other souls. Networking always opens up a world of limitless possibilities.

8. Avoid fast-food chains like the plague:  Mcdonals, Burger King, Wendy’s…….these types of eateries should be reserved for “once in a blue moon” occasions.  Many of these foods are loaded with hundreds of preservative chemicals that are digested and converted into dangerous poisons when converted over during the digestion process. These foods often contain genetically modified elements, high contents of soduim, and fat.  Try eating at restaurants that cook their foods from scratch or perhaps cooking your own foods. Try to choose organic brands. Eat a diet high in lean proteins like fish, baked chicken, and plenty of green vegetables that are most famous for containing high amounts of fiber and micro-nutrients responsible for maintaining optimum performing functioning organs.


If these sensible steps are taken and followed consistently, expect a significantly improved sense of well-being. More energy, less pain, greater mental strength, and less trips to the doctor will definitely keep your bank account healthy as well.   Even if meditation and spiritual bliss are the modes of your existence, one cannot forget to keep his vessel strong and in tact.  For the body is the barrel which ejects the bullet. If the barrel is rusted and warped, the bullet will never reach its target.

Just as the body, if it is diseased and not well taken care of, do not expect the mind to achieve levels of spiritual awakening, and do not expect any “Eureka” moments that result in life-changing inventions.  The smartest and most wise of the great historical thinkers always made sure to expand their minds (perhaps through meditation and the use of marijuana) and to always follow up with a great night of rest…..or atleast, if they wanted to maintain such a strong mind well into their old age. How we treat our bodies now greatly reveal how our bodies will perform when they reach our middle and golden ages.


- Randy Stroud  - Sovereign Tactics 2014

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