Legal Professional Whistleblower: Freedom made illegal

   “If you’re not useful, your obsolete” – Arminius Ulric Roukan 

This my friends….is the essence of what government is and why it exists despite Youtube/Google providing better education than public schooling, and 3D printers giving us the ability to create any object we design with a simple download of a PDF file..  When we talk about free-enterprise, free-markets, and rising technologies, are we really being honest with ourselves? The self-driving car was banned years ago by the government alongside genetic modification technologies that would allow for humans to regrow limbs.

And why are such things banned? To protect us or to protect their jobs? Think about the cycle of congress. A bill gets introduced, argued, and then passed and perhaps even later repealed. Thousands of “laws” are brought about each day, regulating everything from how much a bag of rice will cost to what type of light bulbs a business can sell.

Sounds like a lot of busy work to me….busy work that solidifies their relevance and their jobs.  Government creates it’s own job that needs to be done in order to violently and justifying implement their taxation for whatever they see fit.

If not for such regulation imposed by the government, who is it to say that technology wouldn’t have made government itself obsolete years ago?  Why is it so hard to comprehend the idea that private people and businesses could offer any service that government could without having a monopoly on force.

And now let’s look at the lawyers.  The “paper mercenaries as I like to call them. Most of them are quite happy that congress passes thousands of laws of each.  More laws means more violations and more chances to represent people in cases. Unless you are the rare heart-felt civil rights attorney who is making 40 grand a year………..the odds are, most attorney’s reading this are mercenaries.

Most attorney’s will take on any case. Regardless of whether or not their client is in blatant violation of humanities basic natural rights. They only are about staying relevant and profiting from the misery of their clients, all while obtaining their BAR license, making their primary oaths not to the clients but to the judges and justice system itself.  Public defenders and Private Attorney’s both swear their allegiance to the courts.

The fact is, this CRONY- capitalism that we have (not to be confused with Free-market Capitialism)   , has made us all into mercenaries. We all have a price. We are all just walking commodities. Only the elite and few fortunate have the start up fees and ability to meet regulations in order to become self-owned entrepreneurs, and even they too must submit to the government.

Employee= Paid servant.

This mercenary mentality must stop. We all must listen. Look at the Earth from space and see that there is no borders that separate us. This is when voluntaryism really starts to make sense.  There are no countries, no flags, no borders….just governments with registered properties (citizens) who voluntarily or unvoluntarily submit.

In this world, we must strive to be as useful as possible. To do whatever is necessary to win.  Our classmates today will be our competition tomorrow.  Stay useful. Lest be made obsolete.

People need food.Water. Love. and people also need razor blades, shirts, pants, zippo lighters, and toothpaste.   If you are providing some level of usefulness in society, then you are phased out and made to live in the background if you’re lucky enough not to be dead already.  If you aren’t the guy holding the key do the door, then your “friends” will quickly leave you to find the guy who does have such a key.

Usefulness and relevance goes hand in hand.  A friend is someone who offers, an enemy is someone who hinders.

If you are not useful to your friends, then they will not find time for you.

We must apply this logic to the disease of statism. We must create alternatives that uncover the uselessness of government. To reverse it’s image of “necessary at all costs” . These philosophies may not be popular but they are true.  Usefulness is all we have or don’t have.  Being nice and having good intentions is a dime a dozens……nobody cares.

However, those who try to change the times before the time has come will be made into an enemy of the people lest he conform or accept the short life that he will live.  I was rejected by this society for my battles with the system. Mocked. Hated. and lead into physical starvation.

I have been forced to become “one of the them.”  Forced underground with a new name.  Operating from the shadows. But soon they will see, that the surface image which appears to have conformed is actually working against you..

I may have gotten the researching job at the powerful conrrupt lawfirm. I may have had dinner with the government.  I may have accepted the mainstream media conversations in the company breakroom, I may have aided sleezy attorneys in helping the mega-banks enslave the people…..but it all came with a good reward. I’m learning how you animals enforce your game. I only played along so I could see your weakest link.

Now I, Ariminius Ulric Roukan,  will soon expose your racketeering scheme and teach the people of my race, the human race, how to defend themselves against these tyrants. I apologize my loyal followers for being rude lately. It was all just an act to get close to “them”.

Soon, you will all see.  Discovery, interrogatories,  and depositions have taught me many things in this law firm.  I have learned that these banks are actually enforcing all of their wills using the 501(C) exemption status off record! They are claiming the state as their gods, in some cases being so blatant as to have friendly meetings with the lawmakers in their very own law offices, these corporate lawyers are worse than the devil, they are the devil’s masters.

These lawyers are modern mercenaries. They go wherever they are needed with no end-game in site.  They have no ideology. No philosophy, not loyalty………lest it be to their federal reserve notes.  I encourage ALL humans who hire an attorney to file a “Bill of Particulars” and an itemized list of charged services.  Make your attorney’s prove their reasoning behind their compensation. Double-billing, over hiring staffs such as having multiple “supervising” and “jr” attorneys, asking for frequent continuances, recanting statements purposefully in order to stall……….all of these are tactics clients should watch out for.   A simple 5,000$ case can easily turn into a 50,000$ with these tactics.

In my opinion, People are better off hiring Private Investigators and a Paralegal than hiring a lawyer. A private investigator has one job… find the truth. He has no loyalties to the courts, only to what his client wants to know. He is an unveil-er.

Whilst the paralegal is the administrator. He is the one who compiles the information, researches tactics on how to apply it in battle, and then neatly organizes it all in a nice neat little package for the attorney to present. Paralegal are not agenda oriented most of the time. They are just interested in finding applicability or non-applicability. Often times paralegal’s quit their jobs because they refuse to research cases for attorney’s who are trying an unjust case.

Paralegals make much less than attorney’s on general and they do not get the respect that attorney’s do, so their level is corruption is a bit lower.   Paralegals, like PI’s, have no oaths to the courts, yet they often posses just as much if not more knowledge than an attorney.

Instead of hiring an attorney,  hire a paralegal and a private investigator and perhaps consult with a few experts that are pertinent to your case.

Even in cases with a real victim, lawyers will find ways to assassinate the character of their own clients just to get a plea deal or a lighter sentence.  And in some cases, opposing lawyers working for corporations will convince their corporate bosses to sue a particular corporate purposefully just so their rivals attorneys can all get together and milk a few million dollars from their respective employers.  Lawyers have a higher code than even the one’s they give to the courts. The code to money. And opossing lawyers will sometimes set aside their own clients in order to edge out a deal that will benefit themselves.

I once interviewed for a corporate law firm, and I mentioned that I’d like to work for a civil rights attorney or the ACLU. They laughed and said, ” Fighting for people’s rights is ok, but you can’t feed a family on 40,000$ per year”. And they all started laughing.  (This happened to me at a law office here in Nashville).  They saw my expertise and said, “Well it looks like you have a lot of experience defending the little people. But, we defend the big boys, you know…the banks, the municipalities, …the people who can make it rain dollars for our firm.”

It made me so sick to hear those words. I wanted to punch him directly in his fucking face. The spinach in his teeth while he said these things made me want to throw up further. Then his “team” of lawyers come in all slapping hands bragging about how their newest clients just afforded them to take a trip to Cancun, Mexico.

I almost walked out. I began to stutter, but held my composure. After all, if I wanted to defeat satan, I would have to learn his ways. I would have to become as grotesque as he in order to understand him. I made the tough decision to allow my enemy to train me in his ways, so that I may continuously betray him as I am doing now. Perhaps he already knows. Perhaps he is waiting for me to research a more dangerous bombshell to justify my life being snuffed out.

Perhaps they are waiting for me to reach the edge of my sanity so that I can be made to attack in an unhealthy way so that they can say, “See, he is just crazy. He is a liar who can’t be trusted”.

I will meditate and sleep 8 hours a day to prevent such a thing from happening.

I have learned these things and much more by embracing my corporate name and joining their ranks. To work for the devil in order to implode his hell from within.   However, as I speak here, I am my true self.  Servient to my people, proud, honorable, and willing. Arminius Roukan is a soldier to liberty.

Over the coming months I plan to expose more and more. The layman, not the lawman, is what changes the world. It’s the everyday average joe who talks to his friends at the bar is who changes the times we live in. It’s the CULTURE we are fighting, not the law. For it is culture that supports societal trends.  Laws are just word on paper. It’s people’s minds that give them their power.

Study logic, not law.  Think of the alternative.

As an insider, I can tell you many things of this system. And let me tell you, these people are utterly desperate to keep their way of life relevant is “in the conversation”. I urge you all to stop voting, read “Greenleaf’s commentary on law”, study this website, and get educated.  Teach your sons and daughters to become interested in technologies and to become inventors.  Urge for the obsoletion of government. Until then we must learn to dance alongside the justice system and learn to swoon away it’s ferocious attacks.

My tactics involve lots of paperwork that is written simply that does not rely on law so much as proper formatting and removing ALL presumptions of a true crime.  Secondly, we must get all relevant officials in default for our cases. Contract them all through certified return signatured filings, demanding for your immunity lest it be enforced under perjury!  Side step the system by solving it privately out of the court pews.

If you try to embarrass the courts openly, then you will meet the wrath of the mafia whom is much better funded and better armed than any of us. This mafia is also known as “government”.

Follow my tactics and strategies as followed for a basic guideline.

1. Contract executive corporate officials (Governors, Parole Chairmains, all other relevant parties)

2.  Motion to dismiss, bill of particulars, discovery (don’t be afraid to abuse it)

3.  Going in with a good script with “leading” questions that help create perjurious statements.

4. Continuance abuse

5. Mastering civil procedure etiquette

6. Dont give testimony, just ask questions.

7.  Identify a singular flesh and blood victim

8. Rely on logical questions in order to contradict while QUOTING law and consistencies as a secondary supporting evidence.

9.   Don’t cite law, QUOTE it.  You are not under, you are just making a “And also….” point.

10. Learn the process. Arraignment. Trial. Jury Trial. Sentencing. Appeals. Federal. Supreme….ect….. develope relationships with officials outside of court.

Until the times catch up, until the culture catches up, I guess I’ll play this game that has been forced upon me.  I understand my lack of usefulness to this society. I’ll kiss the devil in order to get close enough to stab him in his femoral artery.

RDS has gone into hiding. Arminius Ulric Roukan has taken over.  Randy will be missed. But one day he will return, twenty years from now to expose to you, the realities of this world. Inside the system and on the outside of it, in the real world….where real people live.

I know how to make these devils work for you. Remember, you are being forced to pay them, they need you more than you need them. They have to keep you just afraid enough not to enforce your will upon them without being so obviously evil that you would become enraged enough to fight back.  This is how we know governments today.

Marc Stevens. Trent Goodbaudy.  Myself…..we all fought so hard , we were labeled as traitors, terrorists, and ungrateful members of the country club (The United States of America). We told them NO. And became Anarchists.  We became one with this world and decided to take control of our monetized identities and make one for ourselves.

The system is reaching critical mass.  Now is the time.  I am willing to consult with anyone as many hours a day as it takes.

If there is no victim, there is no crime.

The only crime taking place is on our humanity and our ability to see things for what they truly are. Once we are able to do this, then society itself is exposed for the lie that it is. It is merely a compulsory clubhouse with mandatory membership dues.  We do not live in a country, we are owned by one.  We live on land. We drink from rivers and lakes.  We are owned by government.  We do not come from a country, we come from lands that have mountains and dirt.  You are not a citizen, you are an animal, just like the birds and elephants. You belong to no one.

Do not wave your slave owners flags.  Wave your hand instead.  Universalism is coming. The slave owners do not like this!

Reject your legal names or only use them in their proper context.  Be corporate when working as such, and be personal when it calls for such.

The problem is that our legal fictions have overtaken our spiritual identities. Choose your own name for this and look to future evolution.

The times and the culture has called for me to become the devil. The last three years I have found myself in jail, attempting to sue many top officials such as Ben Bernanke, Bush, clinton, and Obama for racketeering charges and even lost my job for having such beliefs.

All for a few handclaps?  All for a few “good jobs”? While my family starves….

The rest was chants of ,  “Terrorist” ,  “Muslim lover’,  “Liberal pig!”,  “Go to somalia if you don’t like it here!”

Death threats in the mail, you name it….

I tried to be “pure”. I tried to be a hero.  But the TIMES and the CULTURE rejected me. Only a few understood, however, I made my mark.  But that man has since died……he was broken by the pressure.

Randy died.. He encompassed all three attributes using this nickname. Employment-Public. Private Dealings. Personal relationships.

Now these have been split into two.

My full corporate name. And my common privately held name.

Society has no longer afforded me to use both in a single capacity. Especially not here in Tennessee.

If only I could join my brothers in Keene for the Free-state project. But, certain family matters have forced me to die here in this diabetes ridden land owned by the state of Tennessee.

Forgive me brothers for selling my soul to this demon.

But the knowledge gain will soon be passed to you all.  Let us look to pop culture for this great lesson for foe turning to friend and vice versa.

Vegeta and Piccolo, two great comic book villains who nearly took over planet Earth only to eventually become it’s greatest defenders.- These great enemies to the cartoon character of, Goku, (A man of pure heart)  Eventually become the greatest allies that he could ever have.

Anikan Skywalker to Darth Vader. The boy who was once believed to be the chosen one who would bring balance to the force, eventually joined the ranks of the darkside in order to serve his own end so that he could gain power more quickly.

I am attempting both paths.  I want to be Earth’s greatest guardian, however, I feel like I have become too innocent to the realities of this world. I have been crawling down the mouth of liberty in order to reach the stomach of freedom. The chewing up that I have received from society has been more than I can bare. I am treated as if I were a black man living in a white neighborhood during the 1930′s.

Perhaps I will take the unconventional route of crawling up the anus of the beast. Get dirty a little bit with the low-life politicans and lawyers. Invade the belly of the beast like a parasite. Get some fecal matter on myself and then make another attempt through the front door of the mouth.

But that time, I’ll be uningestable and  will pass through the mouth without a bite.   I may have sold my soul on the surface, but there is an end-game strategy here.

I am not asking for a vote. I am not asking to be included in a conversation. I am only asking for a little time and understanding. I love my son who will soon be my heir.  He must know the sacrifices of his father.

We must all learn from an early age is that “what you don’t know, may just kill you.”   Surviving on the kindness of others is too dangerous of a way to life.  Self-reliance and having loyalty to your mission are the only things that we can truly rely upon.  You are as only good as you are useful.

It does me no good to rant about what I see. People want answers and solutions.  My sacrifices will make me useful to those who want to fight their oppressors. It will also make me relevant in the eyes of my enemies.  In this way I give my life purpose by living to serve the victims of statism.

I sacrifice and learn these harsh realities so that you do not have to learn them on dangerous terms. It is better to learn these things in an article than in the gauntlet of life that breeds poverty, prisons, and broken hearts.

The single greatest things we can do to expand liberty is to change the culture through any means we can.  Creating creative media. Innovative technologies and new social norms. What we are doing must be made to appear “attractive”. No one wants to be unattractive yet everyone wants to be a trendsetter. Only problem is, we have too few willing to risk looking “uncool” trying new ways of doing things.

Thus progressive becomes slowed down.

Combined with government control, and crony-capitalism perverting free-enterprise, we have all become slaves to our fear.

Until someone is brave enough to become the Matrix itself, to become the devil’s best friend, and then to be so bold as to betray him……then we will continue to live in mediocrity.

Bradely Manning. Edward Snowden. Adam Kokesh.

These men became friends with Satan and then were brave enough to backstab him.  That takes alot of guts. And this is why they capture our attention.  To betray a merciful god is quite common. But to betray the devil, who offers no forgiveness, …….a man with that bravery demands attention from even those who are asleep.

Malcom X, Martin Luther King Jr…..these men were once in bed with the thugs. These men were once dancing on the devil’s coat-tails, when they suddenly went rogue and were latter killed.

A man who lives amongst the citizens is thought of as a conspirator. Whilst a man who has influence says the same thing captures the minds of the sheep (the citizens), and the powers at hand know this. Thus they must kill their assets.

Osama Bin Laden. Sadaam Hussein.

Once the American government’s greatest allies.

Yet when these men began to speak of injustice and imperialism, the US quickly made them out to be terrorists, even though the same government who accuses them of terrorism once funded and trained them.

I will suffer this same fate. I will be called a traitor by my fans. Only to later become a rogue agent of the Lawyers guild, to once again be made a hero to you all…………only to be killed by the devil that I had once made friend’s with.

I do this all for my son and for closed minds of statists to open their hearts to Voluntaryism and to a society that knows no such word on the word “Monopoly”.

I dream of a day where people do not thank the oppressor who broke their leg for giving them a “free” cast that will be later paid for by the mandatory taxes that the patient has already paid.

This lunacy must end. And I am willing to sell my soul to make that happen. All I wanted was a beautiful wife, a successful boxing career and a family……but The universal god has chosen me to do this instead. I don’t fully understand this calling , but I have decided to answer the call and accept this controversial mission.

Arriola…..I already got you fired. A corrupt county clerk. And I did that as a minimum wage earning nobody.  I can’t want to see what I can when I am at the apex of my power.

However, it will be short lived if I decide to fully commit to this kamikaze mission.  History teaches me that those who embark on this mission never see the fruits of it’s success.  Getting assassinated has a funny way of cutting the party short.

But it’s alright.

A life lived is not measured in years but rather experience.

If you want to learn more about my tactics contact me privately through this website.

Arminius Ulric Roukan








Jesus Gun

Sniper ,Chris Kyle is NOT a hero

Everyone is a hero to someone.  The american sniper who murders is a hero to the americans.  The muslim who murders is a hero to the muslims. Everyone is right in their own mind. But there is not right in war….only who is left. And what’s left is rape, pillage, and plunder. The spoils of war. It’s about protecting economic interests, not people….

Chris Kyle, American, sniper, tough guy, HERO!  With a record number of recorded “kills” he shall be awarded the highest military service metals and the public will call him a “hero”.

So, do you guys think Jesus whispers in Chris Kyle’s ear congratulating him every time he shoots another human being in the head?  Does this many really deserve to be called a hero or a pawn? He claimed to be a Christian, yet he can’t even pronounce his god’s name correctly. “Jesus” was a jew. Therefore his name is Yeshua, not Jesus. But, I don’t expect people to learn this….they just go along with what society tells them.

Consider that the US government is nothing more than a business. All world governments are just organizational businesses, not actual places.  They are legal fictions. Currently, this government has 900 bases in 130 different “countries” (land areas).  Since 1990 the US government has killed over 3 million people in the middle east alone, more if you include the starvation sanctions put on Iraq by the UN and US government.

Also consider the atrocities that government commits on it’s own chattel (citizens). Police brutality, the highest incarceration rate in the world, civil liberties abuses……

So, let me get this straight.

Chris Kyle makes an oath to a government (Jesus said to swear no oath),  which intends to tax (extort) people to pay for a war that includes murder and creating a global empire through means of violence……

And we are supposed to believe that muslims who are being invaded upon and who have been controlled by western powers for well over 60 plus years are supposed to just not retaliate and fight back?

Didn’t you read Smedley Butlers, “War is a Racket” ..?? Smedley Butler was a Major General in the US military. After serving many tours he wrote this book explaining that war and the governments of the world are nothing more than glorified mafias looking to extort, rape, and pillage.  He even had the numbers and documents to prove that government and corporations PROFIT from war!!!

So, at best, Chris Kyle was a loving father/husband who was brainwashed to believe in phrases like….

“God Bless A’murica!”

” I am a citizen and patriotic to my country”

” Muslims hate us because we are “free”……

It’s a real shame that his sniper skills couldn’t have been used to defend other humans from actual threats ………not to aid imperialism while being paid for it like a job.

However, this is not the case.  Chris Kyle bragged about punching a senior citizen and bragged  about shooting people in the head.

If blindly following orders and believing that being a “citizen” to a “country” and paying thousands of dollars for it’s “licenses” makes you “free”……….then you truly are a slave to your own abuser.  The public schools have gotten to you.

Chris Kyle, I pray that your ignorance grants you into heaven.

While, I pray that your arrogance scorches you in purgatory.

You could have redeemed yourself. You could have spoke out about how you were mislead and made to believe that you were a hero……but instead, you embraced the title and bragged about your murder and your support for imperialism.

Perhaps he was a good father. A good husband. Or maybe even a good friend. However, his role as has given him a scarlet letter in my eyes. I only pray that he is reincarnated and given a second chance to use his determination, strength, and discipline for a much more nobler cause.

Chris Kyle was not a hero. Nor was he a bad person for being in the military.

He was just a product of public school indoctrination and watching too much mainstream news. He was made to fight a fabricated enemy fused with implanted ideas of patriotism and being a “hero” for the “free-world”.

God bless Earth.

P.S.- Being paid to do something and using the excuse of “Just doing my job is nonsense. If someone paid a sniper to kill one of your loved ones, would you forgive him for “just doing his job?”

This is why I advocate for voluntaryism…..full scale free market capitalism, where we can have a world with privately owned defense agencies that can compete for your dollars on the market. More competition,  more accountability.


RD Stroud


Stop using your legal name! (Must read)

We all know the familiar scene………..a baby crying, a tired mother with her legs spread wide open on a doctor’s table, and a happy father holding his beautiful son.

In the next moment, a hospital clerk comes into the room with forms and documents to sign over your son’s monetary spirit to the state.   Birth Certificate, Social Security application, ect…..a plethora of documents falls upon your lap.

So Jane and John write on the birth certificate, the NAME of their newborn son. They write, “John Doe Jr” on the birth certificate form, and presto! Their son is now a legal entity.  This form gets sent off to where the IRS gleefully smiles as they have a new registered tax payer, worker, future child support payee, drivers license payee, business license payee, marriage license payee, court defendant payee, and just about every other “payee” you can imagine.

Without giving our children the power to administer over a legal fiction , such as “JOHN DOE JR”, this child will have means of functioning in the monopoilzed racketeering scheme known as “Societal governance”.

The birth certificate, once processed is then attached with a cussip number, to where it can be rerouted to a federal reserve bank, whereas top ranking investors and government officials can use these newly created birth certificates as “collateral” to secure international loans from other governments (i.e. mafias).

So that name that you wrote on the birth certificate is not your child’s name. It is the name of the corporation that was assigned to him under duress.  You see, if you refuse to assign a corporation to your child, the government will kidnap your child and refuse you of your natural right to care for him in the manner you see fit.

The government seeks to have what is known as “Penchant Jurisdiction” over your child.  (I.e. Dual jurisdiction).  Jurisdiction over his physical body and of his commercial actions.   Whereas the word “Jurisdiction” itself is just a fancy title for , “Control/Ownership”.

It is also interesting to present the social security dilemma. Many Christians who fear the “mark of the beast- 666″ will find it interesting to note that Title 42 section 666 of the federal code states that no person (Person- according to blacks law dictionary is nothing more than a corporation), shall conduct in commerce or work without a social security number. That means no buying, selling, or trading without this number. To do so would mean that you are violating the governments arbitrary control over you through a means of extortion letters also known as “codes, statues, ect..”

Some may argue, “What’s the alternative? Without government then it will be chaos”

Instead of registering our children like chattel, there are many alternatives.

Firstly, we need to embrace the idea that logic, philosophy, and technology will ultimately render the monopolized racketeerized government services imposed upon us…..obsolete.

Through competition and truly open free-markets that welcome any comer to offer any service, without restriction, will truly make the human species freer and advance at a much faster rate. Could you imagine if private people were allowed compete with government services such as road building, power grids, defense, policing, contract resolutions, sewage, sanitation, electricity, education…

If we look around, we can see that technology is already phasing out many monopolized government services.

Bitcoin is replacing US dollars.  Google and Youtube are replacing government education. UPS and FedEx are phasing out the Postage companies……

The cool part is that with all of these new possibilities and competing choices, the quality of such services goes up!

Could you imagine if you could unsubscribe government services and hire private people or companies to handle your power grid, your sanitation, or even have the gas companies use their profits to build and construct their own private road systems?

The reason why government services are notoriously slow, outdated, and bureaucratic is because they have no competitors. If we try to stop paying taxes to them and hire some other people to do the same jobs that government employees do, we would be arrested and imprisoned.

Let me ask you this.  Do you own your home? Or are you just renting? If you stop paying property taxes, do you still get to keep your home? Do you really own it?

We must embrace full scale competition with government services.  The threats and violence used by government to collect their tax money combined with having no competition towards their services is the ultimate reason why government is inherently corrupt and evil.

They know that if you don’t pay them, they have the public’s consent to arrest you or even possibly kill you.  The law is irrelevant…’s PUBLIC SUPPORT that gives them power. Not law. Law is arbitrary. The only true law that exists in the private sector is “Do to others what shall be done to you”/

So until this idea of Anarcho-Capitalism spreads, then what shall we do?

Stop referring to your legal name as “YOU”. You are not a name. You are you.  And you are especially not a corporation.  You can use your legal name for professional and government satisfactions, but never reffer to it as “I am (Legal name here”). You can say the name belongs to you, but it isn’t you.

Alternatively, when dealing with private  non-governmental affairs, I encourage everyone to create their own private names/identities registered to themselves with the aid of witness signatures, blood oaths, notaries, or whatever method they choose to solidify their CHOSEN name. Using a private id, and claiming your domicile as “Earth”.   Countries do not exist either, they are just names come to think of it. Just legal names, not really places….

Moreso, even beyond having a chosen name that is not connected to a birth certificate or social security number, we are still not a name….we can be brothers, fathers, sisters, uncles, coaches, ect….. but we cannot be a name. A name will never adequately sum up who you are on a deeper cosmic level.

True sovereignty comes from our understanding of how the world works and being optimistic about future possibilities.

Filing paperworks and learning the administrative side of the court system is only a benefit as a means to defend yourself against the current paradigm, however, it alone is not your path to true sovereignty.

True sovereignty comes from knowing exactly who you are……..that extend beyond documents, titles, and name and learing how to differentiate between them at any given time.  In the meantime, until we can reach that point of autonomy, I am here to help others with my knowledge of the legal system to help my fellow man secure their natural organic selves and to defend themselves against the paper terrorism of the court system that seeks to bleed us dry, even when we have not physically harmed someone, but rather broke one of their arbitrarily written codes or statutes.

Freedom is inevitable, and I’m happy to be apart of this conversation and to see the evolution of autonomy happen in real time.

The cold hard reality of this world is one of being “useful”.  It doesn’t if we are talking about relationships, commerce, or government. If you aren’t useful, you are obsolete, replaceable.  Everything changes………and I see technology reaching a point to where monopolization will no longer be of use.

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan



Thank you to my Fans (2015- The year of Awakening)

I’ve had this website for about two years now. I first opened this site just to document my experiences with corrupt courts and to spread the idea of self-governance. Since then, I have been contacted by literally THOUSANDS of those who have been mistreated and/or overtly punished by the monopolized court system. It has been overwhelming at times, humbling at times, and even humorous at times listening to the stories presented to me by phone and e-mail. Everything ranging from classic police brutality to being arrested for selling cupcakes without a W-2 form and business license.

On this day, I reflect back through the corridors of my mind and I finally feel as if I have reached the end of the hallway, with a single door left, that reads, “A Real Man”. In which I have began to turn the door knob…

Last year has afforded me great travels, perhaps not in physical distance but in lessons learned.  I now see what a fool I have been.  How nonchalant, frivolous, and careless I have been. I now understand what “mindfulness” is. It isn’t something that we practice during our meditations, but it is something that “is” or “isn’t”.  Much like when I was a boy, learning how to tie my shoe for the first time. You either learn the skill or you never truly have it.  I now know that proper planning and careful consideration are the hallmarks of adulthood.

The basics of my story is not unknown to you. A young rebel who sought to take on the establishment while bringing the lower classed proles of society along for the battle with him. But, perhaps the context is unknown to you. Outsiders looking into my life often perceive me as a strange political activist, martial artist, truth seeker,  and for being bold, often too bold for his own good.  But those who know me best know me as someone who is……..

Charitable, loves to teach others self-defense, empathetic to the point of risking his own comfort, self-sacrificing, caring, passionate, and loves to Salsa dance and ride his bike through the beautiful greenways of Shelby park.  Those who know me best know that I love Buddhism , Taoism, visiting the YMCA often,  going to art galleries, sampling new foods , and making friends with those who differ from me, such as those who come from different lands and religious background. I’ll never forget my first time living amongst a Muslim community in 2005.  Very eye opening to the beauty that exists amongst their people contrary to the media portrayals.  Although all cultures are not without their ugliness, they are certainly not without their ugliness, whereas the Muslim, Christian, or any other community is of no exception.

I have changed much throughout 2014. The most difficult year of my life. Court dates, heart aches, deaths in the family, witnesses a shooting, you name it…..I saw it in 2014. A horrific year that also sharpened my resolve and life strategies.

The truth is, the me that you knew in 2013 doesn’t come around much. That part of me is rarely here anymore. I have given myself a new lease on life. I was never encouraged on any path, I had to learn that I did not enjoy swimming by first drowning in the ocean.  I found my path by failing at walking down so many others. I have successfully won by my rights back from the TSA…..or atleast the rights the US government says that I have. I now have my world citizen passport. And even got commissioned as a Notary public after finishing my pre-law program this year. I’am on a track to personal monk-hood and transferring power to the laymen of society with a better strategy in mind.

Despite any labels given to me, I was no criminal for attempting to subpoena Bush Jr , Bernanke and current president Obama for war crimes. I was just a nuisance to the powers at be. The backlash from these actions only proved to me that I was just in my actions.

I advocated for liberty, justice for those who could not speak for themselves, both inland and abroad, as far as Egypt and Australia, my friends and followers came. The messages and request for advice came from all over.  Alas, what happens to those who take the world upon their shoulders? Like the Greek God “Atlas” who attempted to do so, will be forever burdened and/or crushed, especially when they do not prioritize their methods. Fighting was the only thing I was ever good at.

But, atleast I always fought for what I believed in.  However, no matter how hard me and my colleagues (Nathan, Joey, Matt, ect..) fought, the only liberty we could find was on the inside………..trapped within those limits. And that’s when it hit me. True freedom is not sought after. It is chosen. The mind is the only thing that cannot be governed. Our thoughts are virgin and truly belong to us. It is a beautiful notion that our thoughts are truly naked in our own minds, known only to us.

I will take the advice of mother Teresa. I will never be “Anti” anything. Instead of “Anti-War”, I shall be “Pro-Peace”, instead of being “Anti-Hunger”, I shall be “Pro-Charity”. Instead of heartbroken I will be “Battle-Tested”.  Instead of being Anti-Government, I will be a Voluntaryist. Instead of being a “sinner” I will be a “repenter”. Instead of being “Sorry” I will be a repairman………..a repairman of hearts.  I will continue to give my charity without sacrificing my spirituality.

I do not seek a response from this letter. As these words are just words…..they must be proven. This is just a fair-warning for good things to come. As my actions must ultimately prove this.  If my foot is ever invited into your home again, expect pineapples and a proper greeting to your mother on my behalf. And expect to see the absence of regret in my eyes which shall be replaced with the love of humanity and the burning desire of my goals and aspirations.

I will take the advice of an old high school friend who is now with the angels, who once told me all of those years ago in that drafty library……”Don’t feel so bad. At least you fought. That’s more than most.”

Anger is more productive than sorrow. (Chinese proverb). Anger that comes from condemnation of one’s short-comings is not the same as anger towards others in a violent way. My anger is organic, healthy, and encouraging.  She wanted me to get motivated, to become “angry” in the sense that a losing boxer behind on the scorecards is angry with his performance. To be mindful and turn that anger into a productive force rather than a sorrowful moan.

Thank you friends and fans of this website.  For allowing me to dedicate a chapter of my life’s book to your names. I hope that future cameo appearances bearing your names will be mentioned in my 2015 life’s chapter. Then again, I often re-read books, so you are not likely to ever be forgotten when I am on my last chapter, reflecting upon my entire life’s story.

As we enter the new year, which is certainly to be filled with new challenges and obstacles, I pray that we all find the strength and resolve to meet these challenges with precision, efficiency, and resolve. Now matter what hardships I face, no many how many mistakes I have made, I find resolve in knowing that the message will always live on long after the messenger has been killed, given up, or died of old age or disease.

May we all advance the cause of the liberty productively and safely into the new year. Your support and willingness to keep my journey honest and pure has been very humbling. Thank you all.

- R. Stroud



The Fallacy of Teaching our Sons how to Fight

As men, certain ideals are thrusted upon us……..whether directly through our fathers, other male role-models or by Hollywood action movies.  As primordial “Hunters”, manly qualities are known to most of us as abrasive, strong, and somewhat callous.  Fathers are often seen teaching their sons how to win fist fights against bullies, how to work on a car, or manage to land a date with a cute girl from school.

As a young boy, I was not taught any of this by my father since he was not really close to me until my adulthood. However these skills are still highly sought after in the male species and will be learned in some way or another by growing young men.

The iconic image of a father teaching his son how to throw a punch is beautiful indeed. But, is it really a skill/trait that should be so prioritized? Sure, bullying is rampant in American schools today, and learning how to defend yourself will certainly make childhood a little less painful. But are fathers failing to teach their sons how to protect themselves from a bully who makes “Brock”, the high school bully who plays football,…look like a total wimp?

What if I were to tell you that there was a bully in this world a million times more scary than any schoolyard bully? Well, the reality is……that such a bully does indeed exist.

His name is “Government”. The school yard bully may take your lunch money or give you a black eye, but at the end of the day you get to go home and you usually survive to fight the next day.  And, on top of that, “bullying” in a social sense is frowned upon and people may even come to your aid if you cannot defend yourself.

Alas,  even if you manage to become a great boxer and knockout the school yard bully, guess who shows up afterwards? The government! They will accuse you of breaking one of their “laws” and you will be kidnapped and or possibly killed if you refuse to comply.  Whereas people may help you fight off a school yard bully, the same cannot be said if you find yourself being bullied by the almighty government. While natural rights are common sense, the government will act arbitrarily and only recognize the rights they want to recognize , when they want to…..they can simply lock you away in a jail cell for wearing a hat in one of their court rooms!

The fear is much more severe when dealing with the bully known as “Government”.  He robs you every paycheck or even when you purchase something at the store through a process he calls “taxation” to pay for his services that are monopolized through racketeering.  If you don’t pay, he will send armed men on his behalf to kidnap you and lock you in a prison for years to come. If you resist, you will simply be shot and killed.

Government will also force you to purchase a special permission slip called “A license” to use any of those monopolized services that you were forced to pay for through taxation. If you get caught without the license, the same thing will happen to the man who didn’t pay his taxes.

If you love a woman and decide to devote your life to her, the government says you must obtain a special permission license to marry her.  If you fail to get such a license then the government will tell society that your marriage is not “real” and your taxes will be higher.

If you decide to get the marriage license and marry this woman, there may come a time when you two divorce. Which the government will also preside over.  If you want to leave this woman, the government will tell you when you can see your child and may even compel you hand over your house and car to your former spouse. If you refuse to comply, you will be kidnapped and possibly killed.

If you forget to put on your seatbelt, the government will send an armed agent to force your car off the road. He will then issue a “ticket” (AKA extortion letter), if you do not pay it, then you will be kidnapped and or possibly killed for what they call “resisting kidnapping”.

I know, you probably have questions at this point….like

“Without government, who would build the roads and provide us with water?”

My answer,  “Google anarcho-capitalism”…….

The next question will probably go something like….

“What is your point in this article, government is powerful and heinous? We already know”………..

My POINT is simple………. men often want to learn how to throw a punch to defend themselves against other men.  Thus, our fathers pass on this knowledge. However, I feel that we should be educating our children (namely our sons who are six times more likely to be harassed by government than women),  on how to protect themselves from another bully…….

The Government

The school yard bully comes and goes and can at worst give you a black eye. The government can literally take away your house,  your car, your wife, your kids, and even your life with little to no resistance from society.  It only makes sense to me that having some type of basic legal education makes sense in today’s world where police brutality is at an all-time high and civil liberties are rotting faster than a glass of milk on a summer day.

How many of you know what a motion is? What it means to compel discovery? What is an affidavit? What is the 5th amendment to the US constitution? What is a “state” and why do you think it’s real? If there is no victim, is there truly a crime? How to do counter-sue someone? How do you defend yourself against a lawsuit?

If you cannot answer these questions, then you are very vulnerable to the bullies in government.  If you have children, what will you tell them when they ask you how to defend themselves in court?  Are you willing to pay thousands of dollars for an attorney who may or may not have your best interest at heart?

Or even if you do decide to hire an attorney, how do you know if he is doing his job if you aren’t familiar with atleast basic principles of court procedure and/or legal terminology?

These same lessons should be applied when dealing with any “super power” The pharmaceutical industry is another. A doctor has your life in his/her hands. You had better educate yourself on the basics of health lest you be completely vulnerable to your physician who is simply repeating what he learned in Med School.

They say there is no room for philosophy in court or in the doctors office. They are professionals right? Do they really know everything? Or are they just repeating what they read in a book written by someone else like some parrot in a bird-cage.  Or maybe they have just gone insane because of their student loan debts ranging in the 100,000$ mark.

Whatever the case,  I urge the fathers of this world to not only teach their sons who to fight the school yard bully, how to respect women, and how to work on a car………..but to also learn how to defend themselves against the biggest, baddest, most influential bullies of the world.

Governments….. (With an “s”)

I offer many educational packages on my website and have authored the book “An Invitation to Anarchy” – which can be found on the “literature/books” tab.  This book gives you a basic foundation to start upon and is perfect for those who need a reference point. The “Victimless crime Package” gives you all of the hands on tools that you need to mount a basic defense in court.

Other books I recommend is “Freedom From Government” by Trent Goodbaudy and “Adventures in Legal Land” by Marc Stevens.

Or you could just send your kid to law school and help him pay his student loans off for 20 years. For a small investment and a little bit of time, anyone can learn the basics and give themselves a fighting chance in court.  While I offer no silver bullets, just like in martial arts, no amount of training can guarantee victory, but any amount of knowledge will certain increase your odds or help minimize damage done to you.

Lastly, consider that the United States of America has the largest prison population on planet Earth, (more than China and Russia combined).  Of those inmates, only 20-30% are in prison for crimes involving a victim (Rape, Murder, ect…). The rest are in there for drivers license charges, tax evasion, Child support, DUI, Possession of Marijuana, operating a business without a license…………I.E.- Victimless crimes.

When you consider that last year several people were arrested for selling lemonade without a license, and with police brutality becoming as common as snow in Alaska, it is very likely that if you are living within the imaginary borders known as the United States of America, drawn up by a small group of people calling themselves government,  ……………………being forced to defend yourself in court is a very likely thing to happen at some point in your life.

Will you be prepared?

If not, then I encourage you to explore this website and others like it.  Myself, Trent Goodbaudy, and Marc Stevens are the only “gurus” that I personally trust as of in this moment in time, however , do not rely too much on any “guru”, not even me……… learn for yourself and see what works within your own personal battlefield.

Good luck , and congratulations on making it through this article.  Those who seek shall find!

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan



Why I don’t support the Militia Movement

A message to Militia men, III%’s, and so called “Preppers”…..


Ah, the miltia movement…….. 30-50 year old people living in mostly rural areas who cling to their Bibles in one hand, with an AR15 in the other one….yelling about the Patriot Act, trillion dollar deficits, the Federal Reserve, attacks on civil liberties, and high taxes……I must say, I concur with their anger, maybe even more so as an anarcho-capitalist, ….however, their approach is a bit juvenile and not well thought out.

Many of you take great pride in the fact that if a natural disaster or government take-over (martial law) happened, that you and your rag-tag group would be adequately prepared for such an events. Perhaps your sentiments are true. However, posting pictures of yourself with your ammo, guns, a year supply of food, ect….is pure lunacy! Many of these people have watched too many Rambo movies or are seeking a pat on the back or are just unaware of the threat they face.

Until you have experienced the life of being a “targeted individual”, until you have been personally threatened and have had attempts made on your life by the government, then do not try to brag about how prepared you are for a government take-over. As someone who has  experienced such intimidation as a human rights activist, I can say that fighting any government is a stressful task that 99.9% can’t handle.

Furthermore, why would you brag and publicly post your plans on Facebook? I already proved that the internet is being monitored by the FBI. Did these guys not see my article? (See FBI monitors Stroud article) Are you guys not familiar with Edward Snowden? Does the CIA publicly post their plans on facebook? I don’t think so! Go back to playing Rambo in the woods and storing your basement with peanut butter and stop posting pictures of yourself with 10,000 rounds of ammo!

Lastly, my question is…………….What are you waiting for? I hear militia men, whom are usually worshipers of the US constitution, saying things like, “The Founders would be shooting by now.” …….ok, so why aren’t you?  Militia men want to feel important, they want the media attention, but they are nothing more than glorified gun clubs. I mean, if these men were truly of the caliber of warriors they claim to be, then martial law would have already taken place. There would be dead politicians scattered in the streets.

They claim they are waiting for the “right time”.  When? When the national debt reaches 20,000,000,000,000,000 dollars? Or maybe when the NDAA passes for 90th time? Or when another corporation gets a bailout? When Obama or the next presidents decides they want to start another war or assassinate yet another “American”? (These things are already happening)

The men from 1776  killed British soldiers supposedly over tea-taxes . I’d say that things are much worse than high tea taxes….

So my question is…..When militia? I mean, I support people resisting arbitrary and unconsented control or monopolization as a means of self-defense.  It’s not like I am calling on people to purposely attack employees of the government…….that is not self-defense, that is just a civilian brand of government terrorism.  But, if you guys were really believers in what you preach, there would be no youtube videos or reality TV shows like < ‘Preppers” , there would be war instead.

So, while I think militia men are naive, I would like to see them atleast put their money were their mouths are, otherwise, I wouldn’t mind seeing them just disappear from the naked eye. The militia movement reminds me of Floyd Mayweather Jr. Claiming that he is the best fighter, yet he won’t fight his only competition, Manny Pacqiaou, or in the miltia’s case…….the US government.

If you are a prepper or a militia man, sorry to offend, but I just think you guys are naive and silly, especially for being so public about your participation in such groups and for your lack of action. Your time may be better spent investing in ways to improve your career so that you can obtain the wealth to buy an island with your own privately owned military company , (PMC).  Kingdoms must fight Kingdoms!

Get real or move onto something else.

I have no illusions implanted in my mind anymore. I took on the government alone as a renegade sovereign attorney and was chewed up and spit out.  Although I had a few victories along the way, and even got a corrupt official fired….However, I lost my family and everything that mattered because of my battles……I hope you fellas know what you are getting yourselves into before you try to be the next Braveheart.

Stop fighting the government and stop investing in technology to make it’s services and control obsolete!  

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan 2014


If you hate Mexican Immigrants- Please read (En Espanol y Ingles)

(Spanish version at bottom)

“People think they are free by being citizens of the US government and they claim to have all of the “licenses” for their freedoms. So, asking for permission makes you free? Nice gun permit. Nice Marriage License. What a crock!” – RDS

I have heard it all before, the old familiar ignorant phrases uttered by many “citizens” of the corporate entity known as the “United States of America”. (Governments are entities not places).

1. Why don’t those Mexicans go back to their own country!

2. Why don’t they learn English if they are going to be in OUR land? 

I have heard these phrases many times throughout my childhood, and it never made sense to me. Even though I have white skin, I have never labeled myself as “white” or even as an “American”…I am a man without such labels, because I do not label myself as being the property of government (Citizenship is slavery).

Next, the dreaded cries of ,  “They should learn English!”

This is far by the most ignorant statement someone like this can say. Firstly, let us look at so called “Mexican” History.  To start off, Mexico is not a “place”, it’s just the name of the government in those lands.  Secondly, Spanish is a EUROPEAN WHITE language. That’s right! Most people who live in central American countries are not speaking a “brown man’s” language. They are speaking a WHITE language.  Spanish comes from a “country”called SPAIN located in EUROPE. The continent of Europe is predominantly a WHITE geographic area.

Lastly, “Mexicans” and other people coming from “Latin America” (Another stupid label- Since Latin is also a European term) …….

98% of “Latinos” are Christian.   Were Mexicans and other “Latinos” always Christian? No they were not! The WHITE spaniards forced them to adopt Spanish as a language and Christianity as their religion or else face death.  Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, the Mexicans were not called “Mexicans”, they were called, Aztecs, Mayans, and other names under their original languages. These tribes had their own unique languages and religious beliefs.

Many would have you believe that before the white people showed up in what we know today as “Central” and “South” America, that these people were uneducated, stupid, and were not civilized. However, history shows us that the Incas, the Aztecs, and other original peoples of these lands had already conducted complex surgeries including brain surgery as well as cosmetic surgery using the sharpened edges of Obsidian rocks as surgical knives. (Obsidian is still used in modern medicine today as surgical tools!)

In conclusion, let me get this straight gringos! 

You want these people, who live behind a man-made arbitrary fence to pay the US government, who previously raped natives, thousands of dollars for a special permission slip to enter into these lands?

Then you want them to learn another White language such as “English”?

The “Latinos” were already forced to learn a White European Language, Spanish……….then they were forced to adopt the Christian religion by these same White people. Then these same white people raped and killed the tribes to the north, (US- Cherokee, Apache, ect…), build a wall between the lands and then try to charge them a fee to enter lands created by the Universal spirit known to all of mankind by various names. (Krishna, Allah, Tao, Zeus, ect……)

Utter ridiculousness!

I also find it funny that these “Central American” countries are labeled as “Latin America”.  Latin is the mother language that inspired the creation of German, French, and English.  So in my view, “Latinos” are taking on European labels……..speaking his language, taking on his names, and adopting his religion. Then these same people want to sound tough and call us , “Gringos” (White boy, American, ect….) using a White peoples language to do so!

“It’s sad to see…’s like when a brainwashed “Black” Person makes fun of another black person for being a scholar by calling him an “Uncle Tom”.  The imperialists have trained their victims to hate one another. This isn’t exclusive to blacks and Latinos.  White Europeans have also had a history of civil wars and self-hate. see Bosnia, Ukraine, Germany, ect….  The aliens above call us the “Human syndrome”. – RDS 

It is quite Ironic! It makes me wonder why more “Latinos” are not trying to resurrect their native languages and traditions. I suppose being poor and wondering where your next meal is going to come from is far more important than some cultural history lesson. Nevertheless, these are issues worth thinking about.

This trend is not only in “Latin America”, but across the globe. The Philippines, Congo, South Africa……

France is another one.  The same thing happening to Mexicans has also happened to Natives living in what is now known as “Canada”. The natives there were forced to learn “French” by their French conquerers.

I know what many people are saying at this point, “Yeah yeah, this is the 21st century, what about jobs?”

As far as the argument stating , “Mexicans are stealing jobs…”,  that too is also ridiculous. In a free, voluntary society,  “Jobs” belong to “business owners”, therefore they have a right to employ whoever they wish.  We are not property of any government. And jobs are not things that we can claim unless we are hired or have created the job ourselves by being a business owner.

If you cannot compete with an unskilled “Mexican” with no education or experience, then perhaps you just need to upgrade your own marketable skills in order to be a more attractive employee.

The borders of human consciousness have slowly eroded due to the globalized ideas of human freedom which have spread via the internet. Terms like Anarchism, Voluntaryism, and Anarcho-Capitalism will soon become household names. As information like this spreads,  as technology improves, and as English and Mandarin becomes more of Globally spoke languages………soon, humanity will figure out that the only two things that separate us are Fear and man made borders.

That’s it!

When we take flight into the sky after boarding a plane, what do we see? Borders? Country names written into the Earth? No! You only see Trees, mountains, cities, and bodies of water…………no mentions of countries or borders can be seen by the naked eye……..because borders do not exist, they are just concepts made up by governments. In fact, governments do not exist! Government is just a small group of people who have convinced the rest of society that having shitty monopolized services paid for by taxation (Violent extortion) is a great idea…….these small group of people are then “elected” through these brainwashed “citizens” who think that voting for a master (president) makes them “free”. Give me break!

We all know that government services could be privatized and competed with on an open and free market.   Perhaps we don’t all know this………for if we did, then surely the notion of borders and nations would be nowhere in site and technology would already be lightyears head of what it is now.

Alternative currencies, Industrial hemp, self-driving cars………..All currently BANNED by (not in) the mafia known as the “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA”

So, next time you see a “Mexican” (Aztec),  perhaps it is you who should be learning their Actez culture to assimilate.  And no matter who you are, where you come from………….stop waving those damn flags with your “country” names on it. Spain. Germany. USA. China….just stop! Stop waving the flags of your own enslavement and do what Jesus did. Tell the world, “My Kingdom is not of this world.”  Do what the Buddha did, leave your palace of comfort and declare that “The World is your student”.  Listen to Jesus and Buddha……….the two most well known anarchists in current history.  Stop calling yourselves by nationalities and color. Just be human beings with given names for god’s sake! (Easier said than done)

Hopefully, one day, through advances in logic, philosophy, and technology, ..the governments of the world shall be eventually rendered obsolete.

P.S.- If your family was starving, and all you had to do was jump over a government fence in order to be fed, would you do it?  If you say “no’ then you’re lying or you are just naive. 

- Arminius “Ulric’ Roukan



“La gente piensa que están libres por ser ciudadanos del gobierno de Estados Unidos y que dicen disponer de todas las” licencias “para sus libertades. Así, pidiendo permiso te hace libre? Permiso de armas de Niza. Licencia de Matrimonio Niza. Lo que una vasija de barro “- RDS

He oído todo antes, las viejas frases ignorantes familiares pronunciadas por muchos “ciudadanos” de la entidad corporativa conocida como los “Estados Unidos de América”. (Gobiernos son entidades no lugares).

1. ¿Por qué no los mexicanos a volver a su propio país!

2. ¿Por qué no aprender Inglés si van a estar en nuestra tierra?

He escuchado estas frases muchas veces durante mi infancia, y nunca tuvo sentido para mí. Aunque tengo la piel blanca, nunca he yo etiquetada como “blancos” o incluso como un “americano” … Soy un hombre sin esas etiquetas, porque no me etiqueto a mí mismo como propiedad del gobierno (La ciudadanía es la esclavitud).

A continuación, los gritos temibles de “Deberían aprender Inglés!”

Este es el momento por la declaración más ignorante a alguien así puede decir. En primer lugar, echemos un vistazo a la llamada Historia “mexicano”. Para empezar, México no es un “lugar”, es sólo el nombre del gobierno en esas tierras. En segundo lugar, el español es una lengua blanca europea. Eso es correcto! La mayoría de las personas que viven en los países centroamericanos no hablan el lenguaje de un “hombre de color marrón”. Hablan una lengua BLANCO. Español viene de un “país” llamado ESPAÑA ubicados en Europa. El continente europeo es predominantemente un área geográfica BLANCO.

Por último, “mexicanos” y otras personas que vienen de “América Latina” (Otro etiquetado estúpido Desde América es también un término Europea) …….

98% de los “latinos” son cristianos. Fueron los mexicanos y otros latinos “” siempre cristiana? No, no lo eran! Los españoles blancos les obligaron a adoptar español como lengua y el cristianismo como su religión o enfrentar la muerte más. Antes de la llegada de los españoles, los mexicanos no fueron llamados “mexicanos”, se les llamaba, aztecas, mayas y otros nombres en sus idiomas originales. Estas tribus tenían sus propias lenguas únicas y creencias religiosas.

Muchos tratan de hacernos creer que antes de que las personas de raza blanca se presentaron en lo que hoy conocemos como “Central” y “Sur” América, que esta gente era ignorante, estúpido, y no eran civilizados. Sin embargo, la historia nos muestra que los incas, los aztecas y otros pueblos originarios de estas tierras ya habían realizado cirugías complejas, incluyendo cirugía cerebral, así como la cirugía estética con los bordes afilados de obsidiana rocas como cuchillos quirúrgicos. (Obsidiana todavía se utiliza en la medicina moderna de hoy como herramientas quirúrgicas!)

En conclusión, si lo entiendo gringos rectas!

Usted quiere que estas personas, que viven detrás de una valla arbitraria hecha por el hombre para pagar el gobierno de Estados Unidos, que previamente violadas nativos, miles de dólares por un permiso especial para entrar en estas tierras?

Entonces usted quiere que aprendan otro idioma Blanca como “Inglés”?

Los “latinos” que ya se vieron obligados a aprender un idioma Blanco Europeo, Español ……… .then se vieron obligados a adoptar la religión cristiana por estas mismas personas blancas. Entonces estas mismas personas blancas violadas y asesinadas las tribus del norte, (US- Cherokee, Apache, ect …), construir un muro entre las tierras y luego tratar de cobrarles una cuota para entrar en tierras creadas por el espíritu universal conocido por todos de la humanidad por varios nombres. (Krishna, Alá, Tao, Zeus, ect ……)

Ridiculez absoluta!

También me resulta curioso que estos países “centroamericanos” son etiquetados como “Latinoamérica”. El latín es la lengua materna que inspiró la creación de Alemán, Francés e Inglés. Así que, en mi opinión, “latinos” están tomando en las etiquetas europeas …… ..speaking su lenguaje, tomando en sus nombres, y la adopción de su religión. Entonces estas mismas personas quieren sonar duro y nos llaman, “Gringos” (Muchacho blanco, americano, etc ….) Utilizando un lenguaje de los pueblos blancos de hacerlo!

“Es triste ver … es como cuando un lavado de cerebro” Negro “Persona burla de otra persona negro por ser un estudioso llamándolo un” Tío Tom “. Los imperialistas han entrenado a sus víctimas a aborrecerán. Esto no es exclusivo de los negros y los latinos. Blancos europeos también han tenido una historia de guerras civiles y de auto-odio. ver Bosnia, Ucrania, Alemania, ect …. Los alienígenas anteriormente nos llaman el “síndrome humano”. – RDS

Es bastante irónico! Esto me hace preguntarme por qué más “latinos” no se trata de resucitar a sus lenguas y tradiciones indígenas. Supongo que ser pobre y preguntándose dónde está su próxima comida se va a venir es mucho más importante que alguna lección de historia cultural. Sin embargo, estos son temas vale la pena pensar.

Esta tendencia no sólo en “América Latina”, sino en todo el mundo. Filipinas, Congo, Sudáfrica ……

Francia es otro. Lo mismo sucede con los mexicanos también ha ocurrido con los nativos que vivían en lo que ahora se conoce como “Canadá”. Los nativos de allí se vieron obligados a aprender “francés” por sus conquistadores franceses.

Yo sé lo que mucha gente está diciendo en este momento, “Sí, sí, este es el siglo 21, ¿qué hay de puestos de trabajo?”

En cuanto al argumento que indica, “los mexicanos están robando puestos de trabajo …”, eso también es también ridículo. En una sociedad libre, voluntaria, “Jobs” pertenecen a “los dueños de negocios”, por lo tanto tienen derecho a emplear el que lo desean. No somos propiedad de cualquier gobierno. Y puestos de trabajo no son las cosas que podemos reclamar a menos que se contratan o hemos creado el trabajo nosotros mismos por ser dueño de un negocio.

Si no puede competir con una no calificada “mexicano” que no tienen educación o experiencia, entonces tal vez usted sólo tiene que actualizar sus propias habilidades comerciales con el fin de ser un empleado más atractivo.

Las fronteras de la conciencia humana han erosionado lentamente debido a las ideas globalizadas de la libertad humana que se han difundido a través de Internet. Términos como el anarquismo, Voluntaryism y anarcocapitalismo pronto se convertirán en nombres muy conocidos. Como este tipo de información se extiende, como la tecnología mejora y se vuelve como Inglés y Mandarín más de Globalmente hablaba idiomas ……… pronto, la humanidad se darán cuenta de que las únicas dos cosas que nos separan son las fronteras del miedo y de origen humano.

Eso es todo!

Cuando tomamos el vuelo en el cielo después de abordar un avión, ¿qué vemos? Borders? Los nombres de países escriben en la Tierra? ¡No! Usted sólo ve los árboles, montañas, ciudades y cuerpos de agua ………… hay menciones de países o fronteras se pueden ver a simple vista …… ..because fronteras no existen, no son más que conceptos realizados por los gobiernos. De hecho, no existen gobiernos! Gobierno es sólo un pequeño grupo de personas que se han convencido al resto de la sociedad que tienen los servicios de mierda monopolizados pagados por los impuestos (extorsión violenta) es una gran idea …… pequeño grupo .these de personas están a continuación, “elegido” a través de estos “ciudadanos cerebro lavado “que piensan que votar por un maestro (presidente) los hace” libre “. Dame rompo!

Todos sabemos que los servicios gubernamentales podrían ser privatizados y compitieron en un mercado abierto y libre. Tal vez no nos todos sabemos que esto ……… porque si lo hiciéramos, entonces seguramente la noción de fronteras y naciones estaríamos en ninguna parte del sitio y la tecnología ya sería cabeza de años luz de lo que es ahora.

Divisas alternativas, el cáñamo industrial, automóviles auto-conducción ……… .all actualmente prohibido por (no dentro) de la mafia conocido como el “ESTADOS UNIDOS DE AMÉRICA”

Así, la próxima vez que vea un “mexicano” (Azteca), quizás es usted quien debe aprender su cultura Actez asimilar. Y no importa quién eres, de dónde vienes ………… .Stop agitando esos malditos banderas con sus nombres “país” en él. España. Alemania. EE.UU.. China, … .just parar! Deja de agitar las banderas de su propia esclavitud y hacer lo que hizo Jesús. Dígale al mundo: “Mi reino no es de este mundo.” Haced lo que el Buda no, deje su palacio de confort y declarar que “el mundo es su hijo”. Escuche a Jesús y Buda ……… .los dos anarquistas más conocidos de la historia actual. Deja de llamar a sí mismos por nacionalidades y color. Sólo ser seres humanos con nombres dados por el amor de dios! (Es más fácil decirlo que hacerlo)

Esperemos que un día, gracias a los avances en la lógica, la filosofía y la tecnología, ..los gobiernos del mundo será finalmente obsoleto.

PD: Si su familia estaba muriendo de hambre, y todo lo que tenías que hacer era saltar por encima de una valla de gobierno con el fin de ser alimentado, ¿lo harías? Si usted dice “no”, entonces usted está mintiendo o si son sólo ingenuo.

- Arminius “Ulric” Roukan 2014


Sociology: Is it logical to be proud of your race?

In light of the continued “race debate” being injected into the social mainstream though the news media outlets, I decided i’d voice my opinion on race….

While this website mainly deals with gaining sovereignty from the court system, I occasionally make  efforts to write articles about emotional, social, and spiritual sovereignty.   Today let us talk about how labels and the obsession of race and collective identifiers often get in the way of destroying our own ignorance towards other human beings…. let’s talk about RACE.

We have all seen it……..whether it be from a facebook post, or on a bumper sticker

“Proud to be Mexican”

“White Pride”

“Brown Pride”

“Black Proud”

” I am proud of my Irish blood!”


These may seem harmless on the surface, however, these sort of sentiments are actually quite humorous.

Being “proud” denotes some type of achievement or success. Yet, your race is entirely out of your control.  Your parent’s are the only one’s who can choose the race of their child.  Thus, your race is mostly just a genetic accident. Two lovers who happened to be from similar backgrounds.

Also, when race-relavence is combined with historic achievements, the conversation here becomes even more laughable!

Like when white people try to say things such as, ” White people invented electricity”. Or when Asian people say, “We invented gun powder” .  Or when black people say,  ” We invented the first refrigerator”

When in reality, they are all wrong.  In these examples, “We” is not relevant. If a person invents something, his race has no merit. The only merits to be claimed are those of the individual.  For example, let’s say that I invent a computer that can make waffles.  Do I get the credit for the invention or do all white people also get credit for it?

The same thing goes with nationality and religion. Most people do not willfully become citizens of any government. They are born into it or they are pressured into citizenship for economic reasons.  Religion is no different. Most people did not logically conclude to make an informed decision on whether or not their parent’s religious beliefs held up to their own standard. Most people never chose their religion, instead they were raised into it.

However, with DNA/Genetics, there is no choice at all.  No one can truly be “proud” of their race, because they had absolutely no input.  It is actually insulting. Take me for example, even though my skin is white, I mainly identify and feel comfortable around the Asian and Hispanic cultural ways.  Does this mean that I am ashamed of my European white ancestry? Not at all…….I just don’t place limitation on the way I live based on my race,DNA, or bloodline. Besides, how many of us are 100% pure nowadays anyway?  Regardless….

My individual accomplishments, interests, and skills define who I am. I am not a result of collectivism and I refuse to bear the weight of an entire race of people on my back.  I can only speak for my own actions, not of anyone else’s.

Being an Anarchist and someone who adopts many cultures into his daily life, I am a bit of a refugee with an identity crisis.  This crisis has lead me to practice many religions, hold a diverse group of friends, and has driven me towards questioning any and all social norms.  I literally have no limits on who can or cannot be in my inner circle when it comes to DNA or facial features.  Nor do I limit my charity to one specific race of people.

If you want to help a certain group of people, why put them in sub-categories? Why target only certain groups of people being effected by poverty. Why not all people’s? Why can’t people just be consistent? All things deserve equal skepticism and equal consideration.

As soon as you separate yourself off into a “category” and begin latching onto a “collective’ you then no longer have to speak for YOURSELF.   Being proud of your race is just a lazy cop-out for the lack of individual self-worth that many suffer from. I am not a proud white man, I am simply a proud man who has accomplished many things with my own two hands!

White people are not allowed to be proud of their race, because they are the majority in America. To do so would be considered “racist”.I tend to follow the thoughts of Morgan Freeman who said,

“I don’t want a black history month. You can’t fit black history into a month and you can’t relegate it. Black History is simply American history. Stop calling me a black man and I’ll stop calling you a white man.”

I tend to agree with his statements.  Being proud of a culture is one thing, but to be proud of your race is just silly!  To practice a culture requires effort, to be born as a white or black man has no choice involved, thus nothing to be ashamed or proud of.

Speaking of culture……..there are many people who adopt cultures that are not normally associated with their skin color. There are some white people who love “black” culture so much that they immerse themselves into it. There are some white people such as myself, who love latin culture and asian culture. There are some black people who hate rap music and prefer pop music and country! Go figure right? In today’s world we have the ability to choose our culture, but unless scientists create a race altering device…….then you have no business proclaiming that you are proud to be a certain color/race, since you had absolutely no say in the matter.

This should not anger you, but rather empower you! Upon realizing this, I now feel closer to all of my fellow human beings and I feel comfortable knowing that I have nothing to be ashamed about as a so called “white man” for loving Salsa music, speaking spanish, having an Asian girlfriend, or listening to a Tupac album in my car.

What? Just because I am white I am supposed to have “European pride” stickers on my car? Should I be proud of my blue eyes that I had no choice in having?

Being comfortable in your own skin and learning to accept your body is good………but being accepting of your body, or even having a beautiful body does not make yours any more/less important on the karmic scale of life and death.

This article is also dedicated to those who are often labeled as “Uncle Toms” in the black community.  Young , educated, black men who speak proper english are often taunted by other blacks males as being an “Uncle Tom” or “A white man’s boy”.

Or when a white man prefers the company of black women and often listens to rap music, he will be labled as a “wigger”.

Now, does racism exist? Sure it does! Are some people legitimately proud of their skin color! You bet! But let us remember what many spiritual teachers such as “Jesus Christ” and the “Buddha” taught.

“Pride is the forerunner of evil.”

The fact is, the human spirit is controlling a meat-puppet known as a human body. The spirit cannot choose it’s race, but it can choose it’s culture. So if you want to be proud of your chosen culture, then so be it……..but those blue eyes , not so much……it was never your choice to have them. Just got lucky!  And who knows……maybe not everything thinks having blue eyes is an attractive feature. Don’t be so fool of yourself!

Just something to ponder on.

One Love.

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan

Sovereign Tactics



Can you work within the system while seeking to abolish it?

As an activist who has attempted to indict two presidents, who has fought the courts for my right to travel, who was successful in getting a corrupt county clerk fired (John Arriola), who has resisted the IRS, and was even labeled as a “domestic terrorist” by the TSA, (until I sued them in court and was eventually removed from the list as a settlement offer) , It is safe to say that I have certainly paid my dues as a freedom fighter and human rights advocate. My journey has caused me and my family untold amounts of stress and physical/financial hardship.

Due to increased family responsibilities, I have decided to join the ranks of the legal profession and become “certified” as a legal assistant. As an assistant, I would not be required to take an oath, I would be able to earn money for my family, and would have a chance to learn the inner workings of the legal system, in which such information could be relayed back to my readers! To me, it is a win-win! I have decided to learn the “inside game”, for the benefit of my readers, my financial livelehood, and for my family.

Unfortunately, many of my fans do not see it this way.

Lately, I have gotten a surge of e-mails from fans calling me every name in the book such as “traitor”, “insider”, “double-agent”, ect….

However, I would like to address these sentiments. Especially since most of these people have probably never put themselves at risk or have even been in a court room themselves. It is easy to criticize, yet difficult to take action yourself.


Most libertarians come from two schools of thought.

1. Work outside of the the system, refusing to participate in it a least as possible, while seeking alternatives in order to create state obsoletion. 

2. Work inside of the current paradigm by infiltrating the system while trying to curb it’s destructive nature. 

The first category will often criticize the second and says,

” You cannot expect to infiltrate the mafia and convince them to stop terrorizing neighborhoods.”

While the second category will often criticize the first and says,

” You have to be practical. We can’t just have a utopia overnight. We have to work with the parameters that are available to us today!”

What if I were to tell you that both groups were right! The first group makes a good point. We cannot seek a cure from the same system that gave us the disease! However, the second group also makes a good point. We cannot hope to conquer a disease without first exposing ourselves to the disease itself through direct contact and participation with it.  And when this disease has been present for a long time, the body (society), make undergo shock and panic if it is abruptly removed.

Many anarchists/anarcho-capitalists point to the words and actions of famous Indian activist Mohandas Ghandi. Ghandi was a lawyer during the British occupation of India. For years, Ghandi worked tirelessly as a lawyer to argue and fight the unjust laws that the British had forced upon his people. Ghandi came to know the system that enslaved him very well.

Eventually, Ghandi made the choice to quit his job, leave behind his prestige, and became a Hindu monk/priest.  He came to the conclusion that he could better combat the system through the outside, whereas he would no longer be bound to the rules of his oath to which he had taken as a lawyer. You see, when you are licensed by any government agency, you are intentionally (or perhaps unintentionally) swearing allegiance to said government. Thus, you are bound by it’s rules, codes, statutes, ect…

This is not to say that if you were to get rid of all of your licenses that the legal system would leave you alone, however, it would make your argument and demeanor more consistent and easier to be invoked, as there would be no evidence of consent.

But, do we truly consent? And did Ghandi’s time as a lawyer make him a better or worse activist in the long run? I would say that most of us carry some type of government license………whether it be a gun permit, drivers permit, fishing license, ect… And most of us pay some form of tax.  Some of us proudly pay such things, others pay it under duress, (meaning to not do so would cause them to be jailed, so they comply under threat), ….and some…….a small few……are brave enough to completely refuse such controls, and are willing to face whatever consequences that may come their way.

Eventually, Ghandi was able to reach this level of bravery and fought the system on his own terms. But how so?  Let us look deeply into histories bravest resistors.

Ghandi. Malcom X. Martin Luther King Jr. JFK. Ron Paul. Lysander Spooner., Edward Snowden, Mulan of China…

All of these men and women have two things in common. They all openly resisted the system, and they all worked for the system at one point or another.

“Know thy enemy. Know thyself.”

This is a common strategy that is uttered throughout battlefields across the globe.  It is difficult to fight an enemy, especially one who has public support (whether it be through voluntarily or involuntary compliance.)

Think of this from the opposite perspective.  During the Occupy Wallstreet protests, many undercover police officers were commanded to join the protesters. To protest side by side with them. To act as one of them. Soon, these officers acted as spies, agent provocateurs, and saboteurs.

The enemy (The state) , has used the same tactics as the heroes listed above.

Some will say,

“Power corrupts. You cannot infiltrate the system without being corrupted yourself.”

This is an obvious concern, and has happened. If you look into the lives of Martin Luther King Jr, Ron Paul, and Malcom X, you will find some disturbing things in their bid for power. But, as in all things, we must see the greater good in their sacrifice and realize their shortcoming as human beings.

This article is not meant to encourage any type of tactic or behavior. I am not telling my readers to “run for office and infiltrate the system.”  Personally, I think the best way to defeat the system is to make it irrelevant. Stop voting, stop using their currencies, start building alternatives to their monopolized services, and just stop talking about them period.

Alas, the only way to achieve that by itself would be if we were able to convince 50% of the population to take action and put themselves in harms way.

But, the sad reality is that most of us have children, responsibilities, or other people who rely on us which make it very detrimental to our survival and to the survival of our family to openly resist the system.  For those who are brave enough and have the ability/resources/lack of family commitments to openly resist the system, …….then we should give these people our utmost support in any way we can. We should not be envious of them, nor should they scold those who choose to comply.  Since not to comply would mean certain death for many of us and our children (if you are a parent.)

If you are not in a position to openly resist, and cannot see yourself being put in a position to be able to, then that’s where infiltration and passive resistance becomes an option.

Was it a good or bad thing that a congressman such as Ron Paul vehemently argued for libertarian principles? Was it a good or bad thing that as an anarchist and as a Lawyer, Lysander Spooner helped draft dodgers to resist by representing them in court, stating that “treason was not possible since none of us signed the constitution.” Was it a good or a bad thing that Mulan joined the Chinese army disguised as a male?  While she did participate in another meaningless war, she also inspired women across the globe to empower their bodies and minds.

I say that in order for Voluntaryism to succeed, we need three groups of people to fight against a common enemy. That enemy being those that firmly believe that statism is “good” or “moral”.

1. Those who actively resist the system, regardless of consequence. Hardcore rebels.  Tax resistors. Draft Dodgers. Those who travel without a licensure, those who challenge the BAR assocation in the middle of court proceedings, and other acts of civil disobedience.

2. Passive resistors. Those who fight traffic tickets. Protest. Government employees who become whistleblowers. Politicians, such as Ron Paul who openly call for the abolition of the CIA, those who speak out and seek to politely educate others.

Regardless of your approach, whether it be one or the other, or a combination of both…………..simply getting a statist tp understand and admit that “statism is not consistent”, is a HUGE victory.

We must remember the words of Malcom X.

“Be patient with others. For there was a time when you did not know what you know today.”

Do not be “preachy”. Do not be obsessed with the negative and the “gloom and doom”. We must show our detractors that there is a more peaceful and inviting alternative to the monopolized systems that we have in place today. Once we can educate others on how to empower themselves and take control of the world around them, suddenly they become more receptive.

Sharing articles of Iraqi Children with their heads blown off, is not the best way to convince someone to be anti-war. Nor is saying, “Taxation is theft”, the best way to convince someone to become an anarcho-capitalist.  Showing statistics, facts,and positive alternatives, (such as bit-coin, private defense agencies, local currencies, and new technologies) is a far more adult and less confrontational way to talk to a statist.

Some say that I am advocating a “cult-like agenda”. No no no! I do not advocate that you go door-to-door like some jehovas witness.  Nor am I advocating for a revolution or a destruction of the state.

All I ask is that state give us the option to “opt-out” and create our own alternative means. We want choice! And we want it now! No more state sanctioned power grids. No more monopolized currencies or monopolized highways. No more unaccountable monopolized policing forces. We want across the board privatization.

Now , does privatization have its issues and concerns? Of course. But, atleast we have choices on whether or not we want to support and fund private companies. Public services do not give us such a choice, thus, they have no accountability. No competitors= No worries for them.

So in conclusion,

No matter which avenue you take to defend or expand liberty. Just be sure that you have a well thought out plan that will fulfill your personal goals and priorities.  And do not be so quick to shame the “infiltrator”, and the infiltrators should not be so quick to say that those who fight outside the system are being “unrealistic” or “utopian.”

Remember, it is the inventors who will give us alternatives to government control, not the politicians.

However, those who infiltrate the system and do their best to curb government control will give the inventor more comfort and space in order to make the obsoletion of government more possible and on a much faster timeline.

Unless we can convince 3 billion people overnight that statism is morally inconsistent, and we can come up with the technology that will allow us to thrive as a civilized species without government control……………then we must realize that “Rome was not built in a day”

So stop the in-fighting, stop the shaming, and start working together!

Just “knowing” and openly “admitting” that the state in inherently a monopolized and morally inconsistent entity is a huge personal victory. And in my opinion, that is the first step in defeating statism.

If people cannot understand why statism is bad, then why would they be interested in resisting it? And furthermore, convincing people that statism is bad is not enough, we must also have alternatives in place. Without viable alternatives then we will be forever labeled as “utopian dreamers”.

Many Voluntaryists spend so much time “hating the state”, and read so many book on why the state is evil, they forget that researching methods on how to make the state obsolete is just as or even more so important.

Knowing why Cancer is evil and destructive is important for any medical researcher. Yet, it is the cure that is more sought after. If you are always searching for reasons why something is bad, you will forever be tangled in it.

This is the essence of politics and medicine.  Doctors and politicians are paid to “treat the symptom”,…….because if they found a cure, then they’d be out of a job.  Most doctors, lawyers, and politicians are evil parasitic scum who know this. But a few of them, are working on the inside for us freedom fighters on the outside! A few brave insiders are acting as whistleblowers and are acting to push-back destructive laws in order to give the inventors/rebels enough time to muster up the resources needed to bring in obsoseletion of Big government, Big Pharma, and other forms of sanctioned criminal organizations.

Not all insiders are parasitic. And not all outsiders are 40 year olds living in their basements posting, “F*** the police” on their facebook all day.

Some insiders are acting as whistleblowers. Some outsiders are inventing new technologies that can put government and big corporations out of business and give control back to the individual.

In either case, we must organize for peace as well as those who organize for war.

P.S.- And if you are going to criticize me for working inside the system, then you could at least be consistent, as I hope you are practicing what you preach and resisting yourself! Don’t criticize my efforts when many of you have not even done anything to fight for freedom besides complaining on facebook. And to everyone else……….Thank you for the continued support!  I look forward to consulting and helping thousands of others in 2015!


Arminius “Ulric” Roukan




Life Science: How to bear and avoid a “Scarlet Letter”

Although this website primarily deals with sovereignty in relation to “the law”, I also like to delve into mental, emotional, and spiritual sovereignty as well. Read on…..

In 1850, Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote the fiction novel,

“The Scarlet Letter” 

It is a story about a young woman in a very conservative Quaker village who ends up cheating on her husband with a priest.  Eventually the townspeople discover her infidelity and she is forced to wear the letter “A” on her dress. The “A” is bright red, (scarlet). The “A” stands for “Adultress”.

The woman is scorned by society and made into a social outcast.  Her apologies, her sorrow, her pleas for forgiveness……….all meaningless to the townspeople. In their eyes, she is a moldy piece of bread, never again to be seen as wholesome or clean. Her reputation had been ruined, therefore, she could never be trusted again. (Or so the story says).

I really enjoy the premise of this book, however, I find it so disdainfully dark and true.  Why does society do this to other human beings? How can a thousand good deeds be overshadowed by one misdeed? What makes the human mind work this way?

It is simple……….pain is more memorable than joy. When the woman/man that you love gives you a kiss, or holds your hand, it can leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside for minutes, hours, or even days.

Yet, when someone we care about lies, misleads, or hurts our feelings it can last for months, years, or even a lifetime. Perhaps it is a survival mechanism. Since pain is so unpleasant, we naturally want to avoid it at all cost or seek to destroy whatever it is that is causing us such pain.

This is why “forgiveness” is a very courageous act. To give someone a second chance is a great honor. However, forgiveness is much like “gold”. It is a rare commodity and should only be invested in those who understand their misdeed.

Currently, we are living in the “cut off” culture. The divorce rate is something like 80% in America, people switch jobs and switch partners like they are changing outfits. Someone does one bad thing, one wrong word and…….BAM! Suddenly, all contact is cut off and you are left standing in the dark wondering what the hell just happened. No explanation, no chance to make amends……..zilch!

Such people who adopt this process of cutting people off cold turkey are often praised for their “courage”.  I, on the other hand, see it differently.  When someone hurts you, you owe it to the rest of society to tell that person “why” you are letting them go, so they can understand their mistake, it’s ramifications, and hopefully never do it again..

If the bank-robber is punished, is it not good? Yes………but only if the the captors explain to him WHY he is being punished. In this way, he can reflect on his mistake while locked away in his solitude, and perhaps when his incarceration is completed, he can re-enter the world with a new sense of perspective.

If the bank-robber is arrested and not told “why”. He will sit in his jail cell racking his brain………….”Is it because I did this?,  “Is it because I did that?” …….”Why am I here?”.

Obviously, no one is truly obligated to give an explanation as to “why” they are cutting someone off. But, from a karmic perspective, I see it as a great service to humanity.

Furthermore, I am not a fan of apologies. “I’m sorry”. “Forgive me”. Rather, I prefer “corrective actions”. When someone apologizes and then immediately follows up with “solutions” and “corrective actions”, then you should oblige such a person. Especially if it is his first offense or a rare occurrence.

When I make a mistake, and I truly feel the regret of my actions, I own up to it, apologize, then seek a remedy through action. If there is no corrective action, then perhaps the misdeed is just to great to be corrected, or the bond between you and the victim is just too far removed. Regardless, an effort to make amends is always a good sign that the abuser is atleast regretful of his misdeed.

If a boy carelessly threw a baseball across the street, breaking your window, would you not be angry? Of course you would! If the boy apologized, would it do some good in soothing your anger? Perhaps slightly. What if the boy apologized, and then rode his bike to the store and showed up at your house with a new window and offered to install it for you?  Obviously the second action shows that the boy has truly learned the weight of his actions and is seeking a remedy.

A mere “apology” only sets the tone.

This brings me back to the “Scarlet Letter”.  Many of us carry such letters. Scars from our past that continue to haunt us, that can potentially ruin our future relationships.  Take Mike Tyson for example.  At the age of 44, Mr. Tyson is a completely new man. He is now married, a devout Muslim, publically speaks about his troubled past, and reaches out to his children and the rest of his community.

Mr. Tyson was newly married just a few years back. Upon marrying this woman, he had to reluctantly tell her of his past misdeeds. The lying, the violence, the abuse, prison sentences, drug addictions, his past relationships……………a man with a troubled past is always finding himself in confession when meeting new people.

In spite of this known fact, if two newly connected spirits meet, and the meeting is wholesome, the other partner will not scorn the other’s “baggage”, but will instead help them “unpack” it.  However, understandably…….this requires much effort on behalf of the other partner with little to no baggage.

It’s truly a sad curse. This is why young people should quickly realize that many of their actions can be attached to them for a lifetime.  Fatherly and motherly involvement is paramount. Forget about providing financially for a moment……sure financial support is important, but giving children the life skills that they need to become emotionally, physically, spiritually, and mentally independent/stable is far more important. One bad choice can alter the course of someone’s life forever.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just take a magic eraser and wash away the past? Wouldn’t it be nice if we could wipe our memories clean of such misdeeds so that we wouldn’t have to tell others and we wouldn’t be lying at the same time?

Some do enter into new relationships without mentioning their past. However, even if the person is successful in hiding their past sins, the knowledge of it will always rest with them and their god. There is no escape…….

So what is the remedy to the “Scarlet Letter”.  Well, that’s a long story that requires a total revamping of your reputation that can take years to rebuild. Like the old saying goes,

“A building can take years to build, but only seconds to tear down.”

The other solution is “prevention”. Prevention is a million times more cost-effective than a cure.  You see ladies and gentlemen………life is experimental. Especially the first three decades of our lives. This is when humans experiment more than any other time in their lives. However, around the age of 30, most of us have enough experience in life to avoid the common pitfalls that plague most relationships. Whether or not we listen to this intuition is another topic.

Relationships are no different than a science experiment. And they are no different than taking care of a shared possession. Like a family car…….everyone uses it, therefore all must maintain it.

Life is a science. A science that only be mastered through great initial failure.  Often times we hurt others because of our fears that they will hurt us first, if we don’t first hurt them.  These people are called, “Self-Saboteurs”. I have been guilty of it myself.  We have been mistreated and stabbed on so many occasions, that good things, and good people actually scare us!  It’s really quite silly, when you consider that the Earth consists of billions of people. And I truly believe that most people are well intended…….and I know this from my own experimentation with friendships.

Being “outgoing” is a social experiment that teaches you about yourself and other human beings. A relationship that is born out of such experiments graduates to “Phase II” trials. If Phase II trials prove to be successful, then we enter into “Marriage”, i.e. “Successful Discovery”. And “Divorce” becomes the prognosis of the newly found discovery when/if the specimens (lovers) are left in unsanitary conditions for a prolonged period of time.

Remember, daily Hygiene is important in both our personal health and our relationships. Maintenance on a car is no different than maintaining anything else. Negligence is the root of all unhappiness. Never be careless with the hearts of others. The damage you leave on others is a reflection of the condition of your own heart.

I myself have my own set of “Scarlet Letters”, from many different letters of the alphabet..  As I am sure that many of my readers also have. Very few of us are without controversy. And those who are without such controversy have most likely experienced very little in life or have an incredible innate maturity that is rare indeed, and should thus be very thankful.

For those who are suffering with regret, despair, and long for the relationships that have crumbled at their feet, I heed these words to you….

“Seek this person out. Avoid lengthy words. Take action to make amends. If you are not successful, atone for your sins by replacing your misdeed with two good deeds towards your fellow man, and be sure that such deeds are equal in weight to the misdeed that you committed. “

“Redemption” is not “granted”, it is earned……through a lengthy process.

At the age of 27, I have burned many bridges, often prematurely and without second thought.  Alas, I am reaching a new state of realization. A state of realization that has told me that “Time is a commodity”. I no longer wish to waste time. Hurting others with my negligence, with my nonchalant attitude, nor hurting myself with potential regret.

Relationships are a huge responsibility that require much practice. Think of holding someone’s heart like holding a gun. In the hands of a trained expert, it can be used to protect many lives. In the hands of a negligent nincompoop, lives can be forever lost and/or altered.

So in the meantime, if you are not well-trained, practice by serving, traveling, communicating, and most importantly ….LISTENING.

Narcissism, egotism, and negligence are the tallest fences that separate you from peace and happiness. Time can reveal and heal all things. It only takes a little effort…..

Arminius “Ulric” Roukan 




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