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Ink-Um-Mind: Young Blogger Sees past the Surface World

Ink-Um-Mind: New Blog explores freedom and Consciousness

    Hello loyal readers. Today I will be taking the time to analyze my recent encounter with a fairly young blog/website that goes by the name of “Ink-Um-Mind”. Its’ content is very enjoyable and contains a lot of insight the macro/micro inner workings of the mind, body, psychic/spirit, and structures of society. In fact the website’s headlining message states:

          “Inner Conscious feedom and insight; a truth seekers hub.”

I came across this website indirectly by communicating with the owner after seeing her make some very interesting posts about the alternative currency, “Bitcoin” on a social networking platform. Anyone who is talking about “alternatives” that challenge the monopolized Federal Reserve System instantly becomes a noteworthy person in my network of allies. After a short yer interesting dialogue I was referred to her site and was very impressed with the website’s content.

The blog/website focuses on the metaphysical approach towards self-awareness, self-understanding, artistic expressions through a showcasing of art/paintings/writings, and overall “clean living” (i.e. practicing healthy habits while being conscious of your daily choices).

The blogger has a significant interest in “dream interpretation” as she recounts a series of lucid dreams in which she discovers new sides of her consciousness that she may/or may not have been aware of during her awake moments throughout the day. In one article, the author states that one of her dreams literally “saved” her life. A very interesting read if I do say so myself.

This is very significant for me, since I too enjoy keeping a log of my dreams.  Anytime that I have a dream that includes pronounced or long lasting images/events, I instantly begin researching my “dream dictionary” to help me decipher my experience. I have a personal belief, that I believe that the owner of “Ink-Um-Mind” most likely also shares, is that our dreams are literally the “house keepers” of our spirits.

What do I mean by “house-keepers” of our spirits. I believe that when an organism has a dream, especially one that leaves a lasting impression even after awaking from a slumber, is the mind’s way of trying to defragment, decipher, and deprogram the dead chi, bad karma, dark energy, or overall spiritual confusion that is holding us back from achieving a true understanding of the “self”.  A dream about laying in a meadow on a sunny day laden with a crowd of turtles and gray snakes may seem like a meaningless dream to many. But for me, this dream was a personal experience that I had which was anything but meaningless. After must research, this dream showed me that I was suffering from a classic case of “Fork in the road syndrome”. In laymen’s terms, I was conflicted.

I knew that I was conflicted deep down, yet I was able to repress such feelings during my waking hours, yet when we sleep, our mind lets it’s guard down and all energies, both good and bad freely flow. So, if you are lucky enough, or perhaps unlucky enough, to be romantically co-habitating (sleeping next to) a significant other, be sure that such a person who is laying next to you truly loves you, because believe it or not, …..positive and negative energies are contagious. Even more so when we are asleep since our aura’s guard is down. This is why I myself like to decorate my room with talismans, paintings and messages with positive auras to give me more peace of mind as I try to enter into my nightly slumber.

Enough about my inner ramblings…… Back to “Ink-Um-Mind”. Another thing that I noticed about this blog was the prevalence of an “Anti-Toxicity” theme. Whether it be emotionally, spiritually, or physically in the form of taking care of our physical vessel. The owner promotes the idea of avoiding Genetically Modified Organisms and  even has an article written which mentions how to detox the body both physically and from the perspective of having a tainted aura that has absorbed a lot of negativity. The blog also offers an online store-front which sales 100% all natural organic grade beauty/health products. I believe that such activism and education that leans towards self-awareness and taking care of your physical vessel in extremely important in the consumerism age that we live in.

When it comes to GMO’s and the overall idea of “what you put in, is what you get out” seems like common sense, yet it is something that is not quite promoted on a larger scale as I’d like to see when it comes to diet, especially in the United States. Your body requires food, water, and positive relationships in order to thrive. If your food, water, and relationships contain toxic matters, then guess what? Eventually your essence will absorb such toxins until you yourself become the object of avoidance to all of those who are clean and righteous in their bodies and minds.

When I discovered this website, I was happy to see the promotion of all-natural beauty products that are free from liver killing toxins. Even though I myself am a male, and I do not wear any make-up, the storefront still offers many creams/lotions that non-makeup wearers could still greatly benefit from. After seeing the products I emailed my sister, since I am trying to get her on the “au natural’ bandwagon when it comes to beauty products. Say goodbye to those lame “Mary-Kay” or “Clinique” products which appear to rely more on celebrity marketing rather than anything else. (atleast in my opinion).

My twin sister and many of my female relatives do wear make-up that is often times made with synthetic materials. Materials which contain identical substances that could also be matched up with the ingredient labels found on a bottle of Jet-Fuel. The skin/dermis, is the body’s largest organ. It acts as a barrier and as an “expellant” that pushes out toxins through exfoliation and sweat. When you put toxic products on your skin, your skins digests it just as your stomach does.  Since the make-up/skin care industry is essentially a billion-dollar industry which heavily relies on celebrity endorsements and mind-controlling media campaigns, people rarely care about the ingredients.

The products found on this blog offer everything from eye-liner to facial creams which can give consumers the ability to enhance their features with the confidence that they are not putting toxic materials on their skin. A word of caution to my friends who are on the great spiritual quest of self-knowledge and discovery, if you fill your body with toxins, those toxins eventually reach the brain, and the brain being the master CPU of thought processing, you can only imagine the dire consequences that having a toxic body will have on your ability to perform meditation or simple everyday tasks that require the use of logic and foreseeability.

For my loyal fans of Sovereigntactics.Org, you will be happy to know that the owner of the website as well as the website content also speaks of dreams which include governmental perspectives within the scopes of dream interpretation. The way in which humans have constructed man-made unnatural governmental systems are also a topic of “Ink-Um-Mind”, to which I found very fascinating. Especially her dream interpretation articles that made mentions of DARPA and the CIA.

The idea of “sovereignty” (self-ownership, self-mastery), is more than just knowing how to defend yourself against the long arm of the legal system. It’s also about knowing yourself in all ways possible. Knowing the limitations and possibilities of your mind, your body, and your perceptions.  If you are interested in getting to know yourself on a deeper level and have also been curious about those who investigate the inner-workings of their vicariously yet interdependent mental capacities………..then “Ink-Um-Mind” should be a nice exit for you to take when you are traveling down the  highspeed internet highway.

Check out her website, and give me a holler at and tell me what you think.  Does “Ink-Um-Mind” get a thumbs up or a thumbs down? I’d love to hear your thoughts. If I get enough positive feedback, perhaps I can convince her to give me an in-depth interview.

As for, I find the content very thought provoking. I’ve only read two articles at full length so far and I’m hooked.  As you read, keep this quote in mind………..

 “To see and to comprehend is the distance between the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans. They are near in some places, yet far in others” – Randell Stroud

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The Necessity of Struggle- A human condition

I know that I typically post about governmental/law based topics, however, I occasionally delve  into the “sovereignty” and “spiritual” aspects of liberty and freedom beyond a legal standpoint. True freedom comes from our motivations and spiritual mindsets after all.  No matter how well researched you are, it will be meaningless in the end if the motivations are not pure.

For 12 years I toiled as a competitive martial artist/boxer/kickboxer. I enjoyed the benefits of discipline, training, fame, strength, and glory. Yet, I did not respect my body nor the process of inner development in general and thus, I lost my ability to compete at a high level due to improper nutrition, injuries, and burn-out. Just like any relationship, once a certain level of abuse reaches a threshold, then something just snaps and the motivation and/or the ability to continue ceases.

Last night I stayed up until 3am watching videos of my old fights as well as some training sessions. I watched as I gradually improved and saw how my style changed along with my attitude and body.  Some I could fill the fire building in my heart, the anticipation of the attack, the heart, the courage, the drama, and the sense of satisfaction that comes with overcoming a difficult opponent.  I realized that I still had the desire to fight and I missed it so very much, but alas, my body just doesnt have the tools anymore.

But, then I started to question my motivations. Why did I love combat and martial arts so much? Was it because I was picked on as a child? Was it because I had a hero complex and wanted to protect my mother and sister from abusive boyfriends? Was it because I had something to prove? Or do humans just love a challenge?  Perhaps it’s a bit of all of them…..but I have realized that “challenges” is what drives human existence.  Without hunger, there is no motivation to eat. Without thirst, there is no motivation to drink. Without a fight, a warrior is forced into a life of docile living, something that he is unaccustomed too.  After my competitive career ended, perhaps this is why I began to protest the government. Because I needed some “fight”, some battle, some challenge to take on….

Alas my readers, whatever your passion may be,  work hard, yet treat your goals with respect.  Even the things we love can break us if we test their patience too much.  Regardless of your motivations, whether you are an activist, fighter, researcher, or whatever type of “enthusiast”, take care, and practice all things with a healthy moderation, or else you may lose the thing in it’s entirety.

This is a poem I wrote showing my grief, regret, respect, and acceptance for the things that I have lost. Yet, in what I have lost, I have made room to gain in life lessons and gaining a well-rounded life perspective. This poem describes who I was, and now the acceptance of who I AM. Perhaps one day I can return, only time and circumstance can tell, regardless, time must move forward. Enjoy.



“The Tempted Boxer” 

She was my first love.

I miss the way that her leather wrapped around my hands and my wrists.

I miss the honesty and the purity that her ring showed me.

I miss her simplicity in that all things must end in victory or defeat.

I miss how she reminded me that I was so strong in some areas yet so weak others.

She was always there waiting for me so long as I was prepared to work hard.

Despite her beauty and her simplicity the damage can also be so unforgiving and irreversible.

Regardless, I long for the ghost of what I was.

And I can not deny Who I am.

The Squared circle was my first love.

But a certain someone has made me realize that combat has an even more beautiful younger sister and her name is “acceptance and peace.”

R. Stroud



How to Reverse Guilty Testimony

Often times people find themselves in situations where they are surrounded in a social environment filled with questionable people who may find themselves constantly in harms way.  Many times we find that we are unintentionally caught up in their drama.  Sometimes we find ourselves in legal situations that seem hopeless due to our own ignorance of where we stand as free human beings.

Imagine this. A father comes home and practices baseball with his son. He pitches a ball towards his son and it hits him in the eye on accident. The boy’s eye becomes black and swollen. The next day, when the boy returns home from school, a government worker is with him to interrogate the boy’s father. Soon the father find’s himself in an interrogation room.

Often times,  arresting officers and detectives will say things such as….

” Your story is never going to hold up!”

” If you admit to doing it, I’ll ask the judge to cut you a deal”.

Don’t believe these statements! Only the District Attorney’s and the Judge’s can offer such plea deals.

If you are an unfortunate victim and fall for these tactics and admit to something that you have not done, or have stupidly given verbal testimony, you can cite “Undue Influence”stating that your testimony was given under a pressurized environment whereas your mental capabilities were not functioning properly.  Asking questions is always safe when dealing with authorities, however when you begin to make arguments and statements of innocence, you are creating loopholes for them to exploit. Before any court can accuse you of damaging someone or their property they must first prove jurisdiction, standing, and be able to verify any victim towards person(s) or properties.

If you have given into fear, and have started to spout off many statements which have gotten you into deep water with the law, and you feel that you have been bullied into giving guilty testimony you may be able to invoke the doctrine of “undue influence”.

“Undue Influence”

This is a legal term which roughly means, “To admit/Comply under threat or stress.”  Anything done “under duress” is considered tainted and not pure in the sense of it being consensual. Anything that is not done voluntarily is always questioned in terms of morality and sanctity.

Some may think that it is the same as “Under Duress”. Under Duress is where someone performs an action under a direct threat. However, Undue Influence, is more passive and suggestive.

Last but not least,

I want to remind all of my loyal fans to invoke and educate others on the principle of “Jury Nullification”. Regardless of whether or not you broke any man made law, the jury has the right to refuse a conviction, even if you admit to breaking such a law. If the jury feels that the law is unjust, they can refuse to convict. DA’ s and Judges have tried to keep “Jury Nullification” a secret for years, yet the word is coming out.

When you are court, everything must be proven……..and I mean EVERYTHING.  Proof that the Constitution is a contract that YOU signed-understood-agreed too, and that it is relevant to you, proof that no racketeering is taking place, proof that you performed some alleged harmful action, ect….

Claiming “Undue Influence” may tilt more leverage in your favor, however now that you are going back on your previous testimony, now any future actions will be under slightly more scrutiny. So, please be advised of that, and always be on the lookout for any mistakes on the part of the prosecution.

Discovery, Demurrers, and brushing up on using “leading” cross-examining tactics are essential towards fighting any victimless crime and defending yourself against the long arm of the law. Treat others with respect, uphold your contract obligations, be honorable, create no victim, and thus you shall always carry a light heart that is free of any burdensome weight.

“To give Equity is to receive Justice.”

- Randy S


District Attorney says , “The whole world is a Victim”.

Here at, we have a mantra…

“No Victim, No crime”.

In most victimless crime cases , I tend to ask the following questions

Who is the victim?

The state?

Who is the state?

Where is he/she/it?

Can you prove his/her/it’s existence?


Watch in this video as a man attempts to ask these tough questions.

Take notice that this man purchased the defense package from the services offered page on this website.  This video is very educational for my readers. Although the creator of this video did make some minor mistakes by giving away too much irrelevant information about himself, it will still an excellent effort on his part. Watch as the DA squirms in his seat as he attempts to answer these tough questions.

For more information about fighting victimless crimes, feel free to explore


- Randy Stroud





Man attempts to Arrest Officer

Websites like “Sovereign Tactics” and “Cop Block” , promote the idea of free-markets and anti-racketeering, and the notion that badges do not grant extra rights. Since we all know that government monopolized services are instituted by racketeering, many are taking it upon themselves to “police the police”.  In this video, we see a young man attempt to cite a police officer for “double parking”.

Many statists will try to defend the officer, however, in a true free society, everyone should be held to the same standard.  It is my belief that through logic, philosophy, and technology, a time will come where government services will be phased out through competing privatized services.

Last year more Americans have died at the hands of police officers than US soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.



Do you really know who you are? Identity Crisis in America

As a white man, living within the imaginary lines that many of us like to call, “The United States of America”, I feel that many of my paled skinned bretheren suffer from an identity crisis.  With the onset of materialism and economic cronyism, I also see it beginning to effect more unified cultural communities as well such as Africans, latinos, and Asians living here in the states.

With the prevalence of race-mixing (i’ll explain later) and the promotion of atheism, consumerism, and hedonism, the average person is more confused as ever as to whom they really are. Most people are living in such a state of confusion, or worse they believe that their existence is to simply enjoy the fruits of their labor by shopping at the mall or slurping down a milkshake while they watch their favorite sitcom.  This is the essence of their lives.

But, somewhere deep down inside, we all know, regardless of color, that there must be something more to life than just simply surviving and getting drunk on the weekends…

As a white man, I suffered from an identity crisis for most of my life. My parents did not cook European styled food, could not speak any European languages (besides indoctrinated English), we did not study any native European folk religions, nor did we discuss the origins of my ancestors. We were just the typical “American” family. We worked, came home, watched TV, went to the mall, and attended a Christian church on sundays.

Yet, as a pale skinned man, whom later realized that Christianity was not a “white” religion, but rather a middle eastern one, I began to wonder what religions did white people originally follow? What was the story of my ancestors?  Where did my great great great great great great great great great great grandparents come from?

As a boy I had always been interested in martial arts. By the time I became a teenager, I began to really immerse myself in Asian culture as well as it’s many religious/philosophical schools of thought. To this day I still greatly admire the Taoist school of thought. During my early years, I had a few girlfriends from different races, and even married a filipina at one point.  Living in the United States, I see many ethnic communities and religions, yet the white people seemed to be so scattered and far removed from the practice of honoring their ancestors and their cultural origins.

I had always been an open minded person, whom loved to study the world’s major religions and the cultures that gave them life. To this day I am still very much interested in traveling to other countries and honoring their way of life and their gods’.

Despite this way of thinking, I still longed to know where my origins rested? What was my families’ descendants like?   I wanted to know. When I began to express my yearning to learn more about my bloodline, my parents could only tell me that they both had strong German  bloodlines. In fact, my aunt was born in Germany. My mothers first language was German, yet she had forgotten how to speak it once she rested in America.  I felt lucky, because many white people in America have absolutely no idea where their ancestors come from, since Europe is such a large place, and most white people are five or more generations removed.

Initially, some of my latino, american-black, and american asian friends were worried that I was embarking on some type of “Aryan nation” racist path. But, it was nothing like that. I simply wanted what they had. A sense of culture and knowing what my origins are. I still admire the asian philosophies, and still take lessons from the Talmud and the Bible, yet now I take great pride in the German philosophies and cultural beliefs as well.

My journey began with researching Germanic paganism. I then discovered Norse folklore and the newly formed “Asatru” community that focuses on the reconstruction of Germanic paganism.  Soon after, I found myself listening to ancient German folk songs, visiting german restaurants, and even participating in an Asatru ritual that involved drinking wine from a hollowed out bull’s horn and immediately paying homage to my dead ancestors by holding hands and chanting,  “We honor our dead, and for the righteousness in which they strive for. ”

I am still learning more and more about Asatru, and now for the first time, I am beginning to feel like I have some sense of self. And most of this is thanks to my Nigerian friend, for whom I call, “Bunmi”.  He introduced me to the traditional African religion of “Ifa”. Which involves paying respects to your dead ancestors and invoking blessing from traditional west African deities.

He explained to me that there were indeed White Ifa practitioners, and that the philosophies appeal to many people of all races, however, he also encouraged me to explore my own European folks religions as well to get in touch with my own culture and ancestors.  His advice was well received!

Because of the Nazism movement, Christian Manifest Destiny, and the slavery that took place in America, having pride in your white skin is often seen as a racist gesture. Yet, my Nigerian friend reminded me that there is nothing wrong with being proud or interested in your roots, so long as you do not proclaim that your culture or your practices are any more legitimate or “superior” than someone else’s culture. And I totally agree with his sentiments! He told me that after I had learned more about Asatru, that he’d like to discuss the relationship between Ifa and Asatru as a friendly dialogue.

After starting this journey, I begin to think of the many people in America who come from mixed heritages. Realistically speaking, most of us have atleast a few descendants that come from a different culture or race, yet the majority of us have a genetic makeup that is 60% or more of one specific bloodline, thus this is what most people go by when identifying their race.

But, what about people that have one full blooded Black parent, and one full blooded White parent?  How will this child identify themselves?  Or what if a child is an orphan, and has no idea of his origins and what culture he may have descended from?  Or what if you are someone who comes from a family who has just lost touch with their roots and have subscribed to the materialistic consumerist American lifestyle? Or what about those who do not enjoy their the culture of the bloodline? I know many Arabs who dislike Islam. And I know many people who grew up in Christian homes yet dislike the religion. I know many asians who never really came to enjoy or understand the practice of Buddhism.

For people in this situation, I say you have many options. You can explore both sides of your parents’ cultures and identify yourself as “multi-racial” while being equally proud of all of your bloodlines, choose one bloodline to identify with, or simply banish them all and create your own personalized culture.

In fact, this seems to be a popular and respectable path for many young people today. We now live in an age of extreme individuality.  Many people today are so desperate for finding an identity that they create their own personal religion/philosophy, or they adopt the culture of another people or choose to adopt an abstract belief system like “Deism” or “Pantheism”.

The truth is simple. Those who have no “ego” (as Sigmund Freud would say) , no sense of identity are doomed to destruction. If you do not find something to believe in, something to identify yourself with, something to fight for, something worth willing to die for, then you are doomed to a life of constant experimentation. And often times, when people suffer from an identity crisis, they turn to negative outlets.

They are so desperate to feel a sense of belonging that they turn to drugs, casual sex, violence, and crime as a way to mask their pain or simply try to “fit in”.

For those who do not know their origins, or for those who simply do not identify with their origins, I saw……….create your own!

There is one simple truth.  When you explore all of the world’s religions, cultures, and ways of life, there are common themes.  Everyone is interested in paying respect to their dead relatives. Everyone seeks a moral code to live by. Everyone seeks a community to belong to. Everyone seeks loves, compassion, and a sense of purpose.  No matter what your race, even if you are bi-racial, this can be achieved, even if it means creating your own way of life.

Some identify by the race, some by their religion, some by their political philosophy, some by their profession.  The bottom line is, in order to find peace, we must know who we are. If you do not know who you are, someone else will tell you who to be!

Once you know who you are, what you believe in, what your limits are, and what your calling is, nothing can stop you. People turn to drugs, alcohol, casual sex, excessive use of video games/movies, and other forms of distraction because they have lost their identities! People who don’t know who they are desperately begin to experiment with anything that comes to them, in an effort to build an identity for themselves. Even if it proves to be a negative identity.

For those interested in the “Sovereign” or “freeman” movement, you know exactly what I mean. The name on your birth certificate is not you. It’s a registered corporation, “JOHN DOE”. When you go to court, it isn’t the flesh and blood that is being summoned to court, it is the account, it is the “NAME” in all capital letters that is being “charged”. This is why when moses asked god in the Bible, “Who are you? What is your name?’,  God said,  “I AM” .

This is a powerful statement.

I am NOT a “name”,  however I am a brother, a coach, a philanthropist, a healer, a sinner, and so many other things.  In ancient times, names were not given to those who were born. They had to earn their names through actions. For example, a Lakota boy who was often seen playing with wolves may be given the name, “Dances with Wolves”.  Or in European society, a boy who was brave and liked to protect others may eventually be called, “Randell”. (which means, protector. leader).

Through my journey, I have learned that religion and culture are nothing more than different tribes and their interpretations of spirituality which is influenced by their physical environments. The weather, the food, the geography, all of this effects a people. Yet at the end of the day, we are all human, and we all desire three essential things.  Food, Love, and Shelter.

There is a universal force that we can all tap into. And once you realize this, race begins to become less important.

My ex brother in law once told me,

“I trust everyone, but not the devil inside them”.

Once you know thyself, then you can control that devil that lives within us all.


So I say to my fellow “Americans” who live within these imaginary borders. Turn off the TV, and go find something to believe in. Something to fight for. Visit your ancestors’ grave sites. Become a man. Become a woman. And listen to the voices of your dead relatives. Find yourself.


Good luck on your quest for finding and/or building an identity for yourself, whether it be through race, religion, politics, profession, or philosophy.


Randy S


Sovereign Tactics

gun control

Best Argument For Gun Control you Ever heard.

As a Libertarian, as an Anarcho-Capitalist, I would like to believe that the free-market can provide anything that we need. Especially with the current growth in technology, public service sectors are seeming more and more archaic/outdated. Hell,… even private services like Google and Youtube is looking far more compelling as an educational tool than what the government schools can achieve , and at a fraction of the cost! If you want to learn a new language or how to play a guitar you can learn to do so with the click of mouse without ever stepping foot in a government school.

Yet, certain social issues keep coming up, such as , “How can we stop wars without government?”,  and  “Don’t you think gun control is good? Don’t you think it’s good to keep weapons out of the hands of psychopaths?”

I couldn’t help but to agree……….. under the current disease of statism, I think I support gun control and I am a Libertarian!  OMG!! Alas, my version of gun control seems to differ from what most Liberals and Conservatives (Both statists) believe in.  My version of gun control is from the perspective of a free, private, sovereign individual who does not believe in a monopolized corporation using racketeering methods calling itself “Government”.

I believe that government itself, especially the federal government, which is far too large and remains as the worlds most monopolized and powerful corporation in the world…….should be barred from the use of weapons. They have created far too much “Blowback” with their treacherous use of force here at home and around the world.

The government, (both state and federal),  consists of about 2-4.5 million employees whom carry guns or use some type of weapons.  These employees who use weapons are known as Police Officers and Military Soldiers.  Yet, their weapons are much different than what you and I probably have in our closets at home.   A typical person might have an AK-47,  a thousand rounds of ammo, A 9mm glock, a shotgun, a Bowie Knife, and maybe a few homeade pipe-bombs if they are really into the whole, “prepping” or militia movement thing.

However, a typical police officer (Or DHS Agent)  has access to an arsenal/storage supply of weapons. A typical police/DHS arsenal, (which is basically a huge warehouse),  contains hundreds of thousands of round of ammunition, riot gear, attack dogs, mace, tear gas, shelves full of semi-automatic pistols, shelves of fully automatic rifles,  S.W.A.T vans, detention centers, shotguns, Flash Grenades, C4 explosives and yes……… even Tanks! There are many police precincts using Tanks now! And the worst part is, society believes that these millions of police officers/soldiers that exist have the right to beat, kidnap, and kill anyone who doesn’t obey their orders given to them by a monopolized system that is afraid of compete with the free market.



But wait! This is just the beginning.

We all know that Law enforcement Agents can be pretty intimidating and often suffer from “little man syndrome”. They were picked on as kids so they want to act out their power trips as police officers.  Just last year alone, more US citizens have died at the hands of police than US servicemen in the wars overseas.  However, many police officers are not strangers to overseas war.  We often forget that most police officers come from an even more insidious background………the military.

Military personnel of all branches including reserve units are around two million.   People who are enlisted in the military have access to weapons that far exceed the firepower of what any law enforcement agency could muster.  Compared to the US military, a Police SWAT unit looks like childs-play.  The US military and it’s employees wield weapons that are capable of bringing mass genocide in just a blink of an eye. Such weapons include.

Portable RPG rocket launchers capable of being carried by hand.

Apache Helicopters attached with gun turrets using .50 cal rounds capable of putting  baseball sized holes into a 300 pound man.

Fully automatic M-16′s that are on “belt feeders”, capable of shooting thousands of rounds without a break.

Stealth Jet Fighters equipped with Laser guided missiles and carpet bombs capable of turning entire cities into a battered mess within seconds.

Chemical and Biological weapons capable of destroying generations due to its effects on reproduction and mutagen effects on the human body.

Rations and Food supply to keep their units feed and nourished for years on end

Nuclear Warheads capable of killing millions of people in the blink of an eye.

Public support/use of Taxation to continuously fund themselves


And these are just the PHYSICAL weapons. Lets not forget the mental/social weapons that the military has.  Since most people believe that government authority exists and is legitimate, the government has the public’s support to place embargoes and trade sanctions on other nations that often result in hundreds of thousands of innocent people starving to death. (Must like what happened when Bush, Clinton, and Bush Jr put trade sanctions on Iraq that caused mass deaths to innocent children. 600 thousand to be exact.).

Aside from the military, we must also consider “Para-military” forces like the CIA.  Whom are trained to infiltrate groups, sabotage economies, and assassinate individuals without leaving a trace of evidence.

When we consider that the United States Government has 900 bases in 130 countries, and since WW2 the United States government has bombed, assassinated, propped up dictators, interfered in foreign economies using sanctions, and/or has invaded more than 90 countries…………it’s safe to say the US government has pissed off alot of people around the world.

This information is just scraping the surface…..

Yet even with this basic explanation showing just how powerful the government is, and the atrocities that the US government (and pretty much ALL governments) around the world have committed, I can only come to one conclusion.

We must ban all weapons from being used by government employees (of all nations).  This is the only gun control that will save the most lives.  Governments are just far too organized in their killing efforts.

When you calculate just how many people have been killed due to police interactions or by military interactions performed by the US government, the death count would rank in the millions……….and that’s just if we went back 20 years. Just imagine how much higher that number would be if we went back further, or included ALL governments of the world!  All of the school shootings in human history don’t come close to the death governments around the world have left behind.

As much as I like to criticize the US government and other western governments, because of their influence of power,  we cannot ignore the fact that ALL governments are inherently evil and corrupt and have blood on their hands.

Many in America and throughout the world claim to be of the christian faith. Yet they forget that Lucifer once offered Jesus power over all of the governments of the world in return for his allegiance. Jesus refused.  This got me thinking…………. One can only give away what rightfully belongs to him.  Since the devil had the power to hand over all of the governments of the world to Jesus, then by default, government itself must be of Satanic forces.  And surely it is of not moral forces.

For Thomas Jefferson once said,

“If men are not capable of governing themselves, then how can they be trusted with governing others?”

Government (statism), whether it be of the Democratic flavor of genocide or of the Republican form of genocide, they are both inherently immoral and wrong.  They thrive on the idea of racketeering and monopolization of their services which are paid for through extortive means. (i.e. taxation). They both claim that you are not righteous enough to choose your own merits in life or how to spend 100% of your money. Both sides want a percentage…

If we are to have a serious conversation about gun control, we must address the true killers, psychopaths, and the blind nationalists who take their patriotism to a religious level, and believe that they have authority over other human beings whether or not they consent. These psychopaths believe that by following orders and killing people across the ocean that they have never met, means that they are fighting for freedom and surely they will be loved and adored and not create any hostility for killings the wives, husbands, and children of other tribesmen. This is wishful thinking….

These psychopaths I describe usually wear a badge or a BDU with sand stripe camo. Calling themselves “Officer” and “Soldier”.

And the psychopaths who give them orders usually wear suits and ties calling themselves “legislators”.

And the people who turn a blind eye and/or vote to give them such monopolized authority call themselves “voters” or believers in the religion of statism.  And some of them even wear yellow ribbons to celebrate the murderers.

Don’t get me wrong. There is a big difference between DEFENDING one’s home, or stopping an individual from committing a real crime that involves theft or bodily harm.

Yet its safe to say that killing and kidnapping people for victimless crimes is not the proud duty of a police officer.

And it is safe to say that bombing and killing foreigners just because someone wearing more metals than you on his jacket orders you to do so,  is not the proud duty of a soldier.

The best police officers, and the best soldiers are the one’s who refuse to use force when the rest of the world wants them to, even if it means losing their own jobs or being imprisoned (see Bradley Manning).  And to these men and women who fall into this category, I only pray that one day your honor and bravery can be better used in an open sourced free-market where your desire to protect others can be done in a less monopolized fashion.

So until guns are banned from the hands of police and military forces…….don’t expect me to give up mine.  Who protects us from the so called “protectors” when they get out of line? Think about it…. there are alot more of us than soldiers or police officers. Have we learned nothing from the Vietcong?  Numbers matter.

With groups like “Cop-Block” and other private accountability organizations on the rise, the brutality perpetuated by the system is getting harder and and harder to ignore.  Just do a google or youtube search on “Police brutality”  or  “Blowback CIA” just to see some example of government doing what it does best.  Instill fear into the masses.  A false fear that we cannot live without their so called “protection”.

Randy Stroud


Sovereign Tactics. Org



Freeman wins in court- AGAIN- NO Drivers License

Court record for this case- Click Here 

Once again, the honorable Randy Stroud has been cited for “Driving without a license” . The citation happened back in  July of 2014.  I was parked “illegally” in front of a post office. The officer cited for me no drivers license upon discovering that I could not present one to him.  A court date was set for two weeks later.  However, I later learned that I would be going to court to fight a “Suspended License”.  Apparently, the state has been arresting unlicensed travelers, and then signing them up for then, and then immediately suspended the license.  It’s a clever tactic on their part….

In case you guys missed it, I went to court back in September for similar charges for no license and no tags.  You can read about that story by clicking “here” .

If you are new to this website, then you probably do not know the significance of this article.  I have been fighting the court system for my right to travel for over two years.  I am a self-described “voluntaryist”. I believe that no good or service should be violently monopolized. Thus, this has resulted in me fighting the road pirates of America.  (AKA- The traffic enforcers and the legal system.)

So back to the story……..

After being cited, I immediately began to prepare for battle………again.  I did my usual routine of sending contract offers to the Governor of Tennessee and other officials that were going to be loosely connected to the jurisdiction of the case.  I also filed in all of my motions, bill of particulars, affidavits, so forth….

So finally, the big day arrived. Court day.  I went through the booking process, except for this time, something was very different. As I approached the booking office, I was told to have a seat. I was one of the first people to arrive, yet I was one of the last to leave. After sitting in the booking/printing office for three hours, I was finally told that I did not have to be photographed or printed, since I had already been processed in their system from older cases. This was an obvious tactic from them to slow me down and weaken my mental capacity.

You see, court isn’t just all about filing in motions or memorizing some legal terms, 80% of court is merely testing the patience of the district attorneys. It’s a psychological game.  And a very stressful one at that.  Since I was in booking for such an extended period, I had missed my time to see the intended judge for my case, so I had to be transferred to see the afternoon judge on a separate floor.  To say the least, it would be atleast another two hours of me waiting to see a judge.

As I entered the court room, I noticed the same game being played as usual. The judge was late, and the DA was making plea deals with the defendants. I took a seat and patiently waited.  The DA then shouted,

“Attention! If you are here for drivers license related criminal charges, please move to the right side of the court room”.

Of the 239 defendants on this docket,  all but five or six people moved to the right side of the room.  (The drivers license racket sure is pulling in alot of money!)

The DA then shouted,  “Today, I am offering you all a plea deal. Plead guilty and I will remove your jail sentence and you will merely have to take a class or if you have a drivers license in your possession, please show that now and you will be free to go”.

A few showed their drivers licenses and were told to go home, while everyone else, including myself accepted the plea deal.  You see, I had recently went through a divorce and I was in no mood to fight the courts, so I had decided to take their “deal”.  However, after signing the paperwork, I was informed by the baliff that I would be escorted out of the court house after the judge shows up and processes my plea deal.  The baliff then told all of us,

“If you came here in your own transportation, we will find out about it, and you will be arrested on the spot.  We will follow you to the bus station, we will follow you wherever you go to make sure you didn’t come here on your own without a license.”

Since I am very well known at the court house, I felt like I had just fallen for a trap.  After hearing this, I went to the DA and told her that I wanted to remove my plea deal. I had changed my mind.  The other defendants were in shock. The DA then said with a harsh tone,

“Are you sure you want to possibly spend months in jail? OK then….here is your court date, and I hope you bring a lawyer.”

So the DA handed me my court date written on a small white piece of paper. I then sat down briefly to gather my thoughts.  Then the defendants sitting around me said, “What are you going to do?” , “You are going to jail man..”  I then said, “No, my rights have been violated, there is no victim here, and I will sue them for discrimination if I have to for violating racketeering laws.”

I then stood up and left the court building. I walked down the street and got into my car and went home. I never saw a judge that day.  At this point I had two options.  Fight the case, possibly lose and go to jail  or bow down and get my license.

Like I said earlier, I am very well known at the Birch Building Court house here in Davidson county. They knew about my divorce, they knew about me being on the domestic terror watch list, they knew about my dwindling bank account, they knew about my job interviews that crashed and burned due to me being on the terror watch list………they knew my mental strength, and they knew it had been weakened.  They knew this was a good time to strike a weakened man.

As I sat in my bedroom that night, I stay up meditating, thinking about whether I should continue this fight. After some time, I decided to continue filing more paperwork.  Two weeks later, I returned to court for the second time. This was  supposed to be the “trial”.  However, it was set up just like the preliminary docket two weeks prior. The same DA was present. An attractive young woman, with milky white skin and a white pearl necklace. She eventually called my name and offered me the same plea deal. I refused and she got me another white piece of paper and said, “This will be your final trial date.  Make sure you bring a lawyer with you.”  So I once again left the court building.  My court date was to be set on July 31st. I had little time to prepare.

What the hell was going on? I was growing impatient, and my personal life was not getting any more easier.  Relationship problems, money problems, and other personal issues still mounted. I just wanted this court case to be out of my mind.

That night, I continued writing up more legal documents, and had them sent to the court house with a return signature request attached. I wasn’t about to give up just yet.  Although I must admit, I was nervous. Driving with no license is simple to beat, (no contract, no problem), however they were accusing me of having a suspended license, which could result in some significant jail time.

The night before my court date, I had a dream. A dream that I was locked up in jail. My son was yelling for me, asking for his father.  I woke up in a cold sweat.  I did not want to go to jail. I hated that place. I used to spend alot of my youth there visiting relatives, and I spent a night in there myself during my late teens for a scuffle. However, spending a few days, weeks, or possible months in jail was out of the option.

I woke up that morning and decided that I was going to get a drivers license. However, I was not going to give my social security number to the DMV since it violated my religious beliefs. (Mark of the beast). Title 42 section 666 states that in order to buy , sell, or trade, or hold any license we must have the SSN.  So, I went to the SSA office to get a religious waiver. After arguing with the supervisor for about an hour, he finally wrote me an affidavit explaining my situation, and told me to give it to the DMV. The letter stated that I was a member of a clergy and was asking for a religious exemption to withhold my SSN.

By this time it was 930AM. I didnt have to be at court until 1pm. I still had time.  So I get to the DMV and wait in line for about two hours.  I had my paper work ready for them and was prepared to do what I had to do to stay out of jail.  However, once I got to the counter, I was informed that I must write my SSN on the application. I gave them my affidavit, however, they still refused.  So I told the woman at the counter that I cannot violate my religion, and I would be suing the DMV. After many discussions with management, I noticed that time was running out. At this point it was 12:45. I got in my car and rushed to the court house.

Days prior to my court date, I filed in about 24-26 pages of documents, surely the courts had received them, maybe I still had a fighting chance.

As I approached the court house, I had copies of all of the papers I had sent in, I had my business suit on, and was prepared to face the music. I was sure that they had my number and jail time was inevitable.

My court room was designated to be on the fourth floor. However, as I entered the court building, all of the court monitors were empty, only showing blue screens. No one’s cases were showing. One of the security guards explained that the entire network suffered a glitch about an hour ago.  Some people were even leaving the courts with a smile on their faces, I could overhear one lady saying, “They had to reschedule my court date because of the computers being down.”  I was growing optimistic!

I took the elevator to the fourth floor….

As I walked out of the elevator, I saw hundreds of faces in the hallway. At this point, it was about 1:10pm. There was a baliff in the hallway giving directions. He said,

“Due to the network crashing, we will have Judge Einstein handling all cases with last names L-Z in courtroom 4B.”

I found this interesting, because my court notice said courtroom 4-1A.  And my last name was “Stroud”

We were instructed to pile into the tiny court room. There were 326 of us on the docket. Many had to stand because there were not enough seats.  We all sat patiently for about an hour.  As I looked around, most had pink or yellow pieces of paper in their hands from the DMV. Most of them here were probably here for traffic related incidents. No one there were violent criminals most likely. It was a money pit to collect court costs on poor people who couldnt pay traffic tickets….

I began talking to the other defendants sitting next to me about the “Right to Travel” and the “Title 42 section 666″ law. One lady thought I was nuts, while another man sitting next to me was very interested.  Suddenly, the talking was interrupted. A baliff yelled out, “Are you fucking serious! Are you punking me?”

We all looked over and saw the baliff arguing with a long haired, blonde hippy looking surfer guy in his 20′s. He was refusing to tuck his shirt in. The baliff then said, “I love to fuck people up. I love to get physical. These people just dont know!’  The other defendants began to laugh. Except for me, I didnt find it funny that a human being was threatening physical violence just because another human wouldnt tuck his shirt in.   The young man then responded,  “Shit happens officer. Im not hurting anyone bro.”  The baliff then asked him again to tuck in his shirt or else be held for contempt. He eventually complied.

After some time, a young attractive DA walked into the court room. She was of African decent, and had a short stylish haircut. She then stated,

” Judge Einstein has gone home for the day, we will have another judge take his place. Before she gets here, I will offer plea deals to give you guys another chance to settle.”

She then began to call out names in ABC order.  As each name got closer and close to the “S” family names, I got more and more nervous from the anticipation.  A million thoughts were running through my mind.  I just clutched my folder full of documents and carefully listened for my name.

Just as she began to read “S” names, the judge walked in, and the baliff said “All Rise”.  I remained seated.  The judge then said, “Since so many of you are on this docket, we will do a mass hearing. Everyone raise your right hand and I will read your rights.”

It was very ritualistic….

After her speech, names began to be called to stand before the judge.

The first guy had previously took a plea deal for driving on a suspending license. He was supposed to attend a traffic class but forgot to and the judge told him,

“I am sentencing you to 10 days plus court cost. If you do not pay court costs within one year you will lose all licenses. Hunting, business,fishing, gun, drivers, and even your marriage license.”

Marriage license!!? Are you kidding me?

All I could think to myself was , “The land of the free sure does have a lot of required permission slips huh? ”  It’s then that I realized just how brave I was. Because I did not have any of those licenses yet I still engaged in all of those activities. I truly was a rebel.

After a few court cases were adjourned.  The judge exited the court for a short recess.

During this time, the DA returned to the court gate, and stated,

” The judge will be on a short recess, I will continue to offer more plea deals.”

Eventually my name was called.   All eyes were on me.  The other defendants had heard me preaching earlier about the right to travel, and I had told them all that I had no license to show.

I approached the DA and she asked if I was MR.STROUD,

I responded and said,  ” I am the owner of that name, yes….”

She then asked. “Did you bring a lawyer?” I said, “No”.  She then said, “How are you going to plead today? ”  , I said,  “I cannot plead until I understand the nature and cause of this crime, and I have some documents that I would like to discuss with the prosecution.”

The DA then said, “That will not be necessary because I am dismissing your case. You are free to go.”

Without protest, I left.

However, as I was walking down the hallway, I got curious, I wanted to know “why”.

So I turned around and made my way back to the court room. I approached the DA and she said, “Did you lose something?” I then said, “Why was my case dismissed?”  , she then said, “I didn’t agree with the officer”.  I then said, “What did you not agree with?” , she then said,  “YOU ARE FREE TO GO!” In a loud tone.  The baliff, with his arms crossed slowly walked behind me in a menacing manner, and I nodded to the DA with a smirk on my face, turned around and slowly walked out of the court room.

The other defendants had their eyes glued to me. As I reached the door to leave, I could hear the DA calling out another “victim’s” name. Another person to be extorted, robbed, and jailed. As for me, today was my lucky day. I had once again dodged the jaws of the legal system. But for how long? And what future battles await me?

The broken computers, the DA dropping the case due to her not agreeing with the officer? (vague). Was it all a conspiracy?  Was it dropped on a technicality? What had happened?  I don’t know, but the knots in my stomach slowly unhinged and I took a sigh of relief.

I was a free man once again.  I eventually reached my car, and began to travel home.  As I began passing the green lights and stop signs on the road, I realized at that moment that I was literally navigating a mine-field. Just one wrong move, and there could be blue lights in my rear-view mirror.  Just one wrong move and I could be threatened with extortion, kidnapping, or possibly be killed for not wearing my seat belt. It was a bid for power.

However, it is my hope that through logic, philosophy, and technology that monopolized government services can be one day rendered obsolete.


Randy Stroud



I’m “German”. And I hate Soccer.

Recently I was on a music video shoot as a paid extra, when I was suddenly approached by one of the other extras. He introduced himself and asked about my background and where my family was from.  I had told him that my mother was German. His face suddenly lit up in a gleeful moment while he exclaimed,

“I am from Argentina, German totally kicked our ass in the world cup. Congratulations on your victory!”

My face then began to look puzzled, as I replied,  “Why are you congratulating me?”  He then said, ” Because you beat us!”   .  I then said, ” I have defeated no one. I do not play soccer. If you want to congratulate someone, congratulate the players who actually played in the game.”

He then tried to explain to me that this team was somehow representing me. However, I find great contempt for this. I do not own this team nor do I associate myself with imaginary borders or jurisdictions. I am not American, I am not German,  and I will not swear allegiance to a flag or piece of paper that some ordinary human being invented.

I never understood the concept of supporting a sports team, just because they wear a symbol that is supposed to represent the area that you dwell in.  When it comes to sports, I admire individual athletes for their skill, not for the flag or symbol on their shirts.


When we board an airplane and fly high within the sky, we do not see the words , “Russia, Germany, America, Mexico…..ect” or any other so called “country” written into the Earth. They are all names that somebody made up.   I get very offended when I hear words like , “Us”, “Them”  and my least favorite , “We”.

These are terms often used in war.  When “Americans” speak of politics or war, statements such as < “We should have never went to Iraq”  . I have to laugh, because I myself have never been to Iraq, nor do I voluntarily pay any taxes to support such a war, therefore “I” bear no responsibility.  So, I try my best to stay away from such collectivist terms.  I can only take responsibility for my own actions.

This is why I prefer individual oriented sports such as Boxing, MMA, or Tennis. If the player loses, he can only blame himself, and he can only represents himself as a competitor.  With that being said, it is safe to say that I am no fan of the World Cup or even the Olympics.  To me, Nationalism is no different than subscribing to a cult.

Lastly,  It angers me that people can get so involved and passionate about a global tournament, yet if you even mention to them how the justice system is continuously encroaching upon civil liberties and the freedoms of so many people,  most will become tiresome or disinterested in such conversation.  Games and entertainment have taken front and center.  Why take an interest in fixing global problems, when we can kick back and cheer for athletes who claim to represent the same cult that “we” belong to?  Right? ……*buzz* WRONG!!!

Sorry people, but I do not belong to the German Cult, the American Cult, the Chinese cult, nor any other cult. I am a sovereign kingdom within myself.  If you choose to become a fan of team oriented sports, or even individual based sports, do not cheer for the team or man who looks most like you, or who claims to represent some government. Cheer for him/her, based on his/her  skill, courage, morality, and overall appreciation of their ability. Otherwise, you are just a programmed moronic robot who looks like a complete idiot cheering for shallow reasons that are not based on logical facts.

During the past few weeks, while the World Cup soccer games have gone on,  I have seen so many of my friends, many whom are from around the world, cheer for certain teams. And I ask them, “Why do you like this team? Who is your favorite player and why?” And the typical response is,  “I don’t really watch soccer, Im just cheering for them because they are representing my country!”

I suppose I can slightly understand. Yet it becomes even more bizarre when we look at the NFL or NBA.   My own mother often watches the Tennessee Titans play on Television. And when I ask why, she says,  ” Because they are from Tennessee, and they represent us.”   Yet, in reality, when it comes to the NFL and NBA, most of the players are simply drafted and arent even from the cities that they claim to represent in these games.

When it comes down to it, Collectivism, whether it be in the form of religion, war, or sports, is dangerous.  It’s the mentality of ,  “Us vs them”..   “We are better because you are not us.”   When in reality, we all share the same land and resources at the end of the day.

As an Anarchist. As a sovereign human being,  I take no interest in any form of nationalism.  Yes, I do have ancestry that can be traced from lands that are now popularly known as “Germany”,  yet just because someone lives there and plays a sport there, they have no bearing upon my existence, nor do they represent my existence or my beliefs.

So, for the next person that wants to congratulate me on “Germany’s” victory, I must say to you…

“Who is Germany? Is he or she a person? Can you point him out? No because Germany is just a legal fiction that does not exist”

Think for yourself. Question Authority.

Randy Stroud

Sovereign Tactics





4th of July is for Sissies….

Today is July 4th 2014, Independence Day.   A day which is supposed to commemorate the story of how the colonists, which were essentially a bunch of rag-tag farmers wielding guns, defeated the world’s largest empire……….Great Britain. The colonists were motivated by the lack of liberty that King George III offered them.  No search warrants, no trials, high taxes ect.  These native american killers, aristocratic, slave owning founding fathers are now treated as heroes for fighting against a tyrannical king who suspended habeus corpus, but how does this tradition really compare to the political situation today. Is the fight over?

Today taxes are much higher than any percentage that the colonists could have dreamed up. Licenses are required for just about everything. The government has suspended the rights to a trial, and the requirement to have proper search warrants , thanks to the NDAA and Patriot Act laws. This government has grown a standing army and has colonized over 130 countries, essentially growing itself into an empire. The debt has grown to levels that would make Andrew Jackson cry,  record numbers of people are dying at the hands of police officers, in fact, more people died at the hands of cops than we had American soldiers die overseas within the last 10 years. That says alot.

Despite this, most Americans still proudly wave their little plastic American flags, and eating hot dogs while watching the symbolic fireworks on the fourth of July.  Not realizing that those “booms” and “bangs” really represent a time when men where prepared to blow shit up just to preserve a single freedom, while today in America, the people are practically allowing the government to get away with murder, and not say a damned thing, because it would inconvenience their comforting illusion that these lands are free.

Currently the US government is raping, pillaging, plundering, sending guns to arm foreign militia groups, sabotaging foreign economies, drone striking little kids, devaluing your savings, and finding more ways to lock you in jail through the creation of excess law…yet hardly a few of us will say much less do anything about it. And those who do are labeled as “Ungrateful”, or a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Yet it’s the so called “Conspiracy Theorist” realizes that it’s quite funny that people allow the government to tax them in order to put on a 4th of July “Independence Day fire-work Show”.  Lets face it, taxation is essentially theft, And the government is literally stealing in order to pay for that firery show of “freedom” with their display.  It’s ironic that we celebrate freedom by now violating it. How is that man can live in such a society whereas a commoner will be scrutinized to the harshest degree, while agents of the state are merely “tolerated” because men fear them?

This isn’t freedom. This is Tyranny. High Taxes. No fair trials, No Liberty.

If the founding fathers were alive today, they be ordering us to shoot. That’s for damned sure.  Those who fight for freedom sacrifice their own so that those whom are not brave enough to fight for it, can enjoy it and say,  “There is no need to fight”.   However if those who decided there was no need to fight, and realized that we must indeed fight for the cause of liberty, then prehaps we could live in a voluntary, completely free society, on both an economic and personal level.

However, only because we have a few people whom truly understand liberty, we are only left with the idea of a miniarchist partially free society. Yet we are plagued by a majority of socialized comformists whom allow a Totalitarian society citing how its ok to sacrifice individual freedom for the benefit of the 99%.   We are so utterly plugged into the welfare benefits of government, and to the mindless drivel found within the entertainment industry, most of us are just too damn dependent on idea that America is god’s green pasture. Real freedom begins with seeing things for what they are, without labels, and just seeing “what is”.

And just because one government is less oppressive than another does not excuse the that all governments are corrupt and no evil should be marginalized because of a greater evil. The man who rapes one woman, is he just as not as sick as the man who rapes two women?  Evil is evil. No matter little or how much it is present. All bad deeds deserve equal recognition and scrutiny.

So while you drink that beer and watch the fireworks this 4th of July, just remember that those bombs bursting in the air are recreating the sounds of those who were brave enough to fight oppression, even if it was over governments unjust power to extort, tax tea and manipulate businesses.  Now we face so much more than they did, yet most of us continue to do nothing. Let that humble you, and reflect upon how you will expand freedom in your lifetime for the sake of future generations.


In the words of Zach De La Rocha…

“Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy”.

Think for yourself. Question Authority.


Randy Stroud



Making Public Monopolization Obsolete through logic, philosophy, and technology