I’m “German”. And I hate Soccer.

Recently I was on a music video shoot as a paid extra, when I was suddenly approached by one of the other extras. He introduced himself and asked about my background and where my family was from.  I had told him that my mother was German. His face suddenly lit up in a gleeful moment while he exclaimed,

“I am from Argentina, German totally kicked our ass in the world cup. Congratulations on your victory!”

My face then began to look puzzled, as I replied,  “Why are you congratulating me?”  He then said, ” Because you beat us!”   .  I then said, ” I have defeated no one. I do not play soccer. If you want to congratulate someone, congratulate the players who actually played in the game.”

He then tried to explain to me that this team was somehow representing me. However, I find great contempt for this. I do not own this team nor do I associate myself with imaginary borders or jurisdictions. I am not American, I am not German,  and I will not swear allegiance to a flag or piece of paper that some ordinary human being invented.

I never understood the concept of supporting a sports team, just because they wear a symbol that is supposed to represent the area that you dwell in.  When it comes to sports, I admire individual athletes for their skill, not for the flag or symbol on their shirts.


When we board an airplane and fly high within the sky, we do not see the words , “Russia, Germany, America, Mexico…..ect” or any other so called “country” written into the Earth. They are all names that somebody made up.   I get very offended when I hear words like , “Us”, “Them”  and my least favorite , “We”.

These are terms often used in war.  When “Americans” speak of politics or war, statements such as < “We should have never went to Iraq”  . I have to laugh, because I myself have never been to Iraq, nor do I voluntarily pay any taxes to support such a war, therefore “I” bear no responsibility.  So, I try my best to stay away from such collectivist terms.  I can only take responsibility for my own actions.

This is why I prefer individual oriented sports such as Boxing, MMA, or Tennis. If the player loses, he can only blame himself, and he can only represents himself as a competitor.  With that being said, it is safe to say that I am no fan of the World Cup or even the Olympics.  To me, Nationalism is no different than subscribing to a cult.

Lastly,  It angers me that people can get so involved and passionate about a global tournament, yet if you even mention to them how the justice system is continuously encroaching upon civil liberties and the freedoms of so many people,  most will become tiresome or disinterested in such conversation.  Games and entertainment have taken front and center.  Why take an interest in fixing global problems, when we can kick back and cheer for athletes who claim to represent the same cult that “we” belong to?  Right? ……*buzz* WRONG!!!

Sorry people, but I do not belong to the German Cult, the American Cult, the Chinese cult, nor any other cult. I am a sovereign kingdom within myself.  If you choose to become a fan of team oriented sports, or even individual based sports, do not cheer for the team or man who looks most like you, or who claims to represent some government. Cheer for him/her, based on his/her  skill, courage, morality, and overall appreciation of their ability. Otherwise, you are just a programmed moronic robot who looks like a complete idiot cheering for shallow reasons that are not based on logical facts.

During the past few weeks, while the World Cup soccer games have gone on,  I have seen so many of my friends, many whom are from around the world, cheer for certain teams. And I ask them, “Why do you like this team? Who is your favorite player and why?” And the typical response is,  “I don’t really watch soccer, Im just cheering for them because they are representing my country!”

I suppose I can slightly understand. Yet it becomes even more bizarre when we look at the NFL or NBA.   My own mother often watches the Tennessee Titans play on Television. And when I ask why, she says,  ” Because they are from Tennessee, and they represent us.”   Yet, in reality, when it comes to the NFL and NBA, most of the players are simply drafted and arent even from the cities that they claim to represent in these games.

When it comes down to it, Collectivism, whether it be in the form of religion, war, or sports, is dangerous.  It’s the mentality of ,  “Us vs them”..   “We are better because you are not us.”   When in reality, we all share the same land and resources at the end of the day.

As an Anarchist. As a sovereign human being,  I take no interest in any form of nationalism.  Yes, I do have ancestry that can be traced from lands that are now popularly known as “Germany”,  yet just because someone lives there and plays a sport there, they have no bearing upon my existence, nor do they represent my existence or my beliefs.

So, for the next person that wants to congratulate me on “Germany’s” victory, I must say to you…

“Who is Germany? Is he or she a person? Can you point him out? No because Germany is just a legal fiction that does not exist”

Think for yourself. Question Authority.

Randy Stroud

Sovereign Tactics





4th of July is for Sissies….

Today is July 4th 2014, Independence Day.   A day which is supposed to commemorate the story of how the colonists, which were essentially a bunch of rag-tag farmers wielding guns, defeated the world’s largest empire……….Great Britain. The colonists were motivated by the lack of liberty that King George III offered them.  No search warrants, no trials, high taxes ect.  These native american killers, aristocratic, slave owning founding fathers are now treated as heroes for fighting against a tyrannical king who suspended habeus corpus, but how does this tradition really compare to the political situation today. Is the fight over?

Today taxes are much higher than any percentage that the colonists could have dreamed up. Licenses are required for just about everything. The government has suspended the rights to a trial, and the requirement to have proper search warrants , thanks to the NDAA and Patriot Act laws. This government has grown a standing army and has colonized over 130 countries, essentially growing itself into an empire. The debt has grown to levels that would make Andrew Jackson cry,  record numbers of people are dying at the hands of police officers, in fact, more people died at the hands of cops than we had American soldiers die overseas within the last 10 years. That says alot.

Despite this, most Americans still proudly wave their little plastic American flags, and eating hot dogs while watching the symbolic fireworks on the fourth of July.  Not realizing that those “booms” and “bangs” really represent a time when men where prepared to blow shit up just to preserve a single freedom, while today in America, the people are practically allowing the government to get away with murder, and not say a damned thing, because it would inconvenience their comforting illusion that these lands are free.

Currently the US government is raping, pillaging, plundering, sending guns to arm foreign militia groups, sabotaging foreign economies, drone striking little kids, devaluing your savings, and finding more ways to lock you in jail through the creation of excess law…yet hardly a few of us will say much less do anything about it. And those who do are labeled as “Ungrateful”, or a “Conspiracy Theorist”.

Yet it’s the so called “Conspiracy Theorist” realizes that it’s quite funny that people allow the government to tax them in order to put on a 4th of July “Independence Day fire-work Show”.  Lets face it, taxation is essentially theft, And the government is literally stealing in order to pay for that firery show of “freedom” with their display.  It’s ironic that we celebrate freedom by now violating it. How is that man can live in such a society whereas a commoner will be scrutinized to the harshest degree, while agents of the state are merely “tolerated” because men fear them?

This isn’t freedom. This is Tyranny. High Taxes. No fair trials, No Liberty.

If the founding fathers were alive today, they be ordering us to shoot. That’s for damned sure.  Those who fight for freedom sacrifice their own so that those whom are not brave enough to fight for it, can enjoy it and say,  “There is no need to fight”.   However if those who decided there was no need to fight, and realized that we must indeed fight for the cause of liberty, then prehaps we could live in a voluntary, completely free society, on both an economic and personal level.

However, only because we have a few people whom truly understand liberty, we are only left with the idea of a miniarchist partially free society. Yet we are plagued by a majority of socialized comformists whom allow a Totalitarian society citing how its ok to sacrifice individual freedom for the benefit of the 99%.   We are so utterly plugged into the welfare benefits of government, and to the mindless drivel found within the entertainment industry, most of us are just too damn dependent on idea that America is god’s green pasture. Real freedom begins with seeing things for what they are, without labels, and just seeing “what is”.

And just because one government is less oppressive than another does not excuse the that all governments are corrupt and no evil should be marginalized because of a greater evil. The man who rapes one woman, is he just as not as sick as the man who rapes two women?  Evil is evil. No matter little or how much it is present. All bad deeds deserve equal recognition and scrutiny.

So while you drink that beer and watch the fireworks this 4th of July, just remember that those bombs bursting in the air are recreating the sounds of those who were brave enough to fight oppression, even if it was over governments unjust power to extort, tax tea and manipulate businesses.  Now we face so much more than they did, yet most of us continue to do nothing. Let that humble you, and reflect upon how you will expand freedom in your lifetime for the sake of future generations.


In the words of Zach De La Rocha…

“Land of the free? Whoever told you that is your enemy”.

Think for yourself. Question Authority.


Randy Stroud




Homeless: Welfare is a Conspiracy to keep us poor

This past year I have found myself on hard times. Mainly due to some poor decision making, a divorce, and losing a contract with a major client.  These life events eventually landed me in the poor house. I soon found myself visiting a homeless shelter to receive nourishment.

My time in this homeless shelter reminded me of a prison. Walking through metal detectors, being patted down, lots of people with tattoos and missing teeth, fights breaking out, sleeping blocks that contained small cots, (Block A, Block B, ect…) stinky sub-par food, a fenced in court-yard…… was set up just like a jail house. The only difference is that you have the option to leave whenever you want.

I also noticed another similarity, those who stayed at the shelter became dependent upon it, and it was designed to be that way on purpose. Just like in a prison, those who go there usually end up going back because their record prevents them from finding work.

In the homeless shelter, they offered job placement programs, government food stamp applications, and so forth.  Yet , those who took advantage of these programs were penalized for trying to independently work themselves out of poverty.  If you signed up for food stamps, the government mandates that you can only make a certain amount of money. If you pass the threshold, then you are no longer eligible.  If you get a job with the shelters job placement program, the shelter would put you on the bottom of the list for being eligible to receive a bed to sleep on.

Also, if you have a job you may miss your call times at the shelter to receive breakfast and lunch.  So basically, the shelter would cater to those who were not actively seeking work.  I have a theory that this shelter is basically a tax haven for some rich investor, or perhaps the job placement company that is linked to the homeless shelter has some contract with the government. It sounds like a big conspiracy, but if you spend enough time in a public prison or a private homeless shelter, you start to see some things not adding up.

So basically I learned, that the homeless shelter is only good for those who do not want to work and will settle for a minimalist existence or for those who are fully disabled and have utterly no other option. However, for those who are trying to truly make something of themselves, food stamps and homeless shelters actually get you stuck in a system of dependency.

The only true way to get yourself out of poverty is to lace up your boots and work your ass off.  Even if it means working two jobs and eating once a day, and sleeping on park bench while doing so.  The world is truly an unforgiving place.

Those who are in need a better off seeking aide through friends and family (if it is available.)  If these options are not available, then I have found that churches and temples offer alot of help without conditions! Some church members have been known to take people into their homes and help them get back on their feet.

Yet, at the end of the day, your success and happiness in life is utterly reliant upon your own grit.  Sometimes it’s enough, and sometimes it is not.  However, I have learned that government assistant programs and/or privately own homeless shelters that have contracts with government departments do not have your interest at heart. They have the same agenda as the prison system. They want to get you embedded into the system. They want to get you suckered into their programs, into their probations, into their half-way houses.  I have learned that most things in this world is a scam, a hussle, A RACKET.

War, prison, jail, government, working a 9 to 5………….. they are all systems. They are all rackets that have one thing in common.  They all depend on making you feel complacent while deterring you from carving out your own path in life.  For if everyone discovered a way to be more self-sufficient, then the scammers would have to actually work. Instead they treat us like cows, to be milked and eventually slaughtered.

Big Business and Big government are in bed with eachother. Government creates laws that trap the poor into working menial jobs, while keeping the rich locked into their positions of wealth.  Even Peter Schiff, a wealthy economist stated,

” If I was a young man and tried to start from scratch , it would be impossible to get where I am today. With all of the red tape, business regulations, and paperwork,  it would be damn near impossible to be at the level of success that I am at today. Luckily, in the late 80′s and early 90′s it was much simpler to start a business from scratch.”

Now we have laws like the one in D.C. that require new taxi drivers to have a million dollar insurance policy.  The only companies that can afford to comply with this new law is the already established taxi companies.  On top of that , those of us who cannot afford tax attorneys are taxed to death, we are left with slim pay checks. Sales taxes, gas taxes, income taxes, medicare taxes, business licenses, parking meters, seat belt tickets………every corner there is a government agent looking to make a buck off our hard work.

We no longer have a truly free-maket. What we have now is CRONY-CAPITALISM.   Socialists say that capitalism encourages monopolies, yet they fail to realize that the government is essentially a monopoly and a power broker.  The control infrastructure, defense, legal forms of currency, arbitration, ……..everything!

That’s why things like 3d printers and Bit-Coin are being targeted, since the challenge the government monopolies.

Look at a state like California or Michigan.  Foodstamps, high-taxes, and section 8 housing are rampant. And so is drug use, poverty, and unemployment.  We can no longer go to the system that caused the disease and beg it for a cure.

I have learned in my 27 years on this planet, a fundamental lesson.

” You…….and only you are responsible for your life. Your happiness. Your relationships. Your success. Your collaborations. YOU have to make things happen for yourself.”

This isnt to say that you shouldn’t accept help from others. But, charity should not be monopolized and systemized.  Before government welfare, our culture was to feed our neighbords, to offer jobs to our neighbords, to educate one another, to teach skills to our children.

Now the new norm is to sign up for government benefits, or to give a homeless person a phone number for the nearest food stamp office instead of helping that person ourselves.  Our culture and understanding of charitable acts must be changed.

Instead of handing out phone numbers, we should be handing out our time to teach eachother how to market ourselves. How to perform a skilled trade, how to grow your own food, how to love one another. Instead of a national campaign against smoking, we should have a national campaign that promotes generosity, responsibility, and self-reliance.

The worst part is, the government not only gives welfare to the poor in order to keep them in a lowly position, but they also give out corporate welfare in the form of bailouts.

It’s the same old story. The poor stay poor, and the rich get richer……..and the middle class foots the bill for both. And just who is the middle class? As my mother would always say…

“The middle class is the backbone of society”

Well mom……… With welfare running rampant, with bailouts running rampant, with wars running rampant, with regulations running rampant………it looks like America just shrank in stature, because it’s backbone seem to be getting shorter and shorter by the year.

Randy Stroud




How to Protest a Traffic Ticket

Here at ,  we do offer packages that will aid those who wish to challenge their traffic tickets in court, in order to expose the fraud in a public arena. However, for some of us, the proposition of going to court may not seem worth it, thus they opt to just pay the fine. Especially if the amount is something small like 30 or 40$.  For some, they simply cannot afford to take the time off work and/or spend the gas money and time it takes to write up affidavits and such.

After spending so many countless hours in court, I have found myself in court more times than I care to remember. Going to court truly increases stress levels in the body. It is not a fun experience to say the least.  Due to this fact, I have reluctantly paid off traffic tickets in the past just to avoid the hassle of court.  However, just because I paid, did not mean that I did not make it difficult for them to process the payment.

It is still possible to comply, while still passively resisting the robbery that is taking place.  Here I will list a few easy ways in which this can be achieved.

1. Paying in Change -   I have done this before. This is probably the easiest and most common way to protest victimless crime charges.  However , some offices have created new policies to deal with these, stating that they will only accept 30$ in “loose” change.  They tried to pull that B.S. on me . I apparently owed the courts, “300$”  in court costs.  So I elected to pay in loose change.  I would make a 30$ payment in loose change, and then I would leave the court house, walk back in, and make a new transaction.  And each time, they would have to sit there and count it out.   Some may say, “Why would you harass the cashiers? They are just doing their jobs?” …….well, I don’t feel sorry for anyone who would voluntarily work for the mafia! Because that’s what the state is!

2. Paying with Multiple checks:  When paying with a check, it actually costs the business that is processing the check a very small fee.  Also, it requires quite a bit of labor.  So the next time you mail in a payment for a traffic ticket, why not send in hundreds of checks for “five cents” a piece.   Lawfully, they are obligated to process the payment.

3. Attach an “Affidavit of Fear” –   When mailing in any payment, or hell even just for the fun of it,  mail in an affidavit of fear with your ticket.  In this affidavit, state that you are only paying out of threat, duress, and coercion, and use this as an opportunity to educate them about Anarcho-Capitalism and victimless crime philosophies regarding the “non aggression principle.”

4. File a Counter Claim:  After you pay the ticket, and attach your affidavit of fear, file a counter claim lawsuit. Since most traffic citation are victimless, you can sue them for making perjurous statements against you.  You could also sue them for racketeering and for violating the USC, (see threats and commerce under the united states code.)  When you sue a police officer, a judge, or the governor, or whom ever in their private capacity, they will not receive over-time for showing up to court, and will be personally inconvenienced. And who knows….you could actually win in small-claims court, since it is likely they will not show up. And if they do not show up, you could get a default judgement and walk away for a little extra cash in your pocket. And if you really want to piss off the state,  after you collect the money (which will be stolen money via taxation),  you can give it back to the people and make a media event of it!.

These are just a few simple ways that you can “fight without fighting”.   Just because you are being compelled to “comply” , doesn’t mean that you have to comply with a smile.  Let these thieves know that you are aware of their violence.  We cannot enable these abusers. We must inform them of their treachery.

Because, if there is no named victim, or property that has been stolen or damaged……..then there is no crime.   Some may argue that traffic tickets are a breach of contract, however, this is not true, since the roads are monopolized by racketeering, and licenses are issued “under duress”, it’s all done with violence, thus making the whole process arbitrary/null/ and void.

Have fun sticking it to the man!

Randy Stroud



CPS claims that Americans do not own their Children

Dawud Bey, just an ordinary individual who lives in Cary North Carolina & was recently accosted by the local CPS (Child Protective Services), for having a natural home birth. The video which inspired us to bring Dawud on live can be seen below, and features Dawud & his partner fearlessly but effortlessly resisting the CPS advances & their claim to “Need to see the child.

The video peaks when Dawud simply informs CPS & the Wake County Government that he nor his child is is their property & “does not need to show them anything!”

Click the links below to see more indepth info and video on the situation


Man travels without Drivers License for 40 years

For those of you who are familiar with the Common Law, Freeman on the land, or Anarchist movements,  the name “Charlie Sprinkle” may already be familiar to you.  If not, then this article is for you!

Charlie Sprinkle, a high school dropout, day laborer, who studied constitutional law as a hobby proved to the California courts that driving licenses were unconstitutional. Traveling was not a privilege, but a RIGHT.   When a right becomes “licensed”, it is no longer a right but a privilege.  Or what the constitution may refer to as a “Title of Nobility”  which is barred in the bill of rights.

Unless someone were being paid on the highways , such as Taxi drivers or truck drivers, then the government had no right to collect a fee, since the gasoline tax pays for road construction, everyone has a right to travel upon them for private traveling purposes that do not include commerical activities.

Charlie Sprinkle had to spend many days in jail, and had to eventually sue Governor Reagan, Many Judges, police officers, and all of their wives for conspiracy in order to solidify his right to travel without being licensed.  His fight was long and arduous , but he eventually made a deal with local government out of court,  and they agree to leave him alone up until his death. However, a few years before he had died, many years had passed since his lawsuit back in the 70′s. New police officers. New governs. New administrations.  Eventually the new government employees began to hassle him. Yet, he continued to fight and win.

Charlie Sprinkle also defeated the Seat Belt law, as well as the income tax statutes. If everyone had the courage as Charlie, then certainly, we would enjoy many more freedoms than we do today.  Perhaps if we had more men like charlie,  we wouldn’t see kids getting arrested for selling lemonade without a license, and perhaps we wouldn’t see politicians engaging in unlawful acts without punishment.

If the public doesn’t hold government accountable, then they will surely hold us under their thumb.  Yet, most of us are so busy trying to get bills paid, or are too wrapped up in entertainment, that we slowly allow government to get away with more and more, until eventually, we are all living in a Totalitarian society, thinking that it is “normal”.  Remember,  tryanny does not become normal overnight. It becomes normal over a period of time, and through a mass campaign of media brainwashing.

Let us take this moment to honor Charlie Sprinkle for his courageous fight against bureaucracy. While some would argue that his fight was in vain, since the government still colllects millions from license fees, and uses the license to control us on so many levels, Charlie must still be celebrated for his shining example that will hopefully inspire others to rebel in some way. Maybe not through the court system, but perhaps by supporting alternatives to the current services offered by government.

I myself have fought and  beaten No Drivers License and No plates charges several times using slightly different methods, and let me tell you………it’s not easy, nor is it for the faint of heart. It is quite stressful to fight the courts, and the odds are not in your favor. However, with due diligence, some success can be had.

Thanks Charlie for showing us all that we as a society are responsible to keeping the government in check.  Look below to see his in-depth interview.

Randy Stroud



Printing Food From your Computer?

I have said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Government is a man-made construct.  Perhaps a necessary one at one point. However, like all great inventions,  eventually they are upgraded or made obsolete all together.  Before the advent of modern governments, humans were very nomadic, hunted for food, and had very little societal expectations.  Alas, as our brains grew,  as did our organizational skills, humans began to come up with this idea of social “hierarchy” , imitating the position of a god. There would be an invisible God which would rule the king, and the king would rule the rest of the humans within that king’s claimed jurisdictions.

Who would become the King?  Kings were often chosen by their handsome appearance, intelligence, or their physical strength. Qualities of a natural leader indeed. However, what if I were to tell you that it may be possible to live with all of the modern comforts without being subject to government rule?

Well, technology is making this more and more of a possible reality.  UPS , Email, and Fedex have practically made government post offices obsolete.  Solar Panels and off the grid lifestyles are slowly making monopolized government power sources seem archaic. However when it comes to roads, policing/defense, and arbitration between contracts, government still has these services on lock down.  If you try to compete with these services you will be imprisoned and labeled as “fringe”.

Yet, now we have the emergence of 3d printers.   First we saw the world’s first 3d printed gun.  Technology has given us the power to now print guns from home!  Technology has given us the power to communicate globably for practically free! Technology has given us the ability to become more autonomous than ever!  Now it may just be giving us the ability to print our own food! Whoa! At this rate, government as we know it will seem like an invention from the dark ages.  With Bitcoin becoming more popular, even government paper-money schemes are losing popularity.

While 3d printers that can generate food are still in the early stages, the implications are interesting.  With current food printing technology, users still have to obtain raw materials. or “packets” of base substances.  Hence, nothing comes from nothing.  Yet, this technology may make it possible to reduce the cost of food, thus drastically eliminating world hunger.  From my research, these printers seem to be able to stretch base nutrients and replicate them, bend their composition/texture.

Eventually, this technology could perhaps absorb dark-matter or other unseen energy sources and convert it into food. Think “Tesla Energy-Orgone”  , but the Food version!  Telsa tried to offer us unlimited free energy, now we have the proposition of unlimited free nutrition.  This technology is most certainly dangerous to the elite and those who work within the government.  For if people become 100% self-sufficient, then their roles as “defenders” will be totally unnecessary and obsolete.

While many have ethical concerns with just how fast technology seems to be growing, while some offer the theory that perhaps technology itself could become the new masters of man, much like the fictional “Terminator” movies.   However,  I say,

“we have suffered under government for a millennium, and it has proven itself to be murderous and inconsistent, trying something new couldn’t hurt”.


What are your thoughts?   Will technology give us the ability to colonize other planets and create more free, autonomous lives? Or should we resist the growing trends of technological advances due to our potential reliance upon it?

Regardless, whether we like technology or not,  the trends seem to point into the direction of it becoming more profound. So, we might as well embrace it.  Atleast that’s my opinion upon this matter..

Randy Stroud

Sovereign Tactics



Is life Without Government Possible?

Anarchy is not a scary thought. In fact, anarchy makes up a large part of our existence. Nature is widely anarchic in its existence, yet, things continue on, resources are evenly distributed, species work together, and casualties remain low in comparison to the genocide and democide that government’s create on such a larger and more destructive scale.  Also, think of your mornings, (or afternoons if you sleep late.) When you first wake up, you must decide what to wear, you must decide what to eat, you must decide so many things, and depending on the first few crucial moments upon rising out of bed, can drastically impact your day.

When you see a stranger who is broken down on the highway, and you decide to volunteer your services, you are practicing Anarchy. A large part of our society is unregulated, yet solutions continue to arise, even during times where government is absent or physically unable or unwilling to assist.

Thinking of natural disasters, often times, situations arise where government services are unable to reach certain areas due to massive structural damage towards the infrastructure of our roads. And during these times of disaster, the best in humanity is often seen. Neighbors open their doors, share their beds, communities work together and carry sand bags, the elderly watch the small children as the stronger adults build shelters and pass out food……… is order out of chaos. And it is this type of order, that we Anarchists would like to see more often.

Let us think of Somalia. According to the Council on Foreign Relations, (which is a very pro-war lobby), even admitted that Somalia was better off stateless. Crime went down, education rose, availability of drinking water rose, and even the annual GDP rose. After being stateless for well more than15 years, the UN finally came in and forced a government upon these people, and now their future is once again uncertain. Under these stateless conditions, the people still suffered from poverty, and were in no shape or form considered luxurious or prosperous. The success of a stateless society will depend on the location, the local culture, resources, it’s history, and so forth. The market can only work with what is present. However, when you consider that the Somali people were devastated by the state for more than a century, it takes time to develop a “Modus Vivendi” and get used to operating within this way of life that did not exist prior to statelessness.  During the Spanish revolution, Anarchy flourished for nearly a decade, and during this time, education continued, communities strengthened, and order remained.  Similar stories came out of Somalia. Even the CIA factbook stated that:

“Despite the seeming anarchy, Somalia’s service sector has managed to survive and grow. Telecommunication firms provide wireless services in most major cities and offer the lowest international call rates on the continent. In the absence of a formal banking sector, money exchange services have sprouted throughout the country, handling between $500 million and $1 billion in remittances annually. Mogadishu’s main market offers a variety of goods from food to the newest electronic gadgets. Hotels continue to operate, and militias provide security.”


Anarchy is not to be confused with the notion that without a government, everyone will run for the hills and become selfish.  Anarchy is not the absence of organization, it is rather the absence of a central authority. It is the decentralization of government.  It is the free-market solution to the federal government. Under a Voluntaryist paradigm, the community would become superior to the “country”.  The average community would be around a few hundred to a few thousand people, and once this capacity was reached, a new community would perhaps form next to it. And these communities would share different values. Some would be more inclined towards, socialism, some more towards communism, some more towards individualistic libertarianism, and so forth. However, the difference between State-Socialism and Anarcho-Socialism , is that under anarchy, it would be “voluntary”. When people within a community decide to share their assets, it would be voluntary, however, under government, they command you to give up your money for the “benefit” of society (or world domination) or else face jail time, we know this practice now as “taxation”.   In essence, Anarcho-Socialism, Anarcho-Capitalism (free trade), Anarcho-Communism, could all fall under “Voluntaryism”, which is the idea that all interactions would be Voluntary to participate in whereas no allegiances would be violently enforced.

Some may argue that these new found tribes, communities, or factions, would be at eachother’s throats. However, through technology, and universal necessity, and through the supply and demand of the market, we would eventually be forced, and encouraged to work together.  Running for the hills and saying “every man for himself”, would only happen during the first few weeks or at the most, first few months during Anarchy. However, I do not try to sell the idea of overthrowing the government, as we will need ample time to safely “transition” into this type of society, which will require vast amounts of effort in teaching our young ones to study common law, the non-aggression principle, and how to use technology to attain autonomous capabilities, such as growing our own food and participating in communication across vast lands and oceans. The advent of “google” and “Youtube” now it makes it easy to educate learn how to cook, play a guitar, and even learn a foreign language. Technology itself could potentially make the idea of any type of government or monopolized community obsolete.  We now have even the poorest people in America wielding Iphones that allow them to communicate globally and check the reputation of businesses.

The number one argument I come across when debating the statist, (statism, being the largest religion on earth), is that , “How will we have roads?”.  This is quite simple.  Currently, the tax on gasoline pays for the roads. Everytime you fill up, the tax on your purchase pays for the roads. Under a voluntaryist society, those in charge of selling fuel could use the profits gained to build the roads or pay another company to build the roads for them, as fuel would be useless without a means to use it for traveling.  And since the demand from the people and the market would beg for a surface to travel upon, the entrepreneurial spirit of individuals would eventually find a way to make it work alongside having competitive pricing whereas eminent domain would no longer be present.  When there are no regulations, no borders, no flags, and no labels, and the power is solely vested within the people and more importantly, the people as individuals, there will be no limit on what we can invent and create with our lives. The private sector has consistently outperformed the government on technological advancements. Without government, there would be no more children being arrested for selling cupcakes without a business licenses, no more regulations keeping an inventor from curing cancer or creating a flying car, and no more men being imprisoned for refusing to pay a ransom to the police, and nor would the people be forced to ask the government to protect their land from pollution. Without government, the people could simply choose to outlaw whatever they deem is a threat to their community, which often happens in rural communities in South America whom are invaded by logging companies.

Some may ask, what is the difference between a community and a country?  A country is often millions of square feet in size, and because of this size, large amounts of power are invested into a few men over a large amount of land. Even the smallest countries like Ireland or Cuba are still much too large to be considered a “community”, even a state the size of Road-Island would still be considered too large to be a community. A community is no larger than what we might call a “county”. (not to be mistaken with “country”.)

Under a stateless “regime”,  there would no longer be a federal government , which consists of only a few hundred men, claiming ownership over the millions of lives, and millions of square footage that we like to refer to as the 50 United States of  America.

So you see, Anarchy is not scary, it just take a little more thought, a little more responsibility, and a little more ingenuity.  The moment that you transfer responsibility, even one percent, over to another person other than yourself, you no longer have freedom. True freedom is taking 100% responsibility for your actions, your livelihood, your relationships,  and your cooperation and/or lack of cooperation with other sovereign individuals.  Many conservatives rightfully state that socialism, when instituted by the government, is a form of legalized theft, without realizing that all forms of taxation are theft, and that we cannot call something evil when it does not benefit us, while making excuses for it when it does benefit us.

The Anarchist and the Voluntaryist takes the morally consistent view to say that if something is to be considered wrong for the individual, then it must be considered immoral and wrong for the collective, which is made up of individuals. The Democratic process does not make it noble or fair to steal someone’s wealth, to redistribute it, or to force a punishment over a behavioral action whereas no victim can be found.

Thanks to technology, the age of international space stations and life on other planets is becoming more of a possibility. The outcomes are truly limitless!


Randy Stroud




Under Duress- A Government Out of Control

What does “under duress” mean? Well, its a legal disclaimer which states that you are performing contractually under threat of violence. When it goes to dealing with the government, “Under duress” is quite fitting. The government literally exists because we are all held “under duress” to support it .

Want to go off the grid? Sorry under Florida law it’s “illegal’. (Illegal is a fancy word for saying that a group of men calling themselves “government” will use violence against you if you do otherwise.) Want to build your own roads? Sorry, that’s illegal too, only the state can regulate your right to travel from point A to B (or so they will claim).

Want to have a garage sell? You need a license for that. Want to sell lemonade? You need a license for that too. Oh you earned 10,000$ in profits? You must pay the government a portion or else you will be kidnapped. Want to compete with public electricity and water? Sorry, you can’t do that either! Want to go fishing? Sorry you need a license for that. Want to drink raw milk? Sorry that’s illegal too!

By now, thanks to the internet, most people are atleast somewhat aware of the diminishing of our liberties. The Patriot Act and the NDAA which give the government the excuse to arrest without a trial is evident of that. Go to any DMV or IRS office and everyone will tell you,

“This is a scam. It’s all about control and money.”

Yet, most of us sign their contracts, pay up, and even smile to the cashier as we leave these government offices. All without the slightest bit of resistance. Why? Because most of us have accepted the reality that the system has us!

However, I am more optimistic. I believe that if all sent a message to the establishment, a message of discontent, a message of awareness……..I believe large changes could come from such a message. But, what should the message be? Simple…


If everyone signed all government contracts “under duress”, it would slowly send a message to the system that people are starting to realize that the system is nothing more than a monopolized racketeering ponzi scheme. This method would slowly shame the system into submission. It would inspire others to give us alternatives to government services. BitCoin, 3d printers, and the “Silk-Road” technologies are giving us alternatives to government currencies and other monopolized social services.

It’s not about “protesting” or “fighting the system”. Fighting only gives energy to the system. No change comes from a single battle, but rather from a change in thinking. An alcoholic can only quit drinking once he is made fully aware of the damage that he is doing to himself and his family.

Knowing is the half the battle. The government often invades our homes through media campaigns encouraging us to tattle on one another with slogans like, “If you see something, say something!”

Well, I am here to say that I do in fact see something! I see murdering, theft, exploitation, and lies at the hands of the government……….not my neighbors!

It’s time we SAY SOMETHING, by letting these crooks in government know that we do not comply out of duty, patriotism, or honor, but out of fear. We can no longer be enablers to such violence. We can no longer pay tribute to this mruderous system. This is why I am calling on anyone who is thinking about signing a government document, or whom is being compelled to sign a government document, to sign it, “Under duress”. Let your abuser know that you do not approve of such action. Shame him. Pray for him. And offer him the knowledge of an alternative. Through logic, philosophy, and technology, government will eventually become obsolete!

Randy Stroud



How to Travel the Universe cheaply

As a child, there was a book my mother used to read quite often. It was called, “The Road Less Traveled”.  And it got me thinking……. is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Furthermore, what is the road often traveled?

The traditional path in life is to graduate high school, go to college, join the military, or jump straight into the workforce as a laborer. On the weekends, you may go out drinking with your buddies, and along the way, you may meet a nice man or woman and eventually get married.  Of course, along the way, there will be bumps and bruises.  Infedility, marriage problems, money problems, health problems, death, taxes, ect…..

However, there are some of us who prefer to take the road less traveled.  What is the road less traveled?   Those who take this road are the travelers, the scientists, the entrepreneurs, the philosophers, the activists, the rebels, the free-thinkers, the starving artists….. These people choose to take a more difficult route in life in order to seek a deeper understanding of themselves and the world.  The Buddha and Jesus both left their hometowns around the age of 30 and became wondering monks/beggars.  And after a few years they returned home with a new found perspective on life for which many admired them.

Alas, in this day and age, where everything costs money, and no one knows how to live off the land, it can be quite difficult to throw caution to the wind like this.  Some of us are already married, have kids, or are extreme debt, or perhaps we just aren’t brave enough to travel half-way around the world to “find ourselves.”

I am here to tell you, that it is not entirely necessary to travel across the world to have amazing experiences.  What if I were to tell you that all you needed to do in order to expand your consciousness was probably already right in front of you?  Odds are, if you live remotely near a city, you can experience quite a bit.

The truth is, it does not matter how many women you have sex with, how many countries you have visited, or how much money you plan to earn, ultimately it will never be enough. There will always be a prettier girl to add to your bed-post, and there will always be some far off land that you have never been too. And eventually, this unfettered desire will eat your pocket book and your sanity.

What if there was a way to travel without moving to another country? What if there was a way to expand consciousness on a shoe-string budget? I’m here to tell you that there is such a way! The truth is, the greatest place of exploration, and the most uncharted territories in existence are those of the human mind.  The only way to find true happiness is to kill your ego, to cage your desires, and to adopt a life of meaning, to have some cause in which you believe in. If you have these things, your life will increase its capacity for joy.

10 ways to explore and build a stronger Consciousness

 1. Respect your Bio-Rhythms  -   This is definitely one I need to work on. Going to sleep before 11pm and waking before 7 am is a really good habit to adopt.  Certain organ within your body operate and detox more efficiently during certain hours of the waking and sleeping portions of the day.  Our bodies are on a clock that is deeply intune with the Earth’s system of day and night.  Maintaining a healthy sleep/wake cycle will increase productivity and leave you feeling more alert and fresh.

2.  Practice a mind/body exercise:   Yoga, Tai Chi, XingYiQuan,   Qigong……..all of these great exercises that utilize breathing, stretching, and moderate physical movements to increase heartrate. These exercises also require great focus and elements of single-pointedness meditation.  Getting into a habit of practicing these types of exercises daily (or atleast a few times a week) help give a greater awareness of the self while promoting the healthy benefits of a stronger mind and body. Over time, you will have fun watching yourself become stronger. This will bring a sense of accomplishment and joy.

3.  Try mind expanding Herbs:  Marijuana, Magic Mushrooms,  Salvia………all of these things will help to melt away your ego. These substances will help you realize that the finite concrete walls that you believe in are actually quite liquid. They will help you realize that some of the things in which you once held precious are indeed trivial, and some of the things you once perceived as trivial are actually quite important.  Everything in this world, including you, are literally a part of an organic interconnecting ecosystem. You and your neighbor, as well as the grass beneath your feet literally breathe life into one another.  Some recent studies suggest that taking Magic Mushrooms can qwell depression and bring a new sense of spiritual enjoyment that can last up to 25 years! Seeing is believing!  Go get your hands on your shrooms, lay down in a peaceful forest and enjoy! 

4. Spend time alone in Nature:   With the hectic grind of everyday life coupled with the requests and demands from others, sometimes we all need to “escape”. Some choose to become alcoholics or to get lost in a television show/video game. However, there is nothing like taking a walk through a forest or spending the day hiking through a mountain to give a sense of “self-ownership”.  In nature, there are no speeding tickets, no taxes, no control……..just you and the natural world. And I must say, it’s a beautiful feeling.

5. Drink One glass of Wine per day:   With it’s known antioxidant content, wine is a great alternative to liquor or beer.  A glass of red wine with your dinner or before sleep, or perhaps while reading your favorite book is a great way to dissolve away some of that stagnant stress that you can’t quite seem to shake.  However, I must warn my readers keep it at ONE GLASS.  If you have an addictive personality, perhaps you can cross this one off your list.

6. Be Social:   Often times, when we think of enlightened people, we imagine an old bearded man sitting in a cave meditating.  While it’s great to explore the inner depths of our own souls, we must be careful not to turn into a hermit.  Mingle and be merry with like minded individuals, and most importantly volunteer your services to others.  By giving back to your fellow man,  you will feel as if you were created just for that purpose……..and in believing so, you’d be right! We are all put here to make our lives richer and more enjoyable. Being content and feeling lonely are too different things.

7.  Try new things:   Did your friend invite you to attend a concert?  Is there a fashion show coming to town this weekend?  Have you always wanted to study a new religion? Start a business in order to become more independent? Have you always wanted to experiment with different hairstyles?   Do it!  Challenge yourself and broaden your horizons.  Never be afraid of your curiosity.  If interesting opportunities come your way, they should always be considered and pondered upon.  Your routines and daily habits can always be returned too.   As long as you do not be obsessed with “trying new things” and letting it kill your contention,  trying new things can help you to appreciate the beautiful things that you already have.

8.  Avoid jumping into relationships:  This goes towards anyone who is young or has recently went through a breakup.  Before you can fully commit to another person, you must be in a position to do so. If you are full of sorrow, doubt, or uncertainty, you must be careful.  Once you tie yourself to another soul, it might not be as easy as you think to separate that bond if things go sour.   Co-dependency is likely among those who have a compassionate heart.  Letting go can be like going through a death.  So, be sure that once you enter into a pact with another person that you are also prepared for the loss of the person.  Because, even if the relationship is perfect, eventually the other person will die.  Relationships should be carefully meditated upon before starting or ending them. If you are not prepared for such internal dialog then remain single. For it is easier to understand yourself alone, than it is to understand yourself as a collectivized unit. Essentially a relationship is the fusion between two spirits. And sometimes the fusion can be very destructive if both souls aren’t in alignment.

9.  Spend time with the Downtrodden:  I remember the first time I stayed at a homeless shelter. It was a huge wake up call. I had realized that I had been very lazy and spoiled in the way I was living. I thought to myself, “I am young, decent looking, and have a sound mind. I can’t let myself fall apart”. As I looked around, I saw disease, handicapped men/women, the elderly, and even a few men in business suits who got cleaned out in a divorce.  By volunteering and spending time with those in this world who have truly lost everything, it brings our current situation into focus.  “Is my life that bad?”  ,  “What can I do to avoid ending up like these people?”  It really really gets you to ask questions about your current living situation.

10.  Practice Discipline:   It has been said,  ” Success is not an accident. It is a habit.”   Find something that you enjoy and recognize actions that bring you joy, health, and clarity.  And continue to do these things daily.  Eating a salad full of organic ingredients, going to bed early, drinking plenty of water, praying before you eat, smiling and laughing, avoiding stress………… these things are easy to do for day. But, it takes true courage and strength to consistently make good choices. But, thanks to wiring processes within our brains, the more you do something, the easier it become.  On the contrary, this can be a bad thing if you consistently make unhealthy choices.  However, rest assured, habits can be made or broken within a period of 28 days (according to many research studies.)  I believe that living a disciplined life is the ultimate key to happiness. Through repetition and conscious thought, we can literally re-program our brains to be happier. But, it takes an extreme amount of due diligence.

While this list is easier said than done, it is possible. Find what brings you a sense of joy and well-being, and then seek to develop it to its highest potential .  And be weary of “the grass is greener on the other side” type of thought.  Truth be told,  everything has its pro’s and con’s. So what are you waiting for?  Go outside, sit down, and then look inside! Inside yourself that is!


Randy Stroud



Making Public Monopolization Obsolete through logic, philosophy, and technology